Headache Sunday and the Ponytail


My head is killing me. I woke up with a hell of a headache. I cannot tell if it is the weather, a head cold, or having too much heat on. I cannot be dehydrated, because I drink a lot of tea, maybe I need to drink warm water after every cup of tea. A hot shower with the water beating against my forehead helps for a while. I run hot water and let it hit my forehead throughout the day.

I took two Tylenol. I hate taking pills, but this one is really bad.


I could blame my ponytail, but it’s not tight. I already know tight ponytails cause headaches.

Anyway, here are some shots of the ponytail. That’s all I wear these days. I washed my hair last Sunday, and it’ll be a while before I do it again. I’ve been letting a few weeks pass before I wash again. I don’t wash too often in the winter, because I have a delicate head. I catch colds too easily.

However, I will joining a health club soon – just for weight lifting – and I will be forced to wash it nearly every other day. When I do that, it’ll be conditioner washes.

I’ve been meaning to whip out the flat iron and straighten, but I haven’t had time for that. I meant to measure my hair, but I haven’t had time to take pictures. I don’t think it’s gotten any longer, perhaps thicker at the same length, but not much more. No big deal, I’m satisfied with my length.

I band my hair to keep it from shrinking.

natural hair ponytail: 9-11 inches