The Closer

Mizz Kyra Jaws

I love watching an entire TV series on DVD back to back. I’ve watched about eight episodes of The Closer, and I really enjoy it so far.

This show is about a woman, Kyra Sedwick aka Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, who leaves Atlanta, where she was a top cop of sorts (at solving crimes). The ethics inquiry in Atlanta made her relocate to Los Angeles at the urgings of her ex-boss and new boss, J.K. Simmons, who plays Asst. Police Chief Will Pope. If you were a fan of the Law and Order: Criminal Intent series, his face will be recognizable.

I try not to look too closely at Kyra Sedwick. She’s got a (scary) mouth, which is  much bigger than Julia Roberts. I didn’t think that was possible. Two fists and a whole chicken could fit into that bad boy. She likes to keep it open all the time too. Odd. Maybe all that plastic surgery leaves a slack jaw as her only option to be “expressive.”

Great show. I really like it. Very diverse cast. I wonder how long it will be before the only black woman there will last. I’ve not seen season two yet, so we’ll see.

Babyface Corey

One of her co-stars on the show, Corey Reynolds, as Sgt. David Gabriel is so cute. He’s got lovely big brown eyes. He must have been such an adorable looking little boy. I know he’s a big, grown man, but he has such a young face.

I find Johnson’s “romance” with Jon Tenney, as FBI Agent Fritz Howard, unbelievable, but she needs someone in her corner, and that’s fine.

I like the way she’s able to connect the dots and figure out who committed the murder, because she listens so well.

Once again, it’s a great show, and I look forward to watching the entire series.