Weight Loss – 2 pounds the hard way – con’t

It has been hard but after one week, 2 lbs finally came off.

Frankly, I was shocked. I’ve never been able to get that much off in a week. It usually takes me one month to lose one pound.

I’ve been determined to do something everyday. I make sure it is not strenuous or injurious. I don’t like waking up the next day stiff and sore, so I stretch before I begin walking / jogging.

My goal is to lose 6 to 8 lbs per month. I don’t want to exceed that.

I feel rapid weight loss causes too much skin to hang on a person. I’d rather let the body slowly take care of itself.

So what’s my current weight? If I told you I’d have to kill you.


Working it Hard vs Working it Smart

My philosophy, while working towards a goal, used to be: if it was not an agonizingly painful task, then the goal was not worth achieving.

I’m still wondering exactly where, or how, I acquired that insane mindset, because agony doesn’t justify the means to an end.

In the early years of putting myself through school and working at the same time, which seemed never ending, pain became associated with achievement.

Overall the pain was basically hustling: a lack of sleep, hunger pains, walking for miles without transportation (and I had achy knees back then), worrying about criminals, worrying about failing a class, being able to afford the school, finding a job after graduation, and so on and so on.

It’s hard admitting I was a masochist, but what could I do? I wasn’t one to give up on anything easily. I’m still not that way.

Today, I’ve eased away from that position of absolute sacrifice, absolute pain for the end result. I try to work smart over break the back slogging.

I’ve interviewed at many places for a job, and when I was hired (I always liked the places where I worked) one thing stood out at the interviews: they were really nice to me and never treated me like a convict. There are people who never offer you a drink, tell you where the bathroom is, or out of some decency and kindness ask if you need anything. I don’t ask, because I am testing them as well.

There was a company I went and interviewed at and they wanted the equivalent of: a lie detector test, blood sample, urine sample and maybe first born if available. It would be cool if the job involved national security – I’d gladly pee in cup – or as Laurence Fishburne said: “I’d bleed to keep the flag red.”

However, my skills are computer programming. I’m a highly adaptable glorified desk jockey, there’s no larceny in my heart. I’ve even been called “nice.”

I’ve dialed down the hardass, but I certainly don’t want to let my guard down either and think everything must be easy or it’s not doable.


Weight Loss – 2 pounds the hard way

I’m starting to think that I am going to have to put myself through some kind of Spartan workout (an exercise program for the actors of “300”, which explains all those hot bodies in that film – drool).

I often read that eating 2000 calories per day, walking for 45 minutes around 3-4 times a week, any average person will lose weight.

I’m not average. Doesn’t matter what the online calculators say, that kind of plan will not work for me.

I could eat between 1700-2000 per day, walk for 45 minutes every day and still not lose weight. Not even a pound after a month!

Hell, I might even gain weight.

Whatever level of activity my metabolism is at, I’d say it’s sluggish, it’s barely active.

So, since I’ve lost weight before, I know this plan will have to be 2 pounds the hard way.

Eating: 1350-1650 calories per day. If I’m hungry, I drink water / herbal tea / lemonade.

This is the killer, because frankly, I hate working out:

  1. Weight lifting every other day. I never exceed 30 minutes. I combine with stretching.
  2. Running / Walking – alternating between the two every other day for up to 45 minutes. I consider this the “shock to the system” routine. I do this on the treadmill.
  3. On days I don’t weight lift, I might get on the stationery bike to add 15-30 minutes to the running / walking routine.
  4. Last but not least, I alternate the indoor running / walking with the outdoor 45 minute walk, which is followed or proceeded by the stationary bike or weight lifting.
  5. I pop two aspirins (daily) and on alternate days vitamin C, folic acid and a multivitamin after a meal.

Does it work? In the past it has. It’s the sticking-to-the-program part that’s the biggest problem.


Time for Dresses

I love dresses, but I have a serious problem.

I didn’t realize it could be so hard to find a decent one. Perhaps women no longer like to purchase / wear them? I love the style of this white one (via Lane Bryant).

But I don’t like most of them, because I find few are well made or actually look good on me.

