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  1. @ Oshun

    Yes..I definitely understand your shock and horror at this glamorization of the lower class club lifestyle.

    The very idea that people from other countries only take in and synthesize what they see on MTV, Youtube, BET, VH1 and the like. Just the very idea that THEY think this is the TOTALITY of Black culture..is just shocking in this day and age. ….And yet this is exactly the way some BWs present as well as BMs present to the world.

    And yet WE all know that there is a full spectrum of the world available to BWs who strive to get OUT of the BC..the all black enclave where we all know behavior – as caricatured in this video – like this is exalted by some as being the “quote-unquote” genuine black.

    And for those who come to blogs like this to read and dissect – I say “quote -unquote” in the thinly veiled ambiguous way to potray my disdain for this way of life.

    So, yes Oshun..I too am shocked that this is going on in the days following the First black woman as Secretary of State – Condoleeza Rice..the first Black kids to run through the halls of the White House as their living quarters..the First Black President ( regardless of his anti-business policies…) the very idea that there is a “subculture” catering business like “Black Lifestyle” in Japan with devotees like this…is…just much too much.

  2. Welcome back Betty! Missed you much! 🙂


    I am trying not to throw up at that vid. Ok, this is not “Black Lifestyle”, but a lower class black subculture they are mimicking.

    Perhaps a letter writing/email campaign is in order to make them recognize that this is not us and they need to be careful of their labels – to further delineate the separation?

    I say glamorize and mimick away. It is a subculture. I don’t care what happens to the cretins that created this trash. I hope it all comes back to bite all the woman hating negroes in the butt. There are already new school white MCs thinking they can call ni@@@s ni@@@s – so good luck to all of them with that.

    What I do not like is this, and this may not be the right word, appropriation, co-option of the Black woman’s image whether she be working class or lower class or not. What is up with these folks and thinking that that is ok?? First some WW do it on the sly and now this mess? Is this everyday black face? I am feeling some type of way about this and it is not good.

    GoldenAh: Missed you too Oshun! You always did provde great insight.

    And I’m stealing your comments for the new post. 😀

  3. Just popping in briefly to say hey-hey-hello!

    GoldenAh: Hello Faith! {{waving}} Great to hear from you. Glad you’re still blogging. 😀

    I saw a while ago you were taking someone to the woodshed. Promiscuity only benefits men (and rather barely). Guys who act like women don’t have the right to their own bodies are creeps, no matter how much they couch their language in left wing liberal feminist speech. 😀

  4. Hello Again Betty!!

    One of the many reasons I am glad that you are back is that your blog is read by a younger audience than myself – predominantly.

    This of course is a guess that I am making and I hope that is a complimentary guess as well. I am well past the age of consumption (lol!!), and I enjoy reading the stories about the younger and us older bw’s who have been both inspired and empowered by your writings as well as Evia,Khadijia,Zabeth,Lorraine and the many IR blogs.
    That being said – these blogs are what brought to my attention the idea of how we as bw’s are perceived on the global stage. Well over 3 years now these ideas have stayed front and center in my mind as I go about my day interacting and impressing upon others that bw are well aware of the “unwritten social contract” of interaction, manners, demeanor, proper social etiquette etc.


    GoldenAh: I’ve excised some of the comments, since MsMellody asked for a post on a new topic.

    I am happy to oblige. 🙂

    And here’s the new post: Black Culture As Defined by the Japanese


  5. Hurray!!!
    So glad to see that you are back!!


    GoldenAh: I am humbled by your enthusiasm, but it makes me realize how much I miss chatting with all of you ladies (and gentlemen) about everything… 🙂

  6. Glad to see you back,GoldenAh!

    GoldenAh: Thank you! I hope we can have fun with many mischievous topics in the future. 🙂

  7. Yippee!! I am glad you’re back. 🙂
    I hope all is well.

    GoldenAh: Yeah, when life calls, you gotta hang everything else up. 😀

    Everything is good. I’m a control freak – wouldn’t have it any other way.

  8. Welcome back! What’s new? I received a promotion at work, so yay!

    How are you, Goldenah?

    GoldenAh: [Pulling out a Vuvuzela and blowing it => http://youtu.be/YpXN8BvGp_o%5D

    Yay! Awesome. You go girl!! 🙂 Show ’em who’s in charge.

    I am good. Heading for great. Got some tweaking to do here: the links, etc. I’ve promised myself not to hold back on topics; I’ll go with what suits my mood at the moment.

    Wonderful to hear from you, Daphne. And congratulations!

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