Wayne Brady vs Bill Maher: How a Good Brotha Fights A Bad White Man

He does it by talking about the black women (of questionable repute) that the “bad white man” dates.

Say What?

Apparently, Wayne Brady (WB) got plenty tired of Bill Maher (BM) using his name to lament President Obama not being hardcore or thuggish enough to suit him. Perhaps both should search YouTube for that video remake of a Waka Flocka rap where President Obama is as thug-like as they want him to be. It is so funny. Not.

In an interview with the tall, black and beautiful Aisha Taylor (whose husband is white), Wayne Brady utters some of the following (excerpted from Mediaite):

“I’ve had Bill Maher twice now when referencing Obama, [sic] he’s like ‘yeah, with your Wayne Brady’ — it’s a diss to Obama to be called me,” Brady explained to Tyler on her podcast this week, noting that Maher wanted a “brother brother.” Accusing Maher of only having the “particular black experience” of “fuck[ing] black hookers,” he explained that he did not confront Maher usually because “if I would have gone on his show or even doing it online, I’m not going to win, he still has his platform.”

But Brady explained that Maher was wrong to think of Brady as somehow not “black enough.” “I’m not saying I’m really badass but, if Bill Maher has his perception of what’s black wrapped up, I would gladly slap the shit out of Bill Maher in the middle of the street, and then I want to see what Bill Maher would do.” He explained that he wouldn’t actually do this “because I’d get sued and lose my house and its not worth it for me, but the black man part of me would be so satisfied to slap the shit out of him in front of Coco and Ebony and Fox, the three ladies of the night that he has hired.”

It Is Such An Epic Smackdown

Lemme tell you something, Wayne Brady is essentially a “good brotha”. See how bad-ass this man is? He uses a lot of profanity. He talks about Bill Maher’s sex life. He’s showing us he can be street. Keepin’ it real. What a profile in courage. Courage! I tell you.

  • WB does not ask BM to invite him onto his show for a man-to-man showdown. Nope. Instead, he makes these comments on a podcast with a relatively well-known black woman (who’s married to a white man) to talk smack about BM’s sex life with “black hookers”.
    • This tactic looks familiar, a “good black man” (married to a non-black woman) runs to a black woman to talk about a white man’s sex life. There’s just too much mess here to unpack.
  • WB does not ask BM to invite him onto his show for a man-to-man showdown. WB admits he would not win, since BM would get the last word. Apparently, BM is so very all-powerful. Does WB think we’re supposed to believe it is simply by virtue of getting the last word? In this age of social media?
    • One of the most “powerful / popular” people on Facebook is George Takei (a.k.a Mr. Sulu). Nearly everybody can get a last word in.
  • WB falls into role playing a wanna-be-thug anyway, just to convince others that he is not an emasculated, weak, well-behaved, white accommodating negro. Then he proceeds to talk about himself – nearly in 3rd person for additional distancing – just to express his desire to smack BM. Is he afraid of going to jail if he made the threat directly?
    • I get that he’s joking. But it was funny when he did it on Chappelle’s Show.
  • Why does WB make black women (they are still human beings – I know a lot of people forget this) part of the focal point in his courageous blasting of BM? Since when is smacking a white man in front of black women (for whom WB obviously has no respect for) something to be in awe of? They are already denigrated for being black women.
    • Why bring them into his diss of BM? Because at the end of the day, he is the emasculated, weak, well-behaved, white accommodating negro he’s referenced as.

They Can Never Put Their Egos Aside

I know some of us love misdirection, and will think this topic is about Bill Maher or the “type” of women he likes to be seen in public with. I’m looking at the composition of what one man said about another. I expected a direct man-to-man retort, but that – in my eyes – never occurred.

Somehow a “good brotha” decided that the best way to insult a “bad white man” inevitably involved black women and sex. (And this topic is an old one.)

Don’t be fooled by the “black hooker”, “black prostitute” or “black women are easy” talk. You and I know some negroes never make a distinction when it comes to black women (as prostitutes), white men (as exploiters) and sex (always purchased, never about love).  Their goal is to continually promote this negative, tainted image.

“Good black men” or “good brothas” like to pretend that their sex / relationships with non-black women is about uplifting liberation, real love and reclaiming “black male pride” as reigning penis-champions, whereas black women are eternally debased sex slaves to all non-black men. And any man who tangles with us, no matter how low he is, will sink even further down.

You cannot ever win – the freedom to date whomever you like – if you ever give an inch to this type of argument and logic. Especially when used to serve the extremely fragile ego of a black male defending himself from a white man.

A Simple Rule of Thumb: Keep Black Women Out of It

If a “good brotha” is having a fight with a “bad white man” – let us all step far back and way way out of reach. ‘Cause when the fists start swinging – the “good black man”  is gonna end up punching black women in the face whilst pretending he couldn’t touch the “bad white man”. Somehow it’ll be because he keeps missing his target.

