Tears of a Clown: Keith Ellison’s Manhood Goes on Sale

A Crocodile Weeps. ++see below

Remember back when John F. Kennedy swore that the Pope didn’t make his decisions for him? (On September 12, 1960, he said, “I am not the Catholic candidate for President. I am the Democratic Party’s candidate for President who also happens to be a Catholic. I do not speak for my Church on public matters โ€” and the Church does not speak for me.”)* He was promising to do what’s best as a representative of ALL the people.

I understand that that was the kind of scrutiny non-Protestants lived with. It was a sorry affair persecuting people based on their religious beliefs when they ran for office. However, I’m sure those comments reassured those who considered voting for Mr. Kennedy.

A Public Servant to Whom?

Today, we have folks who seem to define themselves solely by their religious ideology. Apparently, it precedes gender, race, nationality, dignity, and common sense. It really does not matter to me what people do, or believe in, or swear fealty to, except when this trait is exhibited by a politician. Why doesn’t Representative Keith Ellison serve in a religious temple somewhere? Is he aware that he’s supposed to represent his district, atheists included, and not just his coreligionists?

OOps. I guess he cannot be criticized for that oversight though. It might make him cry. Or something.

It’s Political Theater

I’m generally cynical about politicians. Representatives go through two year election cycles. I believe fruit flies live longer. Congressional hearings are show trials. With the “tears of a clown” display, the lead entertainer (Ellison) wants to pretend that he’s doing something! This is a fund raising ploy. But hey, pimping ain’t easy.

Oh, you mean he might be sincere? I doubt it.

He’s not crying, because most of the victims of homocide are black males, decimating the African American population. Or that most victims of domestic violence, rape and murder are black girls / women, further decimating the African American population. Or that a large number of foreclosures are putting single black mothers into the streets, generating a devastating economic setback to the backbone of the African American population. Or that black people are suffering the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Oh, no. Ellison is cynically blubbering over one incident regarding one deceased individual that happened a decade ago. He’s not even crying over all the victims of 9/11.

I could have believed Ellison sincere, if he announced he was upset at something like this picture:

African boy gets "questioned" by Libyan "rebels" with a finger on the right and a pistol on the left.

I have relatives that look like this kid.

My sympathy for the Libyans have evaporated. Then again, I never had much to begin with. These people are literally picking on the darkest people they see. This is a child they are terrorizing. They think he’s an “African mercenary”. The whole country is after these people. Poor child looks too frightened to be anything nefarious. Many central Africans came to Libya to work (in the oil fields), because Qadhafi invited them there. There are also many other groups and nationalities fleeing Libya.

I tried to find out what happened to this kid from news reports, but because the media is so much on the side of the “rebels” or “freedom fighters” they’ve pretended not to know.

It pissed me off.

Hey, I get it that this isn’t something for Ellison to weep over. There’s no money it in. However, since he’s playing the role of a sensitive politician, couldn’t he expand his interests a bit?

Just asking.

“Manhood for Sale”

Sometimes, I think some black males aren’t aware that they’re always looking for a new “master” to tell them what to do, how to think, and how to be. They are released from one yoke, only to take on another.

How much do you think that single tear will get Ellison from fund raising? A hundred thou? Maybe half a mil? That money wont be coming from us though, will it?

* Wikipedia: John F. Kennedy profile.

++ Ellison was sobbing at a Congressional hearing on the radicalization of American followers of Islam.

Note: I’ve been remiss in the past not crediting who the photos belong to. Sorry. These two are from Reuters.


News Update:

NY Times: American Muslim Salafi Movement – Why Do They Even Come Here?


16 Replies to “Tears of a Clown: Keith Ellison’s Manhood Goes on Sale”

  1. I expected as much from R Simmons who was *gasp* on MSNBC speaking about the same – with such compassion for the Muslims, but not for his fellow ethnic women on any issues that impact us.

    I agree with you on these fringe freaks. I know he is not raving and advocating bombing, but Ellison in allowing his religion to interfere with his job makes him a fringe nutjob as well.

    When I was a Christian it always felt wrong whenever there was a school function or other public discourse and there was an overemphasis on Christianity. And today, although I practice an ATR, and although I am not a public servant.. I wouldn’t dream of doing as these fools are..

    I get the “master” angle and I think its true. BM are going down – even further as if that is possible. And just because BM decide to be slaves doesn’t mean BW have to go down with them.

    GoldenAh: Yeah, I squirm a bit at the boisterous “halleluah”, “thank you Jesus” crowd. I went to one church where they got into the “spirit” in such a frenzy it scared the crap out of me. ๐Ÿ˜€

    It’s cool that’s Ellison is religious, but he needs to tuck that stuff in and keep it to himself. It’s unseemly and undignified behavior.

