Life Style: Switching Up Routines

Time Flies

It is one thing to schedule events to keep the self busy, it is another to make sure they serve some purpose. Going out for the sake of going out can be a rather aimless waste of time as well.

Ever notice how everything happens at once? You get a phone call on the land line, and at the same time the door bells rings, and the cell phone goes off. I cannot tell you many times that happens. Weird.

The same situation occurs with expanding social and business activity. The busier you are, the busier you will become. Momentum gains activities speed up, and increases exponentially, or eventually spins out of control.

At some point, I reach overload and shut down. It hasn’t happened, yet. I have to pace myself.

Light Headed or Vertigo?

I bought a trampoline, because working out the same way all the time gets boring.

It makes me giggle after the first minute; after the second minute, I am ready to barf. I have a “light” head. I cannot ride roller coasters, or any gentle amusement parks rides (even the kiddie rides!) anymore.

After I get off the treadmill, it’s a disorienting experience. I’ll take a few steps, and everything in my peripheral vision moves along after a half-second time lag. It is such a weird sensation. Now, I wait a while before I get off, or I turn my head, and look around a bit before I take another step.

I prefer walking outside. My exercise routine is to walk slow, walk fast, attempt to jog and then cycle back to walk slow and walk fast. I used to be rather self-conscious about making an attempt to jog, but now I don’t care. It feels good to be able to do what I need to do to stay in shape and not worry about who’s watching, what they think, or have to say about it.