The Next Disaster: Will It Be Us?

Does tragedy come in threes? fours? a score or more? I am certainly not wishing for it. I’ve been briefly taking in the news on Japan, because I don’t want to take it up to “disaster porn” level. I’m hoping that the Nuke Reactors get under control, and nothing worse happens.

Are You Ready For a Disaster?

Stay Prepared*

It’s a question one must ask these days. As we can see, even the most organized and wealthiest government(s) wont bring the kind of immediate help we see in Hollywood disaster movies. The reality would be like Katrina, if not possibly worse. In times of chaos, whether fast or slow, you have to rely on yourself, family, friends, and honorable acquaintances.

I don’t think anyone could ever been too prepared.

Based on the dangers in your area: flood, tornado, hurricane, or earthquake. Ask yourself this: Are you properly insured? Do you have backup copies of your personal papers off site? Maybe you decide to keep important papers in a bank safety deposit box?

If you have to run out the door (with the devil at your back) – is there a bag with first aid kit, spare underwear (never underestimate the need for extra knickers), wipes, water, snack(s), a bit of cash, etc. within reach to help if you cannot get back home right away?

I keep this stuff in my car – traffic can be hell in New Jersey. 🙂

Preparation List from Volunteer Mid-South

The American Boiling Frog

I keep feeling like there is some low-level stuff going on, creeping along, that’s bad, bad, bad, but we all cannot see it. Like the entire nation is a frog sitting in slowly boiling water.

The economy is in a grind. The cost of food is rising. Rising oil price is going to choke off economic growth. There are millions of people out of work, and likely millions more who are homeless.

Yet, the media doesn’t see or talk about them. Curious.

Come On! Must We Be Involved In Another War?

Deja vu all over again. Does no one in Washington, DC ever pay attention? How many times have we been thanked, after America has invaded to “help”, with terrorist attacks or “man-made disasters” and deadly shoot-outs? Sometimes it is best to stand by and watch people who are typically ungrateful and violent.

When our government gets involved for some reason – they don’t know when to leave. Is that the goal? Another country to have troops to sit in?

Do these people not remember that we had a no-fly zone over Iraq for nearly a decade?

I suspect, if the UN Resolution was enforced (to institute a no-fly zone over Libya), the media would immediately report that portions of that country revolting against Qadhafi or number of deaths were exaggerated.

Get Outdoors and Have Fun

Spring is here. Time to get out and play.

Have a good one.

*From the Red Cross – I make no money if you decide to buy that bag. I linked because I thought it was good source of information. 🙂


3 Replies to “The Next Disaster: Will It Be Us?”

  1. Better safe then sorry,always keep supplies on hand. If any one in the family has medical problems make should they have a three month supply of their medication. The medication can last up to three to five years, and please donot waste your time talking to people about your emergency plans because some people will tell you are crazy or try to talk you out of preparing for any type of natural or man made diaster. Check out ” The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein”. The elite need to frighten people in order to justify there destructive behavior. Winston Churchhill stated “Democracy is the worst form of Government”. I noticed the elite will scream “Democracy” when they overthrow another nation and cut programs for women and children.

    GoldenAh: That’s true. I mean even for occasional blackouts we should have flashlights on hand, etc. You make a great point about the length of time for medical supplies.

    I don’t think we have to be hardcore at first, just get a bag or two ready, and keep a list and prep a little at a time. Heck, even in moderate emergencies I’m grateful for the stuff I keep in the car.

    Fingers crossed that nothing bad happens across the country….

    Thanks for commenting, L. Higgin. 🙂

  2. I agree we should keep medical supplies on hand AND we should have emergency food and water supplies on hand as well as solar powered flashlights, cellphone chargers, ovens, sleeping bags…. My mom and I were talking about this a few days ago in relation to the nuclear issues in Japan.

    Container gardening, canning, sewing, etc. A frontier mindset will come in handy.

    ‘Mission creep’ is what happens when the military goes into a theater with one issue and ends up fighting a war against the people they were supposed to be ‘helping’ or ‘protecting’ or liberating. Aaarrgghhh!


    GoldenAh: Today, we have the “supermoon”. A celestial object 7% closer to the earth, and it is FULL. I was driving home today and saw it: huge! and reddish!

    People are clearly losing their minds.

    Back in 2003 on March 19, George Bush declared war on Iraq. Yet, here we go again launching bombs on another country. If / When Obama runs for re-election, “WTF?” certainly will be his legacy. Hilary wanted this onslaught, she got her wish. And she has no intention of hanging around. Evil.

    This all makes me very uneasy.

    Now that you mentioned solar flashlights, the ultimate emergency supply could be camping gear.

    Thank you, Southland Diva. 😀

  3. This is exactly why I read the infowars website.Some of the stuff they say is crazy but a some of it makes sense and could literally save your life.Read up on AfricCom y’all.I think AfricCom is part of the reason America is going into Libya and it’s gonna get worse over there and here.

    I also believe that many of these natural disasters aren’t so natural.The way we have been ruining the planet has something to do with this.I’m still reading up on HAARP and those fema camps to see what that’s all about.

    Nations play dirty and lie all the time to get what they want and dominate each other.

    I hate to be a conspiracy theorist but keep in mind that many theories have proven to be true over the years.If the government can give people small pox and syphilis why wouldn’t we believe that they may give people other diseases.I believe in personal responsibility and accountability but any government,like any person,is capable of being corrupt.

    GoldenAh: Well, the World Government is an ideal that a lot of our politicians, statists, “intellectuals”, and non-profit organizations are driving us towards. That’s why they’re all for open borders to the country and a police state in every aspect of our lives. Their goal is to take US Citizenship, strip it of value, and make our standard of living as low as the third or non-industrial world. Why do you think they’re untroubled by the amount of debt and deficits they’re running up?

    They’ve been telling us what they want, and haven’t been shy about it. The mainstream media tells us what their corporate masters feed them. It’s interesting when you view various sources of news how different the stories are.

    Plus, ever notice that terrorists never attack the gatherings of rich people? Who do you think is funding them? The purpose of terrorists is to keep the middle class passive and dependent sheeple who willingly vote for oppressive politicians (and laws).

    Today, we have a President who ignores the US Constitution. He did say before he ran that he had a problem with it. Apparently. It’s an old inconvenient document to him.

    I realize our government never wants to leave North Africa or the (Middle) East. It’s in the long term interests of certain people to stay there, so they’ll use whatever excuse they can find – like Libya.

    We’ve seen in the past what they’re capable of; it’s not paranoia to distrust them. Looking after our well being is imperative.

    Thanks for stopping by, Truth P. 😀

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