    What’s ATR if you don’t mind my asking?

  2. African Traditional Religion.

    Not only that, but I would think people would learn by now. Injecting religion into politics always leads to a bad end. It makes people soo much easier to fleece and control.

    GoldenAh: True. True. Thanks for the feedback. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Russell Simmons. Russell. Simmons. The man who, when he was recently on NPR, said Jay-z is less sexist than just about any preacher!?!? That Russell Simmons???

    Anyway….. I guess Simmons and Ellison may feel they have already checked off the black women box. Perhaps they are trying to show their concerns and passions extend beyond just black women. They don’t want to be seen being concerned primarily with black women because then MSNBC would only call them when issues regarding black women came up instead of what happens now, * calling them when issues related to black people come up……..**

    *sarcasm button on
    ** sarcasm button off


    GoldenAh: I should have included in my post that Ellison was sobbing at a Congressional hearing on the radicalization of Islam.

    I get what you mean when you say that these guys want to be known for more than one issue, but I’d prefer the media used college professors, or associations that deal with the subject. ‘Cause all Simmons knows is exploitation of black women. It gets on my nerves that the media would even to turn to him, Camel-Joe (Jay-Z), or any other ignoramus for information about “what black people think.” Neither one of them has a clue.

    Thank you, Southland Diva. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Chile you are about to get me in trouble(lol)
    Some religions have no separation of church and state and islam is one of those types of religions. This man has never stated any other view about anything other than his religion which seems to take up most of his time and concern. If I lived in his district or whatever that would bother me but he does rep Minnestota and the somalian muslims up there are doing all kinds of mess.
    Add Sheila Jackson Lee to the buffoonery too.
    Black folks kill me always trying to put other people’s interest ahead of ours then wonder why we are in the mess we in. So the next time we get attacked they can look back and blame black folks for letting these crazy people walk around the country freely. These same muslims do not care for darker people and often move into black neighborhoods and treat us like dirt while selling shitty products and overpriced services.

    GoldenAh: Back when I lived in the city, the only men who felt bold enough to step up, bother and harass the “brothas” were Arabs (who I first thought were Latinos). I had no idea they had such beef with black men. It was very amusing. With NYC, different ethnic groups get on and off at different stops; so it makes for such great drama.




    Sheila Jackson Lee does not understand we are not making this shit up certain people are attacking or planning to attack us and they happen to follow this religion.

    GoldenAh: It’s the disease of political correctness and stupidity. Anyway, I think most people in our government are scared sh*tless of these people. If it wasn’t for the people on Flight 93, the entire Congress would have been blown away. But that doesn’t explain why we still let them in, don’t protect the borders, but subject every citizen to an X-ray scanning, a cop, feel, and grope at all the damn airports.

    As fara s Ellison goes well the Muslim Brotherhood has been propping him up from day one.




    GoldenAh: You said: “Black folks kill me always trying to put other people’s interest ahead of ours then wonder why we are in the mess we in.”

    Say it again! You are so right!!

    So the M.B. own Ellison? I figured he was pimping for some group. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a black political figure or camera-loving “leader” shed a tear over any victimized and violated black girl / woman. And there are a ton of situations we could find for them to get worked up over. Pathetic.

    I hope Ellison realizes that the M.B. gave birth to terrorist groups, especially the one that caused 9/11, but that might be too complicated for that weeping, blustering idiot to understand.

    I get the tenor of “responsible” politicians saying, “We’ll let’s be careful here and make sure no one, especially any specific group of people, gets stigmatized.” But to act as if Muslims are seriously getting hammered and singled out all the time? Ah, no. Ellison’s hamming it up for the cameras (and his owners).

    No one would know someone is a Muslim unless they tell, show, and make an issue of it. So it defies logic for anyone to say they get “singled” out simply by looking at one.

    However, Ellison belongs in a temple or mosque somewhere, because he has no business in government if HIS religion is the only issue he cares about. He should pick up the Constitution and read the 1st, 13th, and 14th Amendments a couple of times.

    Nothing wrong with pointing out facts, Bellydancer. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Sorry, but when I saw this footage online a few days ago, I felt that those tears were of the crocodile variety. He converted to Islam when he was about 20 (one of those Garvey-ite nationalist types seeking to keep it real) after getting introduced by the Nation of Islam (whom eastern Islamists considered a joke). A college educated bm gets influenced by a sect dreamed up by a bunch of ex-criminals who found Allah in prison. (Don’t get me started on these types.) He married (and recently divorced) his sweetheart who in over 20 years of marriage and 4 kids has never practiced or identified as Muslim. One thing that I do understand of the religion is that they are not really permitted to marry outside of their religion. But suddenly his faith is so important to him when it comes to his job, but not in his home where he has rightful influence? I have no idea how this guy got elected with his ties to Farrakahn and journalistic contributions to their publications. It may be true that these hearings may yield an outcome that causes anti-establishment Muslim hostility in this country, but you have to ask the question “Why aren’t the “good” Muslims in this country more eager to extricate themselves from the radical terroristic sorts?” You have to be at least curious.

