The Forgotten and Flash Forward

Please keep her working,
Mr. Bruckheimer

I almost want to take a bet on which show, The Forgotten and Flash Forward, is going to last, but I have a suspicion that the one executive produced by J. Bruckheimer will.

It doesn’t mean that Flash Forward will be canceled, I just suspect that The Forgotten wont have trouble being renewed.

Why? It is Without a Trace or Cold Case with a faint touch of CSI wrapped up in a (ex)cop-seeks-redemption show. I watch all of the CSIs, as well as millions of other people, and the formula obviously works.

Without a Trace lasted 7 seasons, and Cold Case is still on. No offense intended, but Kathryn Morris has got to be the whitest creature in the media today. Is that make-up? I like the show, but I’ve gotten creeped out looking at her. I don’t watch it anymore. Not that I can, I don’t have live TV, and unless I want to access it via illegal methods, I can’t see it online. No loss to me.

Flash Forward‘s cast is Joseph Fiennes, John Cho, Courtney Vance and Gabrielle Union. There are a few other familiar faces, but this show has an enormous ensemble. Gabrielle Union plays the fiancee of John Cho.

Finally! Producers of TV shows are starting to hookup black women with men of other races. Nice touch! I’m long ways tired of the single, lonely, sexless, humorless, Mammy-for-everybody black female characters on some shows. I’m glad those actresses are working, but there are black women who really do like men, and want a character who looks and acts normal.

I feel that a program like this shouldn’t be a regular series striving to last half a decade or more, but should give itself a specific end date. There are so many programs that should have done this: Heroes and Lost, for example. I fear this show will run out of steam, or become too convoluted, before it ends.

Yet, isn’t that the case with too many shows?

The Forgotten is already my favorite program. The deceased is given a voice. The purpose of The Forgotten Network is to find the identity of a John / Jane Doe, give the person back to their family (to let all rest in peace), and possibly solve a murder. It gives me goose bumps.

It stars a familiar face, Christian Slater (who just had another show canceled) as Alex Donovan, plus a few faces I’m not familiar with. I like Rochelle Aytes (as Grace Russell). Her character worked with Donovan on the Chicago Police Department.

Donovan’s back story: His child was kidnapped. He suffered a nervous breakdown, left the force, and joined The Forgotten Network.

Ever since the fascination with serial killers have gripped our modern media industrial complex, nearly every police drama has been about the murderer. S/He is the star. S/He is the focus of our very warped interest. It is nice to see it turn back to looking at the victim, and how that person’s death affected everyone around them.

It’s not all about pain, it’s about resolution too. I love the way each person is treated with dignity, respect, and allowed to narrate their story. Although, I’m sure there will be episodes about horrible people who were killed.

I like this show, it’s one of the few that show a real respect for life. Yeah, I’m reaching in my analysis, but the death as art and entertainment gets numbing after a while. It’s good that there’s a show that says, this person on the table had a life too, and is not just a piece of entertaining meat to make fun of.

Nice touch ABC, please keep both shows on the air.