Narcissism for Black Women: The Very Good and Healthy Expression of Deep Self-Love, and Extreme Self-Devotion. Why? Because It's Good For Ya! And Sometimes I Write about Natural Hair, Among Other Things

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Random Thoughts on Father’s Day

My father introduced me to politics. He even wanted me to become a lawyer, but alas that was not to be. He’s still around, and lives with my mother of course. My folks are immigrants, two times. They left their island home for the United Kingdom. My mother foresaw that opportunities in Great Britain might […]


Politics: Black Women Voters

Political Junkie I’m a political junkie, to the extent that I know who: are the people running for President of the US, the US President is, the Vice President is, the Speaker of the House is, my Senators are, my House Representative is, all the Supreme Court justices are, and is currently the majority party […]


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