There’s Not Enough Money To Make Me Do It

People shaving all their hair off to make money.

No way, not for me. I have a big head (plenty of room for advertising), but I like having hair on it.

This is a story from the New York Times:

Ms. Gardner, 50, […] had shaved her head for an advertising campaign by Air New Zealand, which had hired her to display a temporary tattoo. She turned around and showed them the message, written in henna on the back of her head: Need A Change? Head Down to New Zealand.

Although the amounts of money does give one pause. How much does it take to get one to do it?

In 2005, Andrew Fischer, then 20 and living in Omaha, set up an eBay auction offering his forehead as a site for a temporary tattoo advertisement for one month. Green Pharmaceuticals’ Snore- Stop won with a $37,375 bid, and Mr. Fischer appeared on national programs, including Good Morning America, and in scores of newspapers and Web sites. Soon afterward, Mr. Fischer sold his forehead a second time – to Golden Palace – but got just $5,000 and scant media attention. His forehead has remained ad-free since.

For 40 grand, I don’t regret looking like an idiot for a month, said Mr. Fischer, when reached by telephone. “But it’s not like the most fun thing in the world to walk around with a big ad on your face.”

I can imagine.