Clothing manufacturers make dress sizes according to a certain shape. For example, 44-38-46 (taken from Lane Bryant) is a standard size 18. I am 44-36-44 (as of this writing – har har har). What dress size and style do I select?

From experience, I select the larger size and depending on the style of the dress, that larger size isn’t happening.

I don’t like black and white patterns or dark colors. I don’t like animal print. I can’t stand the empire waist style (sorta maternity dress).

What do I like? Many years ago I went to Miami and they had some of the funkiest dresses I ever saw. It was love at first sight: bright tropical colors – complete “Hey! look at me!” styles.

There were skirts with multiple folds (like tissues), one side of the skirt higher than the other (front vs back, left vs right), minis with deep V necks and everything that emphasized a womanly shape. Nice.

I went back several times over the years, and I never saw those colorful dresses again. I guess the drab dull colors and boring styles swallowed them up too.

So, to make a long post short: I will buy some dresses, but I plan on making some.

It’s been years since I have done some sewing, but I feel the urge again. And making something for yourself is a most satisfying feeling.


Hair Day

And the purpose of these photos are?

It was a bright, lovely day, I was shopping (one of my pastimes), and I decided to take some shots of my hair.

My Mom said my hair looked “shiny”. I certainly had enough olive oil in it to cook a meal…

Due to the sunlight and the camera, I look lighter than I actually am. I’m a shade or two darker than this. Boy, is it hard not to frown in the sunlight.

And the hair style? Two strand twists. Frankly, I comb my hair as little as possible. I sleep in a style for a few weeks (!). I wash it weekly and maybe refresh a twist or two (especially the nape area).

Otherwise, it is wake and go hair!


The blunt truth of a picture

For a number of months (9+), I focused on getting my hair past a certain length. It grows fast, but every winter I’d lose over 3-5 inches.

Recently, I thought I was shoulder length until I did a stretch test: pulling a two-strand twist and seeing how far it would go.

To some people, getting their hair this length is not a big deal, to me it is a big deal. My hair has never been longer than shoulder length, and maybe 1-2 inches longer.

I was pleasantly surprised by the length, but then I found something else to be horrified with.

I need to seriously lose weight. The sad part is that I do work out (daily) and watch what I eat. Aside from the camera-adds-10-pounds-excuse, I need to change something.

Right away!


Talking about Fort Dix Suspects Illegally in U.S. for 20 Years – Newsweek Terror Watch – MSNBC.com

If 9/11/2001 was not enough to wake this government from the stupor of not enforcing its own laws, then why be surprised by their inactivity now? Cheap labor means more to the people who run this country than safety and a sane immigration process.

By hook or by crook, a higher population adds to the GDP. The politicians and their financial backers want America to have a population of 500 million within the next 50 years. I don’t think I would mind if the school systems, hospitals, and infrastructure of the country were in superb shape today. I forsee fiscal collapse and a total walling off of some parts of the country. I fear the nation could break apart.

If illegal aliens owed back taxes, then the government would get after them, but just being in the country illegally is not a big deal nor a priority. It hasn’t been since the early 1980’s.

Actually, no matter what legislative immigration muddle Congress writes up and the President signs the end results will be the same: no enforcement, more illegals.

Frankly, even if terriorists successfully took out all of Washington, DC, there still wouldn’t be any move to enforce immigration laws. The horse left the barn a couple of decades ago.


Fort Dix Suspects Illegally in U.S. for 20 Years – Newsweek Terror Watch – MSNBC.com


Talking about NEWSWEEK Poll: Bush Hits All-Time Low – Newsweek Politics – MSNBC.com

In the sweet dead spot between a President’s 3rd term and a long, long and winding road before the major primaries – the Mainstream Media conducts another useless idiot poll.

I honestly didn’t believe that the wife of President Bill Clinton would run for President. She made history, the First Lady to become Senator, after winning an unprecedented re-election. But what do I know? If I never saw or read the name “Clinton” again, I would be a happy woman.

The biggest problem America has are professional politicians. Where are the people who ran for maybe one or two seats, served for a couple or years and then went away? Is it too expensive and time consuming to run a few times then go away? Is the money and PR / media machine too powerful for regular people to make it to higher office?

