Conditioners: Tresemme Vitamin E – Moisture Rich, and others

Tresemme Vitamin E – Moisture Rich

I like my hair conditioners extremely thick (like some other things, snicker). It has to feel like I am putting custard in my hair. It doesn’t respond well to the thin-gruel, watery stuff. Any product with that kind of consistency does nothing for me, and makes it harder for me to comb my hair after it dries.

Tresemme leaves my hair feeling like I used shampoo. I didn’t like that. I require a conditioner that detangles, and leaves my hair feeling soft and silky. While I don’t think that products for straight or relaxed hair are any different from nappy, coily, kinky, textured 4a-4z hair, I will stay away from some products favored by them. I suspect it just wasn’t created for my needs.

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I read and hear a lot about Aphogee, especially on YouTube. It leaves the hair hard. I’m sure that is welcomed by those who want to make their hair “stronger”, but on me that is a recipe for extreme breakage.

I’ve purchased two packets of Henna. It’s been two years since the last application. I will give it a try in a few weeks. Does it really work? Dunno. Since my friend, and everyone swears by it – it didn’t cause me any grief last time – I figure, “Why not?”

I need moisture. I require moisture. Anything that feels like it is stripping my hair is a no-no. Way back in the past, during my ignorant years, I thought the squeaky clean feeling was great for my hair. All it did was make it impossible to comb, even with a watery conditioner. Why that never computed into trying something better, I don’t know. Maybe I didn’t care as much. Even when I was abusive to my hair it reached shoulder-length.

Unable to resist my product junky inclinations, I bought more conditioning products from Garnier: Instant Melting Conditioner, and the Strength and Repair Melting Masque.

I’m always looking for conditioners that do the following things: adds moisture, detangles (for a silky feel), and claims to strengthen the hair.