Humping Wednesday: Midweek Brain Dump

Burning Down the House

I remember as a child watching an old house across from ours burn down to the ground. It was fascinating. The building generated so much heat, as yellow-red flames roared, generating big gusts of hot, hot air. I wasn’t afraid of the fire: I was excited by it. It was a horrible sight, yet so beautiful.

What made the whole thing crazy was, not only did we know who set the house on fire, on this same block was a firehouse. The last residents of the home had passed on, so it belonged to no one.

Even with firemen practically next door that fire spread so fast, and took down half the building before they came. It made me realize how rapid, relentless, and consuming a fire will be. I’ve seen enough children with scarred faces to realize the damages it causes.

A scared, rushing, crushing, shoving crowd of people is like a wildfire too. They are all consumed by something: fear is their fire.

Proceeding with Caution

Up to this day, I check the stove twice before I leave home. I never overload an outlet with more than one product that uses a lot of electricity. I don’t run wiring under carpets, especially with a lot of food traffic. If I’m not using an electrical device, or application, I unplug it. Anything that may get too hot is placed far and away from curtains, and is run (shut off/on) by a timer.

I have a fire extinguisher, but I find a big cup of water more useful (in some circumstances).

Waiting with a Little Patience

It’s really kind of quiet right now.

I eagerly await the last week of this month when I’ll head south for Mardi Gras. Yeah!!!