Rapunzalima, Rapunzalima Let Down Your Weave

Went out to a mall a few miles away with my Mother. It’s always a challenge when I go out to eat. At this particular chain (TGI Fridays), they provide no information on their website as to how many calories their food has. It was the only eatery I could find on my GPS, otherwise I would have gone somewhere else.

However, their Vanilla Bean Cheesecake is deadly. It has to be about 600-870 plus calories. It tasted sooooooo damn good. I wont be eating something like that again until next year. It’s that dangerous.

After roaming the parking lot for an inordinate amount of time, we finally find a decent spot. We head inside the “restaurant”. I’m very fussy about where I sit. The seater / host / whatever they’re called asks if we want to sit in a booth next to this couple.

Welcome to the Jungle

I just don’t like sitting close to anyone. I mean, half the restaurant was empty, why sit up under anybody?

So, I said, “No, I like being near the window.” For me, that was that.

We walk past the couple. I hear someone snort? laugh? grunt? in disdain. Okay.

After we’re seated, I glance briefly at the source of the snuffling and huffling out of curiosity.

It’s a Shaniqua* with her “man” (I suppose) L’Trellmont.* She’s totally on the hostility tip. Glaring and staring.

Alrighty, then! Last time I can recall such animosity was over a decade ago. I decide not to look at her again: no point in feeding the animal.

I head off to the ladies room to wash my hands. Can I say, I hate dirty, stinking restrooms? Wow. That place was nasty. Never again!

Upon returning to my seat, I start playing with my shoulder-length twists. I’m shaking, and flipping, my hair off of my face. I’m twirling them. Oh, yeah. Just having fun. Can’t keep my hands out of my hair.

A little while later, I overhear the Shaniqua bark, “Bitch.” Oh wow, it’s that serious is it?

Rapunzalima, Rapunzalima Let Down Your Weave

Finally, they are leaving. Oh wait, she’s leaving.

I finally get a good look at the back of her. She’s not very tall (no offense to the vertically challenged among us). She’s got a very, very long weave styled to look like it belongs on the Disney character Princess Jasmine. Even the blouse looked similar.

Yet, L’Tremont is still at the table long after she’s walked – pardon – sashayed out the door. Did the child even know he wasn’t watching her? He’s staring at me. I raise my eyebrows. He continues to stare. It’s that kind of look.

Folks are so weird these days. Seriously? She thinks I would want him? Did he think I’m interested?

What in the world?

I turn back to my Mom, and tell her about the little non-interaction with these people. She’s surprised.

I shrug, and laugh. Maybe if little girl wasn’t huffing and puffing so much her guy wouldn’t have noticed me. She should have realized – if you want to keep his eyes on you, and the waist length weave, do not bring his attention to another woman with natural hair that you perceive as long.

All that drama. And for what?

I really was complimented by the silly. I didn’t realize I was worthy of so much attention. I’m almost old enough to be the little girl’s Momma, but that never stops the stupidity, does it?

* I don’t know these people’s names. I just made them up. But there is something shared, in looks and behavior, by the people who’ve shown me hostility in the past. So, don’t be offended if this is your actual name(s).


3 Replies to “Rapunzalima, Rapunzalima Let Down Your Weave”

  1. Oh, wait. My scroll hid your little red footnote; I didn’t see it after I commented.

    The only problem now is that when I see L’Trellmont’s boys, Tyrone and LeQuan, acting out in public, I’m going to remember L’Trellmont’s name and my eyes are going to water trying to keep myself from laughing out loud.


    GoldenAh: That name came to mind, because I’m almost always amused when I see these guys. πŸ˜€

  2. Oh, honey…I could tell you some stories! πŸ˜‰

    I’ve had similar experiences. It’s effed up when women treat one another like this. Why do sistas want to fight over these no-count fools?

    She was obviously insecure because you have natural hair while she was wearing some fake stuff…and it still didn’t keep her man from looking at you!

    And you’re right that age doesn’t matter. Some people just have no class. I’ve had older women act real nasty with me and I’ve had younger women do the same. Shoot, my mama still deals with that mess because at 54 years old she is still gorgeous.

    But like you, she is very confident and it doesn’t bother her at all. πŸ˜‰

    GoldenAh: All that you’ve said is true. πŸ™‚ I really was taken aback. I may sound a little vain, but I’m really a low key woman (sorta nerdy). But all that attitude from the girl, and over what? I don’t get the insta-hate. I really don’t.

    Anyway, some of my pictures are here: http://bettychambers.com/?page_id=157

    My last hair photo was back in November: http://bettychambers.com/?p=1033

    I don’t measure or check the length anymore, I just try to take care of it. Well, I hope when I get into my 50s I still look good. πŸ™‚

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