Altima 2007

I took these pictures at the New York Auto Show last year. This car has been available for quite some time. I’ve seen a number of people driving one.

I have the old 2002 model, which is still running rather well. I’m aiming to wait a decade before I buy a new one….

Geez, I wish I could buy the new one.

I want them to work the kinks out first. I ran out and bought the new model, thinking it’d be trouble free. After all the repairs, and recalls, I was like: I’m waiting until they get the new model working right, before I jump in.

Once bitten, I am twice as shy.

I like the Altima 2007, because it has all the features that I care about: sleek look, navigation system, extremely adjustable seating, lumbar support (I don’t get backaches with my car), a plug / jack for external audio (finally!), and a number of options – a much bigger engine for one!!!

Hell, I may go down for a test drive anyway….