Random Thoughts for Today


I had someone tell me that they used to kill – for fun! – newborn kittens as a child or teenager. In doing so they remind me to never underestimate the cruelty of people. So when I am informed about the endless list of harmful acts folks commit against the helpless, I am not surprised.

By the way, the kitten killer in this story was a woman.

It was definitely not something I ever did as a child or teen. I also never fought with anyone after I turned eleven; I didn’t need to. I wonder about people who fought or fight as teens or adults: something is wrong with you.

So no, I don’t buy the notion, and never have, that women are the kinder, gentler sex. It’s a myth. Oftentimes, the worst misogynists I’ve encountered are women.


I love listening to Podcasts. I bought a refurbished iPod a while ago and download mostly positive personal growth (and finance!) stories. It may take a while to sink in, but I believe these stories penetrate the subconscious for the better.

I know they affect my mood and sense of well being.

Computer Spare Parts

My computer died on me (again!). So far, that’s three computers and one laptop I no longer use. The hard disks still function, along with some other their spare parts like memory, motherboards, video cards, etc. I need to take the machines apart and catalog what I can use.

I will either put all the hard drives into external enclosures so as to rip my entire CD collection, or put them together into one PC tower case and start to build anew. I have to see which choice is cheaper and less of a hassle. There are many good options available to me.

Has My Hair Stopped Growing?

I honestly don’t know, but it sure feels like it. I haven’t measured it by way of a picture in a while, yet comparing at a glance to a picture from February, I’d say it is the same length.

Oh, well.

I’m not babying it as much as I did last year. I mean, how much can a woman obsess about hair? If it gets longer, it’ll get there on its own schedule. I have to live with that.