Indoor / Outdoor Gardening

I had my backyard paved / bricked over last year. I couldn’t take it anymore. It was killing me to mow that little plot, anything that grew was quickly overtaken by the weeds. I won’t even go into the swamp effect I was getting with poor drainage.

I have much respect for weeds, they are like roaches. Long after we are gone, they’ll still be here.

Indoor Gardening

I want flowers and food bearing plants around me. Yet, I have complications: a cat. The little devil likes to dig up big pots with soil, and chew on the plants that look like grass. Over the years, my houseplants have been going dwindling.

I love having a lot of plants.

So I’ve decided to change my ways and get back to enjoying my brownish-green thumb. There have been lovely advances in taking care of plants, plus lots of practical advice I’ve forgotten.

The biggest problem I’ve with plants is me: I forget to water and give ’em food. I neglect the things.

I’ve found remedies from YouTube (of all places): using old water bottles to drip / wick the plants. Takes one or two nylon / cotton strings, bury one end deep into the pot and the other end goes into the bottle to the bottom.

So far it’s been working like a charm. I’ll see how it goes in a few months.

Outdoor Gardening

The same problem with watering plants indoors, I have with outdoors. I have four large pots with perennials, and so far three are are dead after a short, brief flowering. They used to bloom beautifully, but then again, I used to water them often.

I have to replace them and add more pots, especially self watering. If I can keep the seeds on hand, I will buy them now, then get ready for next Spring and Summer. I want strategic flowering to happen all the way from May up to and including early October.

They have to be hardy too, I wont always remember to water them.

I want to grow herbs and a couple of peppers. I have to see if I have enough time left.

Why grow some food?

I love tomatoes and peppers, that salmonella scare was enough for me.