Dear Pepsico,

Please note: I did send this note, via email.

I just heard an ad for your “Refresh Project” and the music of John Mayer, “Waiting.” Is your advocacy also endorsing the words of a racist / sexist bigot? Is David Duke a part of your “Refresh Project” as well?

You hypocrites can drop Tiger Woods, but you let a racist / sexist bigot continue to be a part of your “Refresh” campaign.

I see that as long as you have an overriding phony “good image” to push at us minorities you will keep playing the music of this racist / sexist bigot and tell us that everything is fine.

As far as I am concerned that is not good enough. If he had said offensive things about Jews, you people would not be playing his music, or using any product tie-ins with this man.

Your own racist / sexist hypocritical double-standards are noted and not appreciated. Words wound and money will not wipe the slate clean here. Actions speak louder than words.

I don’t want to hear that John Mayer is endorsed by you people. Drop him from your campaign now.

How about finding some decent people to push your products to the young and sensitive people of the world instead of an ugly racist / sexist spouting bigot?

You people need to try better next time.

Also, don’t send me any corporate-speak blather about how you’re doing okay in spite of having an offensive racist and sexist bigot to tie-in market your products with.

It will never pass the smell test.

Please note: I did send this note, via email.


I realize that a massive junk-food tax, on potato chips, soda, sugary carbonated drinks, and the like, would be an excellent, life-affirming and health improving change for everyone. This is a serious matter, which will effect the health of millions and provide funding for schools, fill state budget gaps, and the like.

It is time I write and let my representatives in the government know that I support this issue.

If you’d like to reach them:
1) Contact Form –
2) Contact Page with all links –

Updated: 3/12/2010

I have heard the new ad. It sounds more “inclusive” and does not include what’s-his-face music.


3 thoughts on “Dear Pepsico,”

  1. I guess I am a complete moron because I have forgiven John Mayer and still adore him immensely. It tears me up internally, I cannot lie. Sometimes, you cannot help who you fancy.

    GoldenAh I forgot all about that person. He’s free to say what he likes. But the wicked shouldn’t prosper by hurting others.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  2. This local rock radio station I listen to never plays JM music, but played this Pepsi ad with it. I got so mad, I went to Pepsico's website(s) and fired off the email.

    No campaign on my part, I just sent it in.

    Take what you need. No one even has to ask on this one.

  3. Do you mind if I use your letter to start a signature campaign or have you done that already!!

    This is great – I rarely pay attention to commercials so I missed this one!

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