Narcissism for Black Women: The Very Good and Healthy Expression of Deep Self-Love, and Extreme Self-Devotion. Why? Because It's Good For Ya! And Sometimes I Write about Natural Hair, Among Other Things

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving

Ladies (and gentlemen), enjoy your holiday. Don’t eat too much! It’s hard getting the pounds off after the festivities are over. Don’t forget to avoid the relative(s) that’s always spoiling for a fight. You know who I’m talking about. 😀 When you go shopping on Friday, watch out for the stampede. Don’t get killed for […]


In search of …

Got this from Gettin’ Outta Here Oh, I cannot wait until I leave this country! I look forward to detoxing from the Internet, being around different people (instead of the same ol’ same), and just enjoying myself. I promise myself, when I return I will read very few blogs – like a handful, nothing […]


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