Has Dignity Gone Out of Style?

I grabbed this picture from an NBC Los Angeles news website.

Reporter Brenda Lee tried to hand a letter to the Secret Service (Say what?!?). They referred her to a White House staffer. She refused to hand the letter over.

And then everything went downhill, commencing in her expulsion.

Oh, well.

Snark: The notion of a black female Supreme Court nominee gets rejected by President Obama.

When are some of us going to learn? Regardless of whether someone is black, and in charge, they, like everyone else we almost automatically defer to, should be shown some respect for their title, position, and authority. This ensures that reciprocity of polite social norms stays a two-way street.

People in these positions are not our best friend forever (bff), because they are of African descent. This is a problem some of us have of being too informal and familiar, when the occasion calls for extreme and self-aware formality. It’s not hard to do.

Eventually, they may even confer that “slack” some of us always rudely expect and demand from one another.

How about showing some dignity and common sense, please?