If the Media Goes Away, Is That Such a Bad Thing?

According to the New York Times today:

Millions of households will lose television reception next week when about 1,000 broadcasters around the nation shut off their analog signals and complete their conversion to digital programming, federal officials say.

And my response is, “Yay!”

Intelligence Quotients may rise.

People will rediscover that they can have a social life.

Children may actually do their homework.

Parents may find time to talk to their kids.

Imagine the money saved on electricity.

Imagine the lowered stress levels; not watching the evening, “If It Bleeds, It Leads” nonsense.

Image the number of hours gained back in household productivity – all the time people thought they didn’t have mysteriously appears.

I got rid of my television set, and cable subscription years ago. I laughed at this article, and others.

So, we are supposed to be concerned, because a few million screens will go blank? And that’s a problem, because of what? Oh, I get it! We need to see more stereotypes, idiotic talk show rantings, insulting images, degrading displays of anti-social behavior and regard that as entertainment? Spare me.

The real fear the media has is that once television sets go black, people might actually get used to keeping that crapola out of their lives.

Try it.

Let the television set stay black.

Learn to live without it.

Stay unplugged.