Yet, the truth is: he was always aiming for the black woman….


Yahoo artice: WB vs BM

Mediaite article: WB vs BM


53 thoughts on “Wayne Brady vs Bill Maher: How a Good Brotha Fights A Bad White Man”

  1. Aaaaaand the backlash has begun. Please notice the time that this Gawker piece was written…July 9, 2012 5:28 pm.

    That means this story ( or even Betty blogging about it here ) has had time to percolate and get picked up and bandied about.

    The social media has slowly awakened from it’s sleep…and …wait for it…I am expecting a backpedal in 5…4…3…2…


    GoldenAh: I bet Bill Maher probably has thought of inviting him onto his show, but BradyWayne is too much of a coward to pick up the phone. {{Snicker}}

  2. Hi Golden Ah 🙂 Been lurking your site for a few months, I love your writing. I can’t say I’m too surprised Wayne Brady revealed his true colors. I’ve noticed BM who have traits of the “Good BM” (well spoken,”nice”,employed, prefers non/BW, or is “single by choice” even with kids etc.) ALWAYS SLIP. ALWAYS. I thought I was taking crazy pills at first when seemingly “Good BM” in my personal life (and celebrities) would vomit random anti-BW propaganda. Guys like WB are constantly seething inside. The “Good BM” is synonymous with Dr.Jekyll/Mr.Hyde. WB confronting Bill M. directly would probably just be a reenactment of Toure’s humiliation at the hands Pierce Morgan (of all people lol). They’re only able to “confront” WM indirectly. Lame! As for Bill M. comments on Obama’s and Brady’s blackness, some dumb non-black folk will always be working for the Acting Black Crew. You’d think WB (and most black people) would have mentally diagnosed these people as TERMINALLY BORING and directed their energy elsewhere, but being offended is such a natural response now as well directing all venom at BW *sigh*. Ah, about Dave Chapelle: I always thought the Training Day parody was funny but Chapelle is a hypocrite for teasing WB’s blackness. I mean Chapelle himself grew up in an upper middle class environment, is a college graduate, and married an Asian woman as well. He got rich coonifying black people and relied on the same race jokes over and over again. Then he suddenly became all black power after he kinda understood his wealth was based on coonifying black people, freaked out, went Africa “to find himself” and then hired Paul Mooney to insult white people. Talk about overcompensating! lol I don’t mean to get off topic but the BM comedian lamenting his oppression, going to Africa or seeing “the truth”, becoming “proud” of his blackness is a pretty common pathology. It’s always confused me. Don’t say I didn’t warn you when we see Wayne in a dashiki next month with his new non-BW. As for Aisha Tyler, I like her on Archer but I have to remind myself that most BW haven’t been deprogrammed and still want to appear support a “brotha” no matter what. With that I’ll end my rambling lol Once again,glad to see you writing again.

    GoldenAh: Hello, samadhi101 – thanks for joining the conversation. 🙂

    We pretty much know what to expect from the DBR or dysfunctional among us. It’s the “good guys” we have to watch carefully. It’s a shame, but as you say, you start to wonder if you’re hallucinating when they go off. That’s why I use the phrase “Purple Unicorns”. A solid, stalwart and normal “good brotha” is truly a rare find. Better off looking at non-black men, I mean they got their dysfunctional men, but at least it’s easier to find the normal guys – there’s simply a lot more of them.

    And thank you for adding that info. about Chappelle’s background. I had no idea. You just gave a complete and comprehensive breakdown on the kind of madness these guys suffer from. Excellent and insightful input. Not off-topic at all. (And “single by choice” even with kids – was a hilarious line… I’ve met those guys too.)

    These “black” comedians always try to follow in the footsteps of Richard Pryor (right down to the trip to Africa). But Pryor had honesty going for him. He admitted to his flaws. What I liked about him is that he was able to tell a story even from the woman’s point of view. He’d talk about the ridiculous lies men would tell women just to get over. (I have the Best of Richard Pryor on my iPod, and he still makes me laugh.)

  3. Faux Brady is showing his behind. He is such a coward to hide behind, “. . . if I would have gone on his show or even doing it online, I’m not going to win, he still has his platform.” Yet, Faux Brady will diss a sista at every turn to make himself look like a real man.

    I don’t know who Buckhead Maher has slept with; but both Faux Brady and Buckhead Maher do not have any respect for Black women. I could give a rat’s ass about either jerk. However, when Faux Brady fakes chutzbah because of the color of his skin and rocks between his legs, I laugh out loud! Both Faux and Buckhead need to sit their sorry asses down somewhere. >>>NEXT>>>

    GoldenAh: I had some respect for Wayne, because I thought he knew better. Maher only mentioned his name twice. I mean, is he really that sensitive? And as Faith says, They are both comedians. Wayne can’t take a joke? Really?

    They both need to sit down is right.

