NSFW: Dave Chapelle – Black Bush

Prescient. And rather hilarious.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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Short Version

Short Version


“The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.”

Barack Obama, 2007.

Congressman Kucinich Is Upset With President Obama


4 thoughts on “NSFW: Dave Chapelle – Black Bush”

  1. I’m glad he quit his show, too cause he was becoming very coonish imho.

    GoldenAh: I totally agree. There was nothing left to be funny about.

  2. I met Dave Chappelle while he was attention whoring with his Blasian kids and wifey clogging up the streets of downtown San Francisco on their skateboards. Went right up to him punched him in the arm and said Dave mother F’ing Chappelle. He was cool too bad I forgot to ask him why he kept using the N word on his show all of the damn time. And the body language of his Asian wife was that of low self esteem, downcast eyes, sad face slumped shoulders…

    GoldenAh: Nice. Whenever I see famous people, outside of brief eye contact, I pretend I don’t see them. 😀

    Wayne Brady has an Asian wife, maybe that’s why he and Dave seemed to form a connection with each other. I thought he was funny in a Richard Pryor sort of way. Although profanity starts to irk me after a bit. I figured when he walked away from the show, he used good judgment in knowing when to quit and not wearing out his welcome.

  3. There are no good comedians left. They are all gone. I blame Def Comedy Jam for killing them off.
    Isn’t Chris Rock still around? I’m not a fan, but I know plenty of people who are, and they would say he’s among the greats. Can’t say I agree, but different strokes and all.

    I didn’t truly know and appreciate Dave Chappelle until he pulled the plug. I didn’t watch his show when it aired, but I’ve watched several of his clips on Youtube. What I liked about Dave (based on what I’ve seen of his stand-up and the show):

    He didn’t have to be loud to be funny (nothing against loudness, per se, just that I don’t think it’s inherently funny)

    I vaguely remember him speaking out about black male comedians’ cross-dressing for “comedy,” how ridiculous it was, and how he would never do it

    That HE decided when to pull the plug, and he hasn’t been reduced to desperately clinging to the coattails of relevancy by doing dumb movies (side-eye to Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, and the like).

    Anyhoo, he was indeed prescient. I just heard that President Obama has officially announcement his bid for re-election. No comment.

    GoldenAh: Oh yeah, yeah, I forgot about Chris Rock! 🙂 He annoys, but he makes good points once in a while. I saw Good Hair. Totally unnecessary film. I don’t like that he spent close to two hours mocking black women while pretending it’s an edutainment vehicle for his daughters.

    I liked when Chappelle brought on Wayne Brady. That was truly funny. I liked both of them for that.

    Have a good Monday, Daphne. 🙂

  4. I absolutely love Dave Chappelle. Say what you will.

    He was a great social commentator for his times- in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. He was on target with so many things. And one of his comedic/social commentary gems that I love and still even quote;
    “The test in life for a MAN is a WOMAN. The test in life for WOMEN is RESOURCES”…..

    And ladies this is so so very true. Break it all down and that is IT exactly..and the test maker is God. God set this game up from the beginning to ensure that the earth would be populated and that His glories would go on and on.

    Who would have ever guessed that Dave Chappelle’s observations and the Eternal Plan could be spelled all out in such a short but accurate statement!!

    GoldenAh: There are no good comedians left. They are all gone. I blame Def Comedy Jam for killing them off.

    I respect Dave Chappelle for knowing when to pull the plug. At the point he could have returned, he realized something wasn’t working (the jokes were losing their proper sting) and stepped away. Great call.

    And a good monday morning to you, MsMellody. 😀

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