Narcissism for Black Women: The Very Good and Healthy Expression of Deep Self-Love, and Extreme Self-Devotion. Why? Because It's Good For Ya! And Sometimes I Write about Natural Hair, Among Other Things

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Buncha Tools: Facebook and twitter, et al

Facebook. I’m irritated by it. Part of it was the media slobbering over it. Nothing turns me off more. I don’t know what it does, or purpose it serves, but it’s everywhere. I look forward to the day I stop hearing about it, or seeing those little “f” icons on every damn website. Seriously, what’s […]


Remember "Total Recall"? Coming Soon, Robotic Bus Drivers and Cabbies

If you ever saw this movie, and since I love Sci-Fi, so yes, I have, this was one of my favorite scenes. Well, the future is coming sooner than you think. The video clip of a mini-cab, minus the cab driver. I think robot should be included, just to enrich the experience. Look, Ma! No […]


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