Narcissism for Black Women: The Very Good and Healthy Expression of Deep Self-Love, and Extreme Self-Devotion. Why? Because It's Good For Ya! And Sometimes I Write about Natural Hair, Among Other Things

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Lost: Season 6

I have a love and hate relationship with this show. I often dislike its convoluted scripts, and the way it bounces back and forth through time, and doesn’t say so. It takes a while to figure out what is going on. The writers force you to study the show, and pay attention to follow its […]


Dear Pepsico,

Please note: I did send this note, via email. I just heard an ad for your “Refresh Project” and the music of John Mayer, “Waiting.” Is your advocacy also endorsing the words of a racist / sexist bigot? Is David Duke a part of your “Refresh Project” as well? You hypocrites can drop Tiger Woods, […]


Black Women: My Pursuit of Happiness

I love myself. I am relaxed about it. I am mostly cheerful, generous, vain, conceited, selfish, don’t suffer pangs of guilt, and I like women who are this way too. In men, this is a no-no. I love being a woman. If I could be reincarnated, I wouldn’t hesitate with my choice: same person, same […]


The Closer

Mizz Kyra Jaws I love watching an entire TV series on DVD back to back. I’ve watched about eight episodes of The Closer, and I really enjoy it so far. This show is about a woman, Kyra Sedwick aka Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, who leaves Atlanta, where she was a top cop of […]


Rant: To People Who Compare Every Politically Incorrect Expression or Treatment to "the Blacks"

Stop it right now. Stop those trite, irritating, and annoying expressions of “Well, it is like doing X against the blacks,” or “Well, it is like using the N-word to describe group Y,” or the all time favorite, “Group Z going through this discrimination is like doing this to the blacks.” For real though, those […]


Buncha Tools: Facebook and twitter, et al

Facebook. I’m irritated by it. Part of it was the media slobbering over it. Nothing turns me off more. I don’t know what it does, or purpose it serves, but it’s everywhere. I look forward to the day I stop hearing about it, or seeing those little “f” icons on every damn website. Seriously, what’s […]


Hitler responds to the iPad

I don’t know, but it’s hilarious.


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