Weight Loss: The Holding Pattern – Part I

Well, it starts to get real tough when the weight starts to sit at the same number for a few weeks. I am not LYING when I say I work out every day. So, it must be something I’m doing wrong.

I did an initial weight loss profile on Jillian Michaels’ website, turns out I was NOT working out hard enough. Or should I say the exercise I was doing wasn’t burning off enough calories. Lawd. It’s always been that way with me, but to realize that 95 minutes of walking was doing little to nothing for me is agony.

I also have to scrupulously examine how many calories are in everything I eat, because I cannot get away with an extra bite like most people.

The scale may not be moving, but one of the joys of losing weight is shopping (in my closet) without spending money. Clothes from way back when I was smaller now fit. It’s delightful to get into these clothes. And I am even more determined to get into those really small jeans I could wear a few years back.

The best progress I can report is that I’ve gone from 44-36-44 down to 40-31-40. I wont stop until I can reach about 36-27-36, or a smaller waist size if possible.