Making Things: Ladder Shelves

Every blue moon I have to give into my urges. This past August, I gave into the strong urge to make something.

The last time I felt such an urgency to create, it was a couple of years ago. I bought material, patterns, and went to work on sewing a couple of pants and skirts. I didn’t need the clothes; I needed to make the clothes.

When the feeling moves me to build, I feel like I could build a house. Oftentimes, I draw my dream houses. One day I may complete that project. As a kid I built a make-do desk for myself. I replaced the legs on an old coffee table, so I could have someplace to study.

I have no actual carpentry skills. I learn by observing, reading, drawing mock-ups, visualization, measuring and re-measuring.

Following are pictures of some of the shelves I’ve made. Over a three month period, starting in late August, I spent roughly $450+ at Home Depot (love those guys there!), and Lowes. I bought: an electric miter saw, nails, screws, corner braces, and lots and lots of pinewood. I created 7 shelves / cabinets, with one going to my Mom. Pinewood is easy to stain. I didn’t do it, since I don’t like the strong smell of that stuff.

Shelves: most of the wood was 6-8 feet, which I had cut into pieces ranging from 16-23 1/2 inches.
Sides: wood of 6-8 feet, a majority of which was 6 feet, only two shelves are 8 feet high.

Chaos. 1 for bathroom.

1 for Mom. My first effort. For the plants.