CSI: Jim Carrey


Carrey nails it. I’m liking that long hair too. Mmmmm.

I laughed at this, until I cried. I watch CSI: Miami religiously.


Natural hair: Follow the leader method by FamilyGoingNatural

Oh, she is so correct.

I understand that women are trying to find out what works for their hair, but it is like some don’t understand – keep it simple. If it feels “coarse” there may not be a product that softens it up, but if there is it shouldn’t be something harsh. A gradual approach – often using less products (1 or 2) is best.

The skin of our scalps is the thinnest part on the body. I don’t get why we are so rough with our hair, it’s very, very delicate. We have to ease up and leave it alone sometimes, even if we don’t think it looks spectacular.

Too many of us are going bald, because we “play” with it too much, and with too many toxic products.

Keep it simple: wash, condition, and keep it moist.

Treat your natural hair with lots of love and affection, then Leave It Alone!