Blog Wars: I Am Always Right!

It’s confusing to peruse some blogs (I have read a lot!), and there will be a long winded, or short biting rant about persons X, Y, and Z. They may leave some crumbs as clues, but overall I don’t know who / what they are talking about. And do not care, for that matter.

I know blogs serve all kinds of purposes: people explore thoughts, issues, and answers. I am the last one to tell people what to write, but…. It distracts from the intended message. It changes the tenor of a good, vibrant blog to a boring, bloviating one.

I wish I could be amused, but it reminds me of Junior High School.

Words do have power. I hope everyone remembers that. Although I do not believe that wishing or praying (calling on God to punish people on one’s behalf) ever bears fruit. No, it does not. Well, maybe the person doing the evil wishing will probably get struck dead first. That I do believe.

Well Balanced: Equanimity

I was thinking about how invested a lot of us are in being right. It’s a fascinating phenomenon. Among women, it start with words. Among men, it takes the form of action, killing one individual to millions. I’ve watched enough altercations, in person, to know how quickly the war of words will escalate into something worse.

However, no matter how clearly we all try to write, intention, thoughts, and meaning will get misinterpreted. Folks, let these things go. Life is too short worrying about hammering a single, or even two, points home to a bunch of strangers, some of whom belong in a mental asylum.

Frankly, for me, all I feel is indifference, or neutrality. It is the best emotion to have when dealing with this online medium. If I start to feel emotional, heated or disturbed, I am gone. I definitely need other things to occupy my time.

How people write has zero correlation to the individual they are in real life. A snarky online persona may be just that – an online persona.

I’ve know people who cannot write a coherent sentence, but are very smart, sharp, and kind. There’s a lot invested in the written word, but it is (to some degree) a poor second to looking an individual in the face, watching his / her expressions, and listening to how s/he sounds.

Being right though, is a matter of perspective. What works for one individual, does not always work for another. Folks have to learn to let it go. There’s something to be said for not having the last word. It might make one appear an intelligent adult. Well thought out rebuttals are dandy, but after a time – enough already.

Employ some mental balance; learn to see things from the other side on occasion.

Getting off my soapbox….

I have been loving the weather this spring and summer: Sweet!


Praying versus Purposeful Living: The Tigress Has Stripes

I had taken this vow, or made it my goal, to be nicer to people this year. I don’t mean mindlessly self-effacing, humble, or accommodating. I am polite, that’s a given. My intention is to shutdown the harsh critic that resides in my brain. I decided that if I keep the internal-thought-troll quiet, it wouldn’t appear on my face.

I know that a placid, or blank mind, would help me keep a calm and “open” disposition. Less agitation equals less stress and distraction.

So, this past weekend some strange(r) guy was trying to get a rise out of me. His tomfoolery did not work. It was rather amusing watching this individual loudly utter his non sequiturs, interrupt everyone, and attempt to goad me by intimating some rather silly topics while beaming in my direction.

Sorry, not biting! In the old days, I would have been irritated. Yet this time, I felt like I was watching it all from a distance.

It was a good feeling, having self-control and emotional mastery such as that.

Praying and Meditating

I am contemplating on learning to meditate, since I’ve decided that praying doesn’t suit me. I want to meditate to improve my focus and concentrate. I’m a bit too scatterbrained these days.

I shared this philosophy with my Mother a number of months ago – that I don’t actually pray – and I thought she was ready to say that I was going to hell. (LOL)

I explained myself in more detail, so she would understand.

I think today’s version of “I’ll pray for you,” or “I’ll pray on that,” comes across as 1-800-God-is-listening, or 1-800-God-does-what-I-want. Call that number, and the big Jesus will do as you request. I know people fervently believe that.

I do not. I also do not live in fear of this eternal being, this divine diety(ies) most folks on this planet claim, or swear, to believe in.

Honestly, I think a large number of people are atheistic, or malignant non-believers, based on how they conduct their lives, although they may spend a lot of time talking as if they believe in a higher being. I’m not convinced, based on human behavior, or actions, that they have any faith.

I believe we have absolute control over ourselves, yet the rest lies with fate (randomness, chaos, or maybe the butterfly effect).

We can only do just so much to steer our own destinies.

I find that living purposefully, and saying to myself, “That is what I’m going to do. This is what I want,” works best.

Purposeful Living

I’ve compared praying versus purposeful living, and to me, there is no contest. What I’ve always said I’m going to get, and want – I get. However, I do not ask for much. I know the limits of how much I can handle. I am endlessly surprised by how much I’ve already received.

My Mom calls it being, “lucky.” Nope, I don’t like that word.

I just truly believe in being careful of what I ask for. The devil really is in the details. I keep it all very, very simple.

And after each desire, want and need has been delivered, received or accomplished, I do thank that heavenly divine infinite being(s).