Black Actress Update: Hollywood’s Shrinking Box Office

I know if I made money the way Hollywood did, I’d be ecstatic. Especially when you have the most creative accountants in the world who can turn billions earned into “losses”. All legally, of course. That’s what you get for having the US Congress in your back pocket. I expect when their earnings decline even more, they will be asking for public funds to keep the business afloat (See General Motors). That will occur right after they make it illegal for anyone to say or watch anything on the Internet (pending legislative as of now).

But I digress, imagine being able to push garbage at people and compel them to head to a filthy, loud and uncomfortable theater just to sit through crappy schlock for nearly three hours? That clearly takes genius to run this con year after year, week after week and day after day. If they think they are losing money now, wait until everyone can download a film in the blink of an eye and re-create a movie theater at home without the nuisance, annoyance and hassle of a public one.

Nothing To See Here, Move Along

The box office take for Hollywood has been weak: headlines blurb about the lower attendance rates. A money quote from the BBC article:

“It’s unbelievable how bad it is,” said analyst Paul Dergarabedian.

Are we supposed to weep for them? I thought this would be a bonanza year, since they have defenders, who say that films with too many black people – men and women, not just the guys – wont make money. This was the year of the whitest films around.

I’m usually a movie fiend, but this has been the year where I missed many of the “blockbuster films”, except for X Men: The Lamest Generation and Mission Impossible: Making Tom Cruise Hot Again. There may have been another, but I often forget a film the minute I leave the theater.

Come Back, Again, Ya Hear!?!

This was the year of sequels, remakes, prequels, comic books and animation. Proof of Hollywood’s emptiness.

The top 20 films of 2011, according to Box Office Mojo. I have a page that shows the same content of all the Top 100 films.

1 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 $381.00 WB
2 Transformers: Dark of the Moon $352.00 P/DW
3 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 $272.00 Sum.
4 The Hangover Part II $254.00 WB
5 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides $241.00 BV
6 Fast Five $209.00 Uni.
7 Cars 2 $191.00 BV
8 Thor $181.00 Par.
9 Rise of the Planet of the Apes $176.00 Fox
10 Captain America: The First Avenger $176.00 Par.
11 The Help $169.00 BV
12 Bridesmaids $169.00 Uni.
13 Kung Fu Panda 2 $165.00 P/DW
14 X-Men: First Class $146.00 Fox
15 Puss in Boots $143.00 P/DW
16 Rio $143.00 Fox
17 The Smurfs $142.00 Sony
18 Super 8 $127.00 Par.
19 Rango $123.00 Par.
20 Horrible Bosses $117.00 WB (NL)


The fresh entries: The Help, Bridesmaids, Super 8, Horrible Bosses, Rio and Rango. So, out of the top 20, roughly 6 of them were “original”, fresh-out-of-the-box material. Heh.

The Non-Mystery of the Twilight Lure

Honestly, doesn’t Breaking Dawn sound like a porn title, or is that just me? 😀

Breaking Dawn In

The funniest thing I’ve read were reports of women having “seizures” at this latest Twilight film, and no one knew what it was. It’s called an orgasm, people. Sheesh. It’s the 21st century and female biology is still a mystery. Um, women like Twilight and Vampire flicks, because of the eroticism. The yearning, withholding and anticipating. He’s a bad boy, and an eternally powerful man who bites and licks the neck, targeting one of the erogenous zones of the female body.

Yeah, “seizures.” Okay.

The Black Actress: Inclusion or Exclusion?

Forgive me for not listing all shows, or movies with a black actress. If you find some with a black actress of interest, please add it to the comments section. Let’s look at the top films of the year and see if that hypothesis is true, you know: less black women (or nice black male actors) equals more money per film.

When I glance at cast credits, I look at the first 5 to 10. They get the most speaking roles, so even if a black actress gets one line and is part of the scenery – to me – that doesn’t count.

Films that include black women in starring roles also (animation doesn’t count):

1. The Help – love it or hate it, we got a film about being maids, in 2011. Thank you, Hollywood. Thanks so much. All we black women can do is still be maids in the 21st century. A black woman is First Lady, but these people have us doing roles cleaning some white woman’s toilet with dignity! whilst pretending that’s got something to do with civil rights. Alrighty, then.

2. Bridesmaids – big hit – from the people that brought us Hangover. Not sure how much of a role she played, but Kali Hawk (love the name) is in it.

Update: Somehow I missed Maya Rudolph, and she’s one of the stars!

Thank you for the tip, Vonnie!

3. X-Men – Does not have a black actress with two black parents, but a half-half of two half-half was in it. So, I flipped a coin and decided to include Zoë Kravitz.

 Here’s the bottom 20 movies of 2011 for comparison:

80 In Time $36.00 Fox
81 Colombiana $36.00 TriS
82 Sucker Punch $36.00 WB
83 J. Edgar $36.00 WB
84 Larry Crowne $35.00 Uni.
85 The Descendants $35.00 FoxS
86 50/50 $35.00 Sum.
87 Drive (2011) $34.00 FD
88 A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas $34.00 WB (NL)
89 Courageous $33.00 TriS
90 The Rite $33.00 WB (NL)
91 Arthur (2011) $33.00 WB
92 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) $32.00 Sony
93 The Adventures of Tintin $31.00 Par.
94 The Debt $31.00 Focus
95 Priest $29.00 SGem
96 The Mechanic $29.00 CBS
97 Abduction $28.00 LGF
98 Beastly $27.00 CBS
99 Winnie the Pooh $26.00 BV
100 Killer Elite $25.00 ORF


Anything Else We Need to Know?

