Weight Loss: glycemic index

I don’t have diabetes, but I do visit web sites that recommend diets for diabetics.

Glycemic index is about ranking carbohydrate foods by how they raise blood glucose levels. It’s that sugar rush one gets after eating something sweet, then getting hungry a short time afterwards.

There are people who are satisfied by eating sweets all day. I’m not one of them. I get sick when I don’t eat properly. Eating sweets makes it worse. I can’t skip meals, maybe only breakfast. I get the shakes five to six hours after my last meal. I would pass out if I don’t eat all day.

It seems like I have a diabetic condition, but I found out that this is something on the order of low blood sugar, the sugar blues, reactive hypoglycemia(?), or hyperinsulinism(?).

I’m one of the few people on the planet that doesn’t like chocolate. I can resist the call of that particular sweet. I get sickly (lethargic and queasy) if I eat a cake with too much icing.

One would think I’d have no weight problems with my disdain for candy or sweets. I’ve never had a cavity, because I rarely ate candy as a child. Instead, I crave salty spicy foods. When the kids on the block wanted lemonade, I made my own version called poisonade. In my lemon drink, I added salt. I added salt to tomatoes and ate them raw.

I’ve cut back on my salt cravings, but my food must be a bit spicy salty to enjoy.

Following a diabetic diet it turns out that highly refined foods are no good. This seems like a no brainer. Avoid foods that are high in sugar, which are processed foods. Stick with raw foods or foods that have been processed at least once.

Does all of this sound familiar? Sure, keep to foods that haven’t had the nutrients removed from it through excessive processing. Seems like the nutso raw foodies were right after all.