Weight Loss – 2 pounds the hard way

I’m starting to think that I am going to have to put myself through some kind of Spartan workout (an exercise program for the actors of “300”, which explains all those hot bodies in that film – drool).

I often read that eating 2000 calories per day, walking for 45 minutes around 3-4 times a week, any average person will lose weight.

I’m not average. Doesn’t matter what the online calculators say, that kind of plan will not work for me.

I could eat between 1700-2000 per day, walk for 45 minutes every day and still not lose weight. Not even a pound after a month!

Hell, I might even gain weight.

Whatever level of activity my metabolism is at, I’d say it’s sluggish, it’s barely active.

So, since I’ve lost weight before, I know this plan will have to be 2 pounds the hard way.

Eating: 1350-1650 calories per day. If I’m hungry, I drink water / herbal tea / lemonade.

This is the killer, because frankly, I hate working out:

  1. Weight lifting every other day. I never exceed 30 minutes. I combine with stretching.
  2. Running / Walking – alternating between the two every other day for up to 45 minutes. I consider this the “shock to the system” routine. I do this on the treadmill.
  3. On days I don’t weight lift, I might get on the stationery bike to add 15-30 minutes to the running / walking routine.
  4. Last but not least, I alternate the indoor running / walking with the outdoor 45 minute walk, which is followed or proceeded by the stationary bike or weight lifting.
  5. I pop two aspirins (daily) and on alternate days vitamin C, folic acid and a multivitamin after a meal.

Does it work? In the past it has. It’s the sticking-to-the-program part that’s the biggest problem.