Rant: To People Who Compare Every Politically Incorrect Expression or Treatment to "the Blacks"

Stop it right now.

Stop those trite, irritating, and annoying expressions of “Well, it is like doing X against the blacks,” or “Well, it is like using the N-word to describe group Y,” or the all time favorite, “Group Z going through this discrimination is like doing this to the blacks.”

For real though, those declarations do not make any sense at all. If the offense is that serious, then the blacks do not need to be dragged into the discussion.

The history of black people(s) in the diaspora is not short, simple, and it is not a convenient, slick, back of the envelope example of discrimination and suffering for other groups to use.

We are not a trick bag of goodies for others to use and (mis)appropriate when convenient.

Some folks may not mind, but I do. My suggestion: Use your own damn history. Compile and relate your own pertinent examples of discrimination, suffering, and intolerance. People will understand. People will respect you for it. People will be able to picture your complaints and take them seriously.

Right now, whenever I hear “the blacks“, whatever support I may have had for your position(s) gets negated to zip, zero, and zilch. It drops down into “I could not care less” category.

It Is Not Logical

Using “the blacks” to exemplify discrimination will not work, because it is not a correct logical construct to compare it to using the word “retarded”, being a woman, blind, deaf, dumb, alcoholic, mentally disabled, physically disabled, a drug addict, a fat ugly white woman, a senior citizen, a homosexual, lesbian, or whatever group feels they have a problem.

You know why the comparisons do not make any sense? Aside from the coalition of fat ugly white women, black people are also women, senior citizens, mentally disabled, blind, deaf dumb, etc.

Default Normalcy

Saying “the blacks” is deliberately erasing our complexity and humanity. When the slaves were emancipated, and freedmen got the vote, only black men could vote (in theory, since Jim Crow closed that door). Yet, all the time, I see idiots, especially in the media, saying “the blacks” got the vote when slavery ended. Black women could not vote until all women, excepting Native Americans at the time, were granted suffrage.

Some of you assume everyone’s default for man is a white man. Some of you assume everyone’s default for woman is a white woman. This thinking is about seeing whiteness as normal, and blackness as abnormal. It is so automatic, no one stops to think why they do it. It makes as much sense as this sentence: women and minorities. Translation: white women and others. Are minorities not women too?

That is why some of you folks love to associate every group that might be outcast, abnormal, dysfunctional, disrespected, or whatever as “the blacks.”

Get it clear, not all of us has a world view where we are a minority, secondary, subordinate, a permanent victim group, or inferior to anyone

So, shut up already.

Next time you find yourself in a search of a short hand narrative, leave “the blacks” out of it.

Put the trick bag of missappropriating black people’s culture, history, gender, and identity down. Go free ride on the back of some other group.


4 thoughts on “Rant: To People Who Compare Every Politically Incorrect Expression or Treatment to "the Blacks"”

  1. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Plus its disingenuous at best. Most of these special interest groups know that drawing on the legacy of the “black” experience is a good way get sympathy.

    Another surprising side effect to this kind of language is support from blacks. Interest groups come to the black population (and poor)to supplement their ranks when they can’t come to a cohesive solution *cough* feminism *cough*.

    GoldenAh: Thank you for the compliment, Densie79. The misappropriation of black history by some of these groups doesn’t even include knowing the history or respecting it. It simply serves as short hand verbal tactic for getting their way. And the comparisons can be ridiculous with no basis in reality or logic. Very unfortunate.

  2. I hate that myself. What used to annoy me and still does is when I would talk about black issues/plight etc. and someone would say What about this group or that group or What about women. I said well honey that’s solved I’m black and a woman.lol But the one that got me rolling was a discussion and some of the commenters went on the what about Native Americans they went through this and that etc. and a Native American guy in the discussion said what about us? Why don’t you bring up your own history, plights?

    GoldenAh: We’re political talking points for people who don’t even see us as human beings. It’s always expressed as the blacks this, the blacks that. They need to cut that nonsense.

    If only our fake-ass black leaders had some sense they’d tell the media and others to stop it, but they lack any self-respect to begin with.

    Thanks for the feedback, Amanada. 😀

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