Rape of Young Black Girls: Do We Ever Learn Anything From These Stories?

I would like to know. Frankly, I’m sick of knowing about these stories.* The reason is my feelings about what should happen to the perpetrators would fall under extreme cruel and unusual punishment. I’m all for sterilization, hangings, the electric chair, and putting the criminals to sleep like any animal that needs to be put down.

I would even air drop them down into war torn countries around the world, or have them put in those jails to rot away to get a taste of what real deprivation is like. They don’t deserve to be treated with any consideration of “human rights” – they lost that privilege when they committed a violent crime against a child.

However, due to the politically correct, idiot intelligentsia that never thinks of the victims or their families, along with their desire to show how morally superior they are, the punishment will never fit the crime. The sentencing will be delicate, plea bargained to a “lesser crime”, and the years doled out modest (always less than the actual sentencing).

The Details and Excuses Don’t Matter

As for the crime: I don’t care to know the minute details, the back stories, where it happened, why it happened, how many were involved or whether the victim was familiar with her attackers. The reality is young black girls are nearly always attacked, raped, brutalized by people familiar, or known, to them.

What I know of this case, like so many others, is someone’s baby girl was viciously and brutally attacked, and there are people (I use that term loosely) regarding this incident with an indifferent shrug. Or they’re more concerned about the well being or public regard towards the attackers. That’s how deep into hell certain “communities” have fallen.

There is no morality left.

There are folks who will expend more time worrying about the treatment of the perpetrators due to their race, their gender, whether they came from “broken homes”, and how the incident will reflect on the “community”. They will fling the usual monkey poo buffalo chips about racism (you know, the white man made them do it), poverty (jobs would have stopped them from being brutal rapists!), the girl at fault for being too fast, too sexy at 11 (she made them do it!), and the usual rabble about fair trials (’cause the “brothas” never get a break!).

It’s almost guaranteed we will hear that a majority of the attackers are “mentally handicapped” and have IQs of around 85 or room temperature. They couldn’t stop, because they were just playing follow the leader.

Despite the harshness of my crime and punishment stance, I believe every defendant is entitled to the benefit of doubt and the presumption of innocent. And if, or when, they are found guilty: hang ’em high.

Keep This in Mind: The Hell Pits Are Here to Stay

I’m sick of these horror stories, because I know within a few days there will be another, followed by another, and then another. It never stops.

I know it is hard for a mother (and father) to be around to protect their daughters. She has to work. Perhaps she has to take time to attend school on nights or weekends. Momma might even think a family member or friend is looking after her little girl, or assumes her daughter is safe among her own “friends.”

Black Women: You Have a Choice

Common sense should never be up for debate. Yet, there are people who just love, love, love to argue and drop major B.S. playing with the idea as to whether black women have the right to move away from the “community.” There is a mindset that all black women are community property. The black woman is the resource everyone in the “community” needs to help keep it going. There are always layers of excuses as to why she should continue to live in hell, in approximation to hell, or in this place that’s transitioning to hell, by helping to “fix up” what’s wrong.

In case anyone didn’t know: that is a black man’s job. If he and his boys ain’t willing: it is not her problem. Black women aren’t obligated to live in neighborhoods infested with criminals, because the residents sorta look like them or share cultural baggage. Marches, slogans, t-shirts, and pity parades for mercy wont change a damn thing.

‘Cause she cannot run away from her people. Right? I mean, really? Well, most of her peeps might be plotting to rape, rob, and possibly kill her. She has every right to run. And run now.

The only thing that matters is quality of life. It doesn’t include cowering in fear – or fronting like she’s fearless – from people that share a similar hue or phenotype while pretending there is a meaningful connection due to those factors.

With incidents like this, is it really worth it to stay?

I hope every mother (and father) who cares about their young black daughter(s) think about where they live, check the crime stats for the new neighborhood, and make that move. There are still cheaper, lower to low crime areas to live. America is a very, very, very big country. Hoodlums are not hanging out on every street corner.

There are safer places to reside.

Dear Mommas

Be vigilant. Be proactive. Please think about changing your life, make a move, because the one you save may be your own or that of your child.

*Note: the following are links to these types of stories. Thanks for the hat tips, Bellydancer.


8 thoughts on “Rape of Young Black Girls: Do We Ever Learn Anything From These Stories?”

  1. I remain constantly baffled that any woman can fix her mouth to say the kinds of things those certifiable crazy women are saying.

    A child can consent and is presumed to be capable of negotiating sexual encounters????


    Don’t they know and care that women and girls are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, that they are in need of protection, or is it that certain women are not entitled to it?

    These women are othering themselves and other black women, their daughters included, because the day might come, if it hasn’t already, when it will be their daughters, so what will they say/do then? Will they care?