  4. He needs more people. Admitting you are throwing rocks from a distance because you know you will get knocked out if you go closer isnt winning you any points dude. Wayne Brady is cheesetastic. He wouldnt have a “career” if he wasnt. He needs to accept what he is and leave the fake thug business alone.

    Why even mention the so called type of woman that Bill Maher dates. He is casting a wide net. But we all know what you mean Wayne, any Black woman is a hoe, or slut if she dates a non-Black guy. I mean she is even if she doesnt, right Wayne? Thats why you got abused and jerked by your Asian former wife, as per the usual in these situations you got wallet raped. Bah at these simpletons.

    I always disliked Aisha Tyler, she is so corny to me. Like one of those Black women who try so hard to act stereotypically Black. This just proves my ill will towards her valid.

    GoldenAh: OMG. I love that word: cheesetastic. I was rolling at work when I read this. 😀

    You are so on the money with this. That’s why I am done with the black ho stuff. Done.

  5. Why in the world is WB calling out BM in the first place? WB would NEVER go on BM’s show because BM would talk circles around him. BTW, WB needs to shut up with his slut shaming. So what if BM dates strippers, they’re people too.

    BM’s former show was called “Politically Incorrect” and he got kicked off ABC because of a comment he made after 9/11; and he took A LOT of flack for that; now he’s on HBO. I don’t like everything BM says, but at least he’s funny. WB hasn’t been funny for…heck, I don’t think he’s ever been funny.

    GoldenAh: I used to watch PI on ABC too. Bill is very quick witted, but overall he just does NOT care. I think it’s nearly impossible to really insult him.

    That’s why I was thinking that if Wayne was going to take him on he needed stronger (and smarter) stuff. Instead, he just comes across as … scared. He made Bill seem like someone he should be frightened of.

    I’ve been reading this expression on the internets, which is so appropriate: If you’re going after the King make sure you kill him dead…. 🙂

  6. This tactic looks familiar, a “good black man” (married to a non-black woman) runs to a black woman to talk about a white man’s sex life. There’s just too much mess here to unpack.

    Why does WB make black women (they are still human beings – I know a lot of people forget this) part of the focal point in his courageous blasting of BM? Since when is smacking a white man in front of black women (for whom WB obviously has no respect for) something to be in awe of? They are already denigrated for being black women.
    Why bring them into his diss of BM? Because at the end of the day, he is the emasculated, weak, well-behaved, white accommodating negro he’s referenced as.

    Hi Goldenah/Betty!!!!

    Your analysis of the issues and subtle sub-issues has me in awe this early morning!!

    I did not know a single thing about this podcast/Youtube exchange. And finding out about it here has been an eyeopener. To say the least , I am very familiar with Dave Chappel’s routine/video about “WB”. I found it far too hilarious in that context. But to see that WB has taken this defeated stance in the face/social media presence of BM (Bill Maher) is sad sad sad.

    In reality my humble opinion is that WB does NOT want to anger/displease the powerful powers that be over at CBS media. In reality I think that there is NOOOOOO possible way WB is going to dent his media image as a wholesome game show host- comedian – capable of hosting the emmys the tonys the golden globes the oscars etc for a media skirmish with the likes of uber Left winger BM.

    Following the money trail….following the money trail.

    P.S. with that said I find it highly suspect that Aisha Tyler would get in the middle of this with her “comeback” of sorts being at the round table of CBS’s all woman catering to the suburban mom talk fest. Very suprising. There may be a little bit of blowback from this…I hope not..because for anyone to lose a gig over this especially black people is not something I want to see. Meaning – these black people could do a better job of using their talents and protecting and uplifting the “brand” of having the same melanin.

    And Faith pointing out that just because she is in an irr marriage does not mean she has bw’s interest at heart was a keen insight as well.

    Keep the posts coming..I enjoy learning and exchanging…learning and exchanging.

    GoldenAh: I agree with you, MsMellody: can all these “black” people in the media who want to represent us start showing some class? I know they like to believe they are so far above us, that we’re all gutter dwelling uncouth mush-mouth morons, but most black folks are relatively “normal” and boring.

    Yet, these “black” entertainers prefer to broadcast stereotypes. I know they have a say over whether to portray us as actual humans beings or nasty low brow caricatures. It is them who prefer the low road. I find them despicable. They don’t represent us. Their portrayals of us aren’t “keeping it real”. They’re the maggots that need to clean up their act. They get extremely arrogant off a bit of a black audience (and unearned excessive support), because we’re forgiving folks who hunger so much to see “our faces” in the media.

    Frankly, I’m sick and tired of the lot. They can go hungry and starve; I don’t care anymore. I’m not obligated to support any of them. And since they cannot get their act together, I’d rather watch non-blacks all day. At least I wont have my intelligence and dignity insulted.

    I’m done with giving them a break – hoping that they’d do better eventually. I realize now that it ain’t gonna happen.

    And thanