July 4th and the Family Visits

I have two older brothers. I am the only girl and last child. I’m not a brat, but I’ve done what I wanted for as long as I can recall. Doesn’t mean I wasn’t punished when I was bad.

Both brothers live in southern states, so when they visit it’s a long trip to get up here. They pull in 12-15 hours of driving.

Holidays like July 4th, December 25th and New Year’s Eve are days I dislike the most. Why? Expectations don’t mesh with reality.

I believe the media has us trained with an expectation to experience certain emotions during these days, and if it doesn’t happen – then one is not normal. Or you are missing out on the greatest feelings and events that should be happening in your life. Oh happy happy joy joy!

Hey, that probably explains the high rates of suicides during the Holidays. There is a social pressure of making folks feel left out of the “fun” and it is cruel. Not everyone has a large family, a lot of friends or even any friends.

And before the over-commercialized unnatural consumeristic lifestyles got ahold of people, these events were enjoyed without such religiosity. (Sorry, it was the only word that came to mind.)

If you are a misanthropic curmudgeon such as myself Holidays aren’t a joy to behold. Family reunions don’t excite. And being without company is a joy to behold.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore my family. I just like seeing them outside of the socially dictated calendar events. I see ’em when I see ’em, I don’t need artificial exuberance to enjoy their company.

Enjoy America’s birthday.