Narcissism for Black Women: The Very Good and Healthy Expression of Deep Self-Love, and Extreme Self-Devotion. Why? Because It's Good For Ya! And Sometimes I Write about Natural Hair, Among Other Things

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Hair Matters: Don’t Do it Again

Trying Something New I went against my own credo to leave my hair alone and stop experimenting. Out of curiosity – because I’m always curious – I decided to try something new: leave conditioner in my hair. Now, I’m asking myself: Why did I do that? I did it, because I wanted to see if […]


I Miss Wearing A Lot of Jewelry

I used to wear a lot of jewelry: brooches, necklaces, a half dozen bracelets and nearly a ring on every finger. Gradually, over the years, I’ve worn less. Now, I am down to two modest sized gold hoop earrings. I can’t even wear rings anymore.It’s tragic! I love jewelry! I can’t even wear costume jewelry, […]


Politcal Exhaustion: The Democratic Presidential Nominee Race

The Republican contest ended quite soon, and surprised many a pundit who wrote off Senator John McCain. The Democratic race, in contrast, is still going. I wonder why. If Senator Obama lost 20+ primaries / caucuses to 10+, and was trailing in popular votes and delegates, I’m sure he would have been asked to get […]


Hair Dryers: I Own Three

The Bonnet I believe in going easy on my hair by not manipulating it too much. I might comb it weekly, biweekly, or more. However, I don’t ascribe to the belief that naturals should walk around with a damp or wet head. Perhaps if I lived in a hot climate, instead of the northeast, I […]


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