Weight Loss: Eating Healthy

In another attempt to ratchet up my healthy eating habits, I’ve added flax seeds to my diet. I toss in about a tea or table spoon of it to my blended morning breakfast drink. Flax seed is supposed to have all sorts of health properties: Omega 3 and whatnot.

I’m also looking at changing my morning drink to a yogurt / granola / wheat germ type of meal. I haven’t put together the entire mix yet. I don’t want to have to focus on stuff that I can’t purchase at a local grocery store.

Hmm, that’s got me thinking – I need to start adding bits of apple to my morning drink.

Finally, dropped another 5 lbs. I was hovering at the same weight for a number of weeks.

Man, this stuff is hard. I am not one who loses weight easily. Yet, the thing is I have to exercise for one hour daily and I cannot eat over 1400 calories per day. That’s it in a nutshell.