Natural Hair: Slicking It Back

I like this look. It’s easy to maintain and great for hair of all lengths and types. Although I can’t pull a brush through my hair like that. 🙂

I’m a subscriber to MsVCharles’s YouTube channel, because of her demeanor and attitude: very cheerful.

BTW, Peace and Blessings on this Good Friday. 😀


2 thoughts on “Natural Hair: Slicking It Back”

  1. Thank you Miss Betty for hipping me to this! I wear my hair in Senegalese twists, but I have to take them out a few days before my appointment and WHAT TO DO in between. This is the news I can use …

    GoldenAh: You are welcome! I love these kind of YouTube clips. The ladies are so creative, and they save us the bother of trial and error, you know? 😀

  2. I wear relaxed hair, but it’s great that women who want to go natural have so many Youtube resources! I won’t be relaxed forever, and I’ve watched some videos and have gotten some great tips.

    Plus, the Youtube videos remind me how many gorgeous black women there are! I want MsV
    Charles’ eyebrows, lol.

    GoldenAh: I’ve seen some incredible heads of hair from women who relax once or twice a year. My sister-in-law is one of them.

    I also found a number of good clips regarding makeup for different complexions – using concealers, foundation and what-not. I’m usually clueless and I love this kind of information.

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