Braindump Thursday: It’s June Already?

Goal Setting

I feel like I am behind the curve, or far from the goal posts.

I always have a couple of goals I want to achieve, but I’m not even half way there, and half the year is almost gone!


I signed up for, although for the life of me, I still don’t “get it.” Maybe after a while I’ll see what the fuss, hoopla, and hype is all about.


I am so pleased with one of my nephews. Like I told him the other day, I get the joy of bragging and celebrating him without expending any effort in raising him.

Ah, the joys of being an Aunt.


I’m taking a class: it’s one of those, Who are you? What do I want?, let’s explore ourselves type of things.

The teacher gave us an exercise where we use the less-dominant hand. If we’re right handed, we have to do the exercise with the left.

I’m right handed, and completed the exercise rather easily with my left hand.

She asked our reaction to the experiment. I said I felt like I was cheating, because I can write with my left hand, and use it almost as much as the right.

The instructor says, “You’re ambidextrous.”

I allowed, “Almost.” Although I admit, if I had to shoot at something, for example, I could, and would, use both hands.

Self-Control, or Controlling Yourself

I think I was about 9 or 11 years old when I stopped letting other kids, especially older children, goad me. I never got into another fight once I made that decision. It doesn’t mean I wouldn’t say what I thought, but I never laid hands on another person in anger again.

I stopped, because it occurred to me that I was really going to hurt someone. I certainly didn’t want to. So, I learned to tuck away my temper, and talk myself out of picking up baseball bats, stones, chairs, and other assorted weapons trying to knock another kid unconscious.

Yeah, I was that bad.

Can’t Move Me

I’m not just stubborn, I’m bullheaded, and fixed too. What do I mean? I’ve always been one of those people that you can tell me what I cannot do all day, and I’ll still do what I want.

I am this way, because my parents put the flame retardant, self-esteem guarding, and social pressure resistant armor on me to handle these people and particular situations. I would snicker when people complain about me, “She won’t do this. She can’t do that. She’s not going to succeed. Blah, blah, blah, blah….”

In short, You can’t tell me nothing.

Hey, I believe even if you don’t feel secure, confident, or bold, fake it anyway. Eventually the rest will catch up, and help you on your way.

Because I am lagging in my goals, I will have to double-up my efforts….