The Election Is Finally Over!

I feel like a bear coming out of hibernation. I wont joke. I spent a lot of time following the election, even as I said I wouldn’t. I did not, however, stay up to watch the election results. I didn’t expect any untoward surprises. I was a junkie, so I felt pretty comfortable.

We have a new President: Barack Obama. Thank goodness, it all went smoothly. That’s the beauty of America. Obviously, it was history in the making. I’m pleased he’s a sign of change in so many ways.

Overall, I’m content to some degree: the election is over, and the possible new direction of the country. Now, we have someone who is intelligent, well spoken, and thoughtful with a good temperament. Hey, I could do with those qualities in a husband!

I can be very pessimistic and cynical, but I’d love (and hope) for the federal government to run again with some degree of competence. Even if the new President can steer the ship of America in a different direction by 5 degrees, I think it would truly bring a great deal of positive change.