Talking about Fort Dix Suspects Illegally in U.S. for 20 Years – Newsweek Terror Watch –

If 9/11/2001 was not enough to wake this government from the stupor of not enforcing its own laws, then why be surprised by their inactivity now? Cheap labor means more to the people who run this country than safety and a sane immigration process.

By hook or by crook, a higher population adds to the GDP. The politicians and their financial backers want America to have a population of 500 million within the next 50 years. I don’t think I would mind if the school systems, hospitals, and infrastructure of the country were in superb shape today. I forsee fiscal collapse and a total walling off of some parts of the country. I fear the nation could break apart.

If illegal aliens owed back taxes, then the government would get after them, but just being in the country illegally is not a big deal nor a priority. It hasn’t been since the early 1980’s.

Actually, no matter what legislative immigration muddle Congress writes up and the President signs the end results will be the same: no enforcement, more illegals.

Frankly, even if terriorists successfully took out all of Washington, DC, there still wouldn’t be any move to enforce immigration laws. The horse left the barn a couple of decades ago.


Fort Dix Suspects Illegally in U.S. for 20 Years – Newsweek Terror Watch –


Talking about NEWSWEEK Poll: Bush Hits All-Time Low – Newsweek Politics –

In the sweet dead spot between a President’s 3rd term and a long, long and winding road before the major primaries – the Mainstream Media conducts another useless idiot poll.

I honestly didn’t believe that the wife of President Bill Clinton would run for President. She made history, the First Lady to become Senator, after winning an unprecedented re-election. But what do I know? If I never saw or read the name “Clinton” again, I would be a happy woman.

The biggest problem America has are professional politicians. Where are the people who ran for maybe one or two seats, served for a couple or years and then went away? Is it too expensive and time consuming to run a few times then go away? Is the money and PR / media machine too powerful for regular people to make it to higher office?

Today, we have these creatures who keep running, and running, and running for re-election. They never stop. They are like drug addicts: people addicted to influence, affluence, adulation, glad handling, and power. There are mayors, councilmen, congressmen, and senators serving longer than corrupt third world dictators. If you want to help solve the country’s problems, get out of office and let new ideas flourish with new candidates.

The presidency should not be the only office with term limits. The French idea of limiting campaign spending and promotion are good. They should be implemented here. This is a big country, but the way candidates are being fielded today isn’t working. The celebrity aspect of politcs is polluted, unhealthy, dishonest and misleading. I don’t want a faux actor for President (okay, we had one and he wasn’t too bad).

I want candidates to talk freely, without hedging every verbal bet, due to fear of being hammered or being taken out of context. No one has to be 100% glib, but the double talk today means that no one is saying anything substantial. None of them are honest. Frankly, I don’t think a candidate can be honest, because the Mainstream Media is so in hock to a political party (Democrat) and philosophy (socialism).

I don’t care for attack mode politics, I just want an intelligent debate on why the candidate is running (not because they are in it to win it – WTF?), but what they want to really accomplish.

If the country is lucky this will be the last election with Baby Boomers running for office. Maybe the next generation will run with more modesty…. I won’t hold my breath.


NEWSWEEK Poll: Bush Hits All-Time Low – Newsweek Politics –


A candidate cannot be nuanced

So, the media’s love affair with Senator Obama is over already? That was fast.

A candidate cannot be nuanced – that’s why President Bush was re-elected…

But the truth of Senator Obama’s comments make clear that Senators make lousy Presidents: too much deliberation. Although his responses told me he’d make a better governor of Louisianna than Blanco.

Rehearsed speeches at debates really say very little about how any candidate would respond to a real crisis. Being President is an on-the-job-training experience.

Frankly, I’d like someone who doesn’t pretend to have a solution to every problem in the world, and realizes his job is what the Constitution requests: greet foreign dignitaries, sign ratifiable treaties that don’t impose on US sovereignty, and be Commander-in-Chief (put America first). End of story.


Does Barack Obama have a view on defense? – MSNBC TV –