On the Horizon: School and Travel Plans for the Fall

Recommended Reading: Goals, Planning, and Execution

I’ve finished one set of classes. This month I have to make some preparations. I’m great at planning; it’s the follow-through that’s harsh.

I’ve finally decided do some moderately serious non-fiction reading. I’ve acquired (via the library) a list of books to read by Barbara Sher. It was recommended by a classmate. Ms. Sher tells you how to follow through on your battle plan(s).

Books by Barbara Sher

I have another class coming up in August. Come September, I will take a break.

Travel Break

I am thinking (deeply, as usual) about visiting Europe in late September. I want to stay for a couple of weeks. I’d visit, but I’ve never stayed with family before. I might this time. Also, I think most of the tourists from the US are gone by then.

I’ve always visited Europe in the summer, which in retrospect is a big mistake. I am a laid back, easy going woman. I really am. I am extremely polite. However, the worst thing is to sit next to a very inquisitive middle-aged American white woman who seems confused as to how, and why, a person, namely me!, could be heading to, or touring, the same European country.

You’d think some of them would know better by now. Oh, well. Don’t get me wrong, they’re nice women. It’s just that I am not the kind of person who immediately spills her guts to a complete stranger.

It’s also interesting how white men know how to carry on a conversation without working your last nerve. Frankly, I’d rather sit next to them than anyone else when I travel. In future, and when I remember to, I will write why they are my preference.

I will make my plans, and aim to go when the tourist season starts to ebb, but before flu season starts. Is that even possible?

Travel Research

I never leave for any country without conducting research. My first stop is the CIA web site. I may look at the country via Google Earth. I try to check: crime rates, news of recent rioting, how the people feel about their government, weather, exchange rates, and if there is any kind of (widespread) backlash against African, Arab, and Latin American immigrants, etc.

Although when I was Spain, everyone knew right away I was American before I said a word. Not sure how they knew. I’m still scratching my head over that.

A Bit of Travel Prep

I’ve been walking up to 90 minutes per day, because traveling is exhausting. I will have to increase my weightlifting routine as well. I’m giving myself roughly 12 weeks to get into super-duper-shape; to get ready for the tourist-triathlon.

I still haven’t decided where I may go, so I’ll have to start with the where-to? list first.