Today, we have these creatures who keep running, and running, and running for re-election. They never stop. They are like drug addicts: people addicted to influence, affluence, adulation, glad handling, and power. There are mayors, councilmen, congressmen, and senators serving longer than corrupt third world dictators. If you want to help solve the country’s problems, get out of office and let new ideas flourish with new candidates.

The presidency should not be the only office with term limits. The French idea of limiting campaign spending and promotion are good. They should be implemented here. This is a big country, but the way candidates are being fielded today isn’t working. The celebrity aspect of politcs is polluted, unhealthy, dishonest and misleading. I don’t want a faux actor for President (okay, we had one and he wasn’t too bad).

I want candidates to talk freely, without hedging every verbal bet, due to fear of being hammered or being taken out of context. No one has to be 100% glib, but the double talk today means that no one is saying anything substantial. None of them are honest. Frankly, I don’t think a candidate can be honest, because the Mainstream Media is so in hock to a political party (Democrat) and philosophy (socialism).

I don’t care for attack mode politics, I just want an intelligent debate on why the candidate is running (not because they are in it to win it – WTF?), but what they want to really accomplish.

If the country is lucky this will be the last election with Baby Boomers running for office. Maybe the next generation will run with more modesty…. I won’t hold my breath.


NEWSWEEK Poll: Bush Hits All-Time Low – Newsweek Politics – MSNBC.com


Give us all of your tired, hungry and poor – they work hard!

The rallies are not a problem…. There is nothing wrong with illegal aliens demanding instant amnesty and US citizenship.

Illegal aliens have gotten away with so much already, why shouldn’t they demand more? Professional journalists and columnists never question whether they should be here at all, but offer up endless sob stories about disrupted, poor, and broken families, items about all the taxes illegals (supposedly) pay, how diligently and earnestly these (desperate) people work and how much they’ve added to the economy, ad nauseum. A journalist has never met a law breaking poor person they’ve never felt sympathy for, because poverty legitamizes criminal behavior.

It’s not as though illegal aliens broke any laws to get to America, right? So what, if they’ve falsified documents? Not a problem and certainly not a crime, right? So what, if they purchase a car and drive without a license and insurance, it’s not a crime, right? So what, if they use emergency rooms for free health care? So what, if they have children right away to make it harder to be departed?

I certainly don’t have any animosity towards people who “come here for a better life”. Isn’t that what America is all about? What’s the fuss over a few laws? Laws are for tax paying US citizens to obey, for everyone else they are delicate suggestions.

The United Nations often puts out a report that a billion people are poor, starving, diseased, dying young, and living on only one dollar per day. The way I look at it – following the logic of the news media – they should all be marching in their home countries demanding US citizenship too!

If some of our congresspeople could find a way to pander to a billion poor people and obtain more power from it, they would initiate legislation pronto. I know President Bush wouldn’t veto it. He actually said that, “Family values don’t end at the Rio Grande.”

Isn’t he special?

The 10 to 20 million folks who’ve snuck into the country over the past decade will probably get their amnesty bill. It’s not like Congress ever expects anyone to follow the laws they write. Heck, half of them don’t even read the bills they sign on to. And as we all know, whatever federal laws Congress pass they are exempt from.

Oh, what a country!


Immigration rallies held across U.S. – U.S. Life – MSNBC.com


A candidate cannot be nuanced

So, the media’s love affair with Senator Obama is over already? That was fast.

A candidate cannot be nuanced – that’s why President Bush was re-elected…

But the truth of Senator Obama’s comments make clear that Senators make lousy Presidents: too much deliberation. Although his responses told me he’d make a better governor of Louisianna than Blanco.

Rehearsed speeches at debates really say very little about how any candidate would respond to a real crisis. Being President is an on-the-job-training experience.

Frankly, I’d like someone who doesn’t pretend to have a solution to every problem in the world, and realizes his job is what the Constitution requests: greet foreign dignitaries, sign ratifiable treaties that don’t impose on US sovereignty, and be Commander-in-Chief (put America first). End of story.


Does Barack Obama have a view on defense? – MSNBC TV – MSNBC.com