    Lord have his mercy, I am dumbfounded that some women are so male-identified and so contemptuous of their own sex, so hateful towards women and girls who look like them.

    Speaking of how mainstream women are looked at. I’m thinking now of that story involving that journalist in the middle east, Egypt, I believe? I saw a picture of her wearing a round neck t shirt, showing a bit of chest, with a hoodie, her hair uncovered.

    In the middle east, that type of clothing and look, ie., others western women as whores and symbols of western domination. In the eyes of locals, she can be seen as disrespecting local norms and “asking for it.” But no western journalist would say that…a grown woman who should have known of social norms in the middle east, not dressing in ways fitting in with local norms….

    GoldenAh: I feel really sad for little girls that have to have this extreme awareness of dangers that never occurred to me as a child. I was protected. I didn’t know why I was watched so closely, why my Mom always needed to know where I was, who I was with and why my curfew was so strict. She wouldn’t even let me go to anybody’s “sleep over”. I had a chaperon to parties when I was a teen. I never knew how evil some boys / men could be towards little girls. And back in my neighborhood, the men and boys looked out for me. I was allowed to be a child. πŸ™‚

    I think in the twisted minds of these black women they believe it’s better not to shelter black girls. They don’t think they are entitled to be sheltered. It fits within the doctrine of othering black girls / women. I think they also resent any little girl being treated as “special” or “delicate”, especially if they’ve been violated themselves. Unfortunately, black women can be the least sympathy towards a little black girl (at least with those nuts out there).

    I have heard stories about Egypt. I think women in the west forget what a conservative society really is like. And I think they are used to exceptional treatment over here.

    Thanks for stopping by, pioneervalleywoman. I enjoyed your feedback. πŸ˜€

  2. I blogged about the increasingly Congo-like situation in many black neighborhoods at my blog (October 3, 2010 – ‘Predators: At Home and Abroad’).

    I think the media reports have two objectives: to show how the black community has normalized deviance and to other-ize these black women specifically (concomitantly all bw) by showing their acceptance of the deviance.

    It also occurs to me any woman blaming the victim will be considered outside of common human decency, so……black women must be…..

    Do you follow me?

    For black women the fight to be seen as simply human women continues.


    GoldenAh: I admit, if I didn’t read blogs I wouldn’t know about these incidents. Even when I look at online news, I know just from glancing at the headline and the names of the “defendants” – I can guess what’s going on.

    I understand that women will defend their kin. I understand that they have a mindset that as “strong black women” their “brothas” or boys require vigorous defense from a biased criminal justice system. Yet, they’re scraping the bottom. It doesn’t matter what these guys do, it’s never their fault. Everyone else, especially the victim (a child!!???!!!), is to blame. No sane, moral, and thinking person respects people like that.

    It’s the worst symptom of black male identification disorder (BMID).

    Oh yes, if the media shows any of us defending these deviants, then WE certainly don’t deserve any sympathy, even when we are the victims. Right, because everyone knows that we aren’t “normal”, delicate, or truly feminine. We are to be viewed as she-male race warriors. And black women embrace it like a badge of honor. They truly believe that they are “other”.

    I truly and finally get why that slant from the NY Times and other media is so wrong. There was no reason for including phony alternate viewpoints. Because you and I know – when they are writing about non-black women being victimized – they wouldn’t dare let anyone suggest they “had it coming” or deserved their fate.

    Thanks for that perspective, Southland Diva. πŸ™‚

  3. Has anyone heard about a fund for the little girl? I want to do something.

    GoldenAh: I don’t know. If there is one, I will post the link here.

  4. GoldenAh

    bw are fighting this on two fronts at least.

    On one end are the savages who do these things, and then there is the general media who suddenly loose their sense of decency and ability to report with a sense of morality and concern for the victim of a heinous crime, when it is an issue that has to do with a black/minority woman.

    in this case, rounding up all the fools to have their say, as opposed to seeking out intelligent voices who would outrighly condemn the actions of these savages, is another way of othering the situation with regards bw so that it doesnt elicit the same ‘outrage’ as it would automaticllay elicit if it were a ww because it is situated differently.

    indeed suddnly we are hearing ‘she didnt look 11’, or ‘she went to their house’ (of course conviniently voiced by the zombies), defences which they wouldnt even dare publish or give voice to, if this were a ww.

    I was thinking to myself re the times article that clearly the writer was more interested in not maligning bm to the point they crossed professional lines into rape-freindly reporting! indeed when even the issue is violation of bw ‘outsiders’ are still mindful of not saying anything to upset bm. see how this thing has stacked up!

    GoldenAh: Our society’s concerns, in regards to young black girls, would appear to be lower than that of dogs. Whenever I listen to talk radio, if Michael Vick’s name (an NFL player who tortured and killed dogs) comes up – everyone, up to this day, is still angry at the man!

    This is a tough battle. Here we are – trying to open a crack, a small fissure into the mindset of black girls / women to value themselves enough to find decent men to love, a better neighborhood to live in, and be bold enough to seek adventures in life they are entitled to. On the other side is this rising tide of viciousness rushing towards these young ladies who have no clue as to what’s coming.

    I saw the letter scolding the NY Times, but the pity is that they have to be told in the first place. I lay this kind of mindset at the door of white liberalism. There’s this racism / sexism hierarchy where black girls / women rank near the bottom. And why would they be concerned? There are no powerful organizations that work on behalf of black girls / women.

    However, I am not entirely resigned. I believe somewhere / somehow the message is getting through that young black girls / women are somebody; worthy of concern, protection and consideration.

    Great to hear from you, Halima. Cheers. πŸ˜€

  5. Now they are saying that this victim may be hispanic. I hope not those mexicans do not play with their women and they are not scared of black folks. They do their share of dirt but this shit may get dangerous for black folks down there SMDH.

    GoldenAh: She could be both. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of her parents was black. However, I still include her plight as the same as every other black girl out there.

    I agree. I don’t look at Mexicans as treating their women any better, but they do make an attempt to protect those women they feel responsible for, which cannot be said of the black males here.

    I didn’t even know that there’s no love lost between Mexicans and blacks in some parts of this country. I don’t see black males “winning” in this fight with them.

    I think there might be retaliation.

  6. Welcome to the Congo.

    GoldenAh: Gina (from what about our daughters) has been predicting that for sometime now.

    I can’t say I am shocked. These types of stories have been coming up for a while now.

    What did kind of shock me was how this “town” is supposedly divided and how so many excuses were made on behalf of the criminals.

    I could slice and dice their “logic” all day, but it would be pointless. The bottom line is that these criminals need to be dealt with – as well as their enablers. I am getting really tired of negros and negrettes coming to the defense of these types of criminals.

    I was so sick listening to the interviews because these people are sooo morally and ethically deviant it is – incomprehensible.

    I am not minimizing the role of the perpetrators, but if you have a community full of the criminally minded i.e. + enablers/supporters it will never end – because there are no consequences.

    It seems like these people have made the choice to embrace evil.

    GoldenAh: If we back up many years, back to the years when black men really were innocent victims of racial biases (Scottsboro boys), the “community” did everything to protect them. I can understand that. It was domestic terrorism.

    Unfortunately, that fervor has extended into this modern day mindset of non-accountability. These guys are innocent victims no matter what they do or who they do it to. The campaign for the “innocence” of perpetrators has been so successful, Illinois just got rid of the death penalty. No one stays in jail for life, that’s a fallacy.

    As we know with the way plea bargains, reduced sentencing, and early releases work because of budgets – the jailhouse revolving door for these guys will continue. Yet the justice system wont change to improve the evidence finding and conviction process – they’ve decided on an easy way out. There’s no concept of what needs to be done to keep everyone safe from these people. Nothing at all.

    The only answer is for black women to get away, and have the mindset that they are free to move.

    Thanks for the feedback, Oshun/Aphrodite. πŸ™‚

  7. I beleive I stated this in a previous post, but I served on a grand jury last year and all rape/molestation cases involving black girls/women were at the hands of black men. Some of the details were so gruesome that you didn’t want to listen, but you had to in order to hand down an indictment. As far as I’m concerned these rabid animals should euthanized. In my opinion, if he is doing things like this and this is how low he is, he is at the point of no return and should be disposed of and given a permanent vacation from his miserable life .
    I live in a area that has a low cost of living, not a large black population but still diverse. When I moved here, people would ask, “why you wanna live over there with all of those so-and-so people?” Because they don’t bother men and I don’t bother them. Meanwhile, in efforts to “keep it real”, they have purchased a home in an area with hooligans walking down the street with pants down to their knees and a Newport tucked behind both ears wreaking general havoc on society as a whole (gunshots at all hours of the night, late night house parties, crackhead squatters, etc.).

    GoldenAh: I was up for jury duty regarding a sex abuse trial. I started getting nauseous before they even got started. The district attorneys were going to give all the details of the sexual abuse – including a demo tape of the crime. It made me sick. I used every excuse to get out of it.

    In some neighborhoods “our people” are extremely dangerous to us. Since none of the critics are paying the bills, we can all live wherever we want.

    And yeah, all those supposedly scary “others” nearly always turn out to be either harmless, friendly, or they leave us alone. No surprise. It’s the same where I am.

    Good to hear from you, Likewaterforchocolat. πŸ™‚

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