Raw Food "Diets"

I remember Susan Powter from the 1990’s. She’s the Australian who – to me – was the first to talk about eating non-processed foods. It made sense, limit the amount of processed foods; eat as much raw (uncooked) foods as possible.

She fell off the map after filing for bankruptcy, but her ideas (although I doubt she was the originator of this trend) live on.

I was browsing around YouTube, when I saw something about Raw Foods. Turns out that being a Vegan is not enough, one has to be a totally Raw Vegan to top that.

Damn, we can’t just figure out how to eat in moderation, eating has to become this complex, overly researched, overly sensitive, politically correct method to show folks how pure one is as a person. A nutso foodie to be exact.

I’m all for eating raw foods. I wasn’t aware there was a new name for simply eating fruits and vegetables. Get that? Eating fruits and vegetables now has a trendy new name: raw vegan. Help yourself to that new ideology.

It sounds cultish to me, but that’s my twist and bend on this topic.

There were a number of male (and female) YouTube videos, which started at the new year proposing a new resolution: to eat like a deer. Oh sorry, I mean rabbit. No, monkey is more appropriate. Scratch thatmonkeys eat meat.

Anywho, initially lots of people showed terrific success eating raw fruits, nuts, vegetables and other non-meats. However, based on timelines some slipped and fell off the foodie wagon.

If I could, I’d tell them straight: there’s nothing wrong with broiled or baked steak, chicken, or fish. Nothing wrong with a wicked, sugary, salty snack. The key to weight loss is moderate eating.

Unfortunately, because the raw method is so … raw people clearly weren’t having fun with their food. Everything they ate was devoid of pleasure; that’s why people fall off the wagon and return to binging.

If someone is going to go raw or vegan or whatever, the meals they eat must be pleasurable. Food is like sex, not only do you need it, you should also enjoy it.