An action film with a black actress is a miss, but the black actress as a maid might be up for an Oscar? Oh well.

1. Columbiana – Zoe Saldana. Perhaps she should stick to romances or something. Seriously, no one is going to believe that a 55 pound woman – soaking wet – can kick anybody’s ass.

2. Drive – Tiara Parker – don’t know if she has much of a role.

3. Larry Crowne – Tarina Pouncy – don’t know if she has much of a role.

4. Courageous – Eleanor Brown – don’t know if she has much of a role.

Notice that a lot of the big stars made spectacular flops this year? People are tired of them too.

Some of the bottom films are likely new releases, so those numbers will change for next year.

And that’s all folks….

Happy New Year. 😀


Movie Weekend: The Entertainment Bind

I’m contemplating a couple of movies to see tomorrow.

Why? I’m the Scrooge of Halloween. Nothing works my nerves like rude, ungrateful brats, looking for candy. They’ll ring the doorbell until, I swear, it could be heard in the next county. They’ll complain about not receiving enough sugary treats, or don’t bother to say, “Thank you.”

Do I want to spend my money on these critters? No.

Movies to Consider

There’s quite a few “black” films, or which has a black lead, out in release right now, or maybe coming soon.

  1. Law Abiding Citizen,  
  2. Precious,  
  3. Black Dynamite,
  4. Good Hair,
  5. and because I like horror flicks, Paranormal.

Good Hair

I’m indifferent to Chris Rock. His high-pitched, squeaky voice is an unwelcoming, unmanly, distraction. I have no compelling reason to see anything he’s “acting in”, directed, or has any involvement with. The one role he played well was a crackhead in New Jack City. Very realistic. He has this emaciated, dry mouthed, crazy look down to a science.

Aside from becoming a few shades lighter (doesn’t every black male in Hollywood do this?), he looks exactly the same. One would think with his money, he would get more work done.

Based on clips from Good Hair, which makes me feel I’ve seen the entire movie, I don’t get what’s so revealing. Black actresses / entertainers wear a lot of weaves and wigs. Everyone who sits under hot lights in the industry does, even the men.

I think Chris has figured out if he produces a movie mocking black women, a sizable number of them will come out in droves to support it. You know, under the guise of, “Let’s help a brotha out. ‘Cause if we don’t support films like this others won’t be made.”

And folks still fall for that okey-doke? I’ll be happy if there is never another comedic film targeting black women. Let’s strike Good Hair off my list.

Black Dynamite

It’s a remake of a 1970’s film. I’m fond of black exploitation films. At least the two or three I remember as a child. Back then, there were a wide variety of stories, characters, issues, and some were poignant. Aside from glorious, delicious Afros, and obscure street lingo, what would there be for me to enjoy in Black Dynamite?

I will wait for the DVD. And I will shed no tears, if because I didn’t support this film, another one won’t be made.


I don’t like films like this. I cannot stand them. I don’t even read books like this. The Color Purple was my first and last. Here’s my term for it: abuse pornography.  

Hollywood loves movies about horrendous sexual and domestic abuse, genocide, the evils of war, and what-not. They want to pretend we’re all going to be endowed with awareness, sensitivity, and progressive minded action regarding these manipulative topics.

Really? What’s on the news every night besides deadly body counts, horrid abuse, and devastating crimes?

I have a rebuttal for people who think this opens up the compassion vein in people. No, it does not. Dysfunctional behavior is repulsive and repellent.

If people are acting bizarre, then they are acting bizarre. Abuse as an excuse doesn’t work. The average Jane / Joe is not equipped, trained, as a psychologist to diagnose people’s behavior. Plus, it is irrational to assume nearly everyone was raped by their parents, drug addicts, or are absolute pathetic victims of circumstance.

In aid of what, would this thinking do? There’s nothing new here, moving along.

Law Abiding Citizen

Jamie “shar-pei” Foxx

Hmmm. Gerald Butler is the man from 300. He loves black women. Unfortunately, he’s paired with beady-eyed, Chinese shar-pei face, Jamie Foxx. This is a tough decision.

Hmmm. Gerald plays good guy turned revenge seeking angry man.

Hmmm. A straightforward, thrill seeking, ultra-violent film. He makes things go boom.  No thinking is required.



Made on the cheap. Reminds me of The Blair Witch Project, which made me dizzy more than scared. I watched it with too many interrupts the first time (at home). The only thing I don’t like is the look of high definition “made at home” films. If I want to see poor quality, cheaply made, shoddy entertainment I watch YouTube.

It’s gotten good reviews by the movie audiences. Hmmm. Horror flicks. I like that joke Eddie Murphy made about horror films and white people. Poorly paraphrased here, “If there’s a ghost saying, ‘Get out!’ I’m not staying around to investigate! I’m leaving!”

And that’s what gets me, why stay if there are scary things happening in the home?

Paranormal picture: this is by Paramount Pictures, made for only $15,000.