Buncha Tools: Facebook and twitter, et al

Facebook. I’m irritated by it. Part of it was the media slobbering over it. Nothing turns me off more. I don’t know what it does, or purpose it serves, but it’s everywhere. I look forward to the day I stop hearing about it, or seeing those little “f” icons on every damn website.

Seriously, what’s so great about having a web page that says: “This is what I’m doing now”? Or having a sidebar with a list of 20,000 plus “friends”? Nearly every “social networking” site is like this. I infrequently use some, but I don’t feel any better or worse for it.

I met someone (in the real world), who claimed Facebook gave her a social life. Yet, she was hanging out with people who had not arranged to meet her through Facebook.



I joined it for a hot minute, but deleted my account when I realized I don’t have the mental stamina for it. I have no natural inkling to spout comments at 140 characters apiece several times a day. That’s great for the hyperactive.

I don’t understand the purpose of twitter. Is it dialogue, or a one way street? What’s funny is that it  goes to your email box, or it directs you to a website for the rest of the story.

I admit it. I don’t get it.

Here today, Lame tomorrow

I read a lot of technology and business news hyping this stuff as Web 2.0. I check out the sites, and think “Wow, people have a lot free time, and superb amounts of energy.”  I’m envious.

This stuff goes around in circles. What’s hot today will be killed tomorrow by trolls, bitches, spammers, and mainstream businesses in their eternal chase after the “youth” market.

Do people still use Instant Messaging? Do people still use forums to chat? Do people still use meetup? Are blogs still useful? Does email matter? Is texting useful?

I would like to see email transformed. It’s the only tool I believe that needs major, major improvements and tinkering.