    GoldenAh: Ahh. I didn’t know that about him. So he is a hypocrite! Gotta trust the gut, it never tells you wrong. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I remember reading about Malcolm X, and how he became El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz. I can image he’s had a lot of influence on black men who convert to the religion. He made it sound spiritually appealing, and I can see it’s how they regain their sense of “black manhood”. But after all this time, a lot of them have become something of a parody from In Living Color (Damon Wayans playing that incoherent convict).

    Thanks for the info. Likewaterforchocolat. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. โ€œWhy arenโ€™t the โ€œgoodโ€ Muslims in this country more eager to extricate themselves from the radical terroristic sorts?โ€ You have to be at least curious.”

    Well Sheila Jackson Lee did find 2 good muslims (lol)
    Gurllll even a hit dog will hollar sometimes!

  7. I meant ‘him’ rather than ‘them’ in regard to MSNBC.
    Bellydancer’s point about some black people putting everyone else before black folks is what I was trying to comment on. My sarcasm didn’t communicate my point very well.

    I’m working toward clarity…. ๐Ÿ™‚


    GoldenAh: No problem. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Thank you for showing the picture of the little boy, The only reason he is in Libya because he can support his family. When the shit hit the fan in Libya I knew they would start attacking and murdering these worker from other parts of Africa because of there dark skin. I mention this in my history class and large group of arab americans became upset.I let them know that I have freedom of speech and if they don’t like it there is the door. As for wonder boy he is so caring toward the people of Libya,what about the seven woman who was killed in the Ivory Coast.

    GoldenAh: Arabs play deaf and dumb when it comes to what they do to others, because they love pretending that they’re always the victims. When I think about it, I’ve never heard any organization or “leader” ever challenge these people as to how they treat dark skinned Africans. From what I’ve read, some of these countries are still kidnapping black people and making them slaves.

    Yes, I read about the murders of the women protesting peacefully. Awful.

    I appreciate the feedback, L, Higgin. Thanks for stopping by. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I have to say I used to get very upset by the gov’t policies of Israel against those poor Arab nations. When I connected their history of brutality (and of course who can forget they stole most of the black Africans forced into slavery) and also thought about they’ve completely wiped out the original populations of many African nations that had the BLACK-SKINNED blacks AND those that immigrate here are as racist as heck AND they run those corner stores in the hood AND I could go on huh….I no longer care. I think they’re only getting a FRACTION of what they’ve dished out for thousands of years. As I recall though Quadaffi said he’s black. (snickers).

    GoldenAh: The greatest con they’ve been able to pull is to have black people here champion them without really looking at their history, but like you, once you see what they’ve been all about – it’s eyes wide open….

    Back in the 1950’s Arabs were called “colored”, but I think they’ve been upgraded to “white” since then. SMH.

    I don’t forgive any group of people for continually persecuting black people. ๐Ÿ˜€

    TTYL, Faith. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I apologize in advance for the length of this comment. What I’d like to say can’t be expressed in sound bites.

    The type of casual anti-Muslim religious bigotry that I’m reading in this thread is one of the primary reasons why I know that…

    …as an African-American Muslim whose loyalties have always been SOLELY with other AA Black folks & who has zero affection for immigrant Muslims as a category of persons…

    …similar to the way I have zero affection for the “don’t you dare call me Black” anti-Black racist “biracials”…

    …and zero affection for the anti-AA racists among Latinos and other temporary “people of color”—who only remember that they’re “of color” when they want to ride AA Black folks’ civil rights coatails…

    [as “proof” of the above sentiments, see my former and current blog and my book]

    …Despite all of the above, and despite the fact that I’ve always been a loyal citizen of MY country of birth, I will need to leave this country. Before people in power who share many of the sentiments expressed in the comments here have AA Muslims like me imprisoned in a concentration camp, just like the Japanese-Americans during WWII.

    There are plenty of things that could be said (and have been said by me and other sane, racially self-respecting AA Muslims) about Sunni (orthodox) Muslim Negroes who have exchanged their former White slave masters for Arab and Pakistani ones. But none of that seems to count.

    When I hear people gleefully make comments such as:

    โ€œWhy arenโ€™t the โ€œgoodโ€ Muslims in this country more eager to extricate themselves from the radical terroristic sorts?โ€ You have to be at least curious.โ€

    Well Sheila Jackson Lee did find 2 good muslims (lol)
    Gurllll even a hit dog will hollar sometimes!

    And I see that, in response, NOBODY present mentions other Muslims such as myself—despite the fact that a number of you have frequented my blog—and have seen me link to conversations at AA Muslim blogs where other AA Muslims like me vehemently argued against the crazy people in our faith…

    …it lets me know that I’m in grave danger among almost all of YOU. If you won’t correct a bigoted comment, then I know you won’t say anything if and when loyal AA Muslims like me are tossed into concentration camps.

    I know that some of you might have already left the conversation before this particular comment was published. Nevertheless, it’s deeply troubling to see something like that go unchallenged.

    That’s the big picture. While I’m present, let me correct some of the “small picture” misinformation:

    (1) Pursuant to Islamic religious rules, Muslim men are allowed to marry Jewish and Christian women (followers of the other 2 monotheistic religions are also considered by Muslims to be “People of the Book” = people who have been blessed with the receipt of divine scripture).

    (2) There’s some nuance to the matter of the fundamentalist group, the Muslim Brotherhood. I strongly dislike the Muslim Brotherhood. I feel that they are as reactionary and dangerous to the idea of having a free, civil society as Rev. Falwell’s self-proclaimed “Moral Majority.” However, I DO like the truth and accurate information (instead of misinformation).

    Regarding the nexus between the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism committed by Muslims, I’ll mention a similar situation that exists in the American Christian context:

    Not all, not most, and not even many of the people who are members of fundamentalist Christian churches go on to become violent domestic terrorists who bomb abortion clinics and try to murder doctors who perform abortions in the US.

    However, most of the violent (White) Christian domestic terrorists who DO bomb abortion clinics and physically attack abortion providers in the US have been members of fundamentalist Christian churches at one point.

    From what I’ve read and heard, it appears that a similar dynamic exists in terms of the Muslim Brotherhood. Not all Muslim Brotherhood members are terrorists or necessarily support terrorism. However, most Muslim terrorists have been members of fundamentalist religious groups like the Muslim Brotherhood at some point in their lives.

    One might ask how many of you, as (most likely) Christian Black women, have openly and continuously condemned the domestic terrorism committed by the American Christian fundamentalists who bomb abortion clinics and attack abortion providers?

    I have used my platforms (such as they are) to publicly condemn the evils that exist within my own faith community.

    If you have never used your various platforms to publicly condemn the violent domestic terrorism committed by SOME segment of the Christian citizens, does it make sense for me to ask: “Why arenโ€™t you ‘good’ Christians in this country more eager to extricate yourselves from the radical terroristic sorts?”

    Khadija Nassif

    GoldenAh: I’m not religious. I wasn’t looking to offend or insult you. That’s certainly not my intent. To be honest, I hadn’t thought about you at all. I left the comment alone, because frankly, I have no opinion about it. She was cracking a joke. If she thought those two particular individuals were dogs, then that’s what she felt. Do I really care? No.

    The government already has a prison camp though, doesn’t it? It’s called Guantanamo. What is anyone doing about that?

    I wouldn’t agree to the government setting up a concentration camp for any group of people, because I am certain they would come for me next. However, I will not pretend that after 9/11, that I don’t feel inordinately suspicious of Muslims. I also feel suspicious of large groups of unruly males. That’s the nature of discrimination. Outside of rapists and murderers, I’m not calling for the rounding up of any group of people.

    I am very very skeptical of Ellison. Usually, politicians exhibit the good sense to understand that if they are elected to office that it is their job to represent people – regardless of faith. If he’s solely focused on being a religious representative, I don’t believe he should run for or hold office. I don’t know or care if he believes that he’s patriotic, I only consider him an irresponsible fool.

    All kinds of things are said about Christians, it’s even mainstream (art) to insult them. Whatever the insults are, they roll off my back like water off a duck. It is not the forefront or core of my identity. I only believe in God. I also don’t believe in going to war with people over God either.

    If and when Christian(s) kill abortion doctors the law appropriately deals with them as they should. It’s wrong for fundamentalists to kill doctors. It’s wrong for anyone to commit murder, whether in the name of God or not.

    Right now, there’s a priest sexual abuse scandal down in Philly. The law will go after all of them. And rightly, they will be prosecuted. People are furious with the Church and the priests. However, no one is deathly terrified of the Catholic Church or Christians. The Catholics (and others) are having an open and healthy debate about the priests, and sometimes they condemn the Church’s behavior and hypocrisy in shielding them.

    And why would anyone mention or drag your name into a topic about Keith Ellison? I looked at the comment to mean any national public organization that gets the attention of the media. Like you said, anyone who visits this blog, most likely visits your blog, are aware of your opinions.

    Thanks for the feedback, and correcting some of the misinformation about interfaith marriage.

    Be well, Khadija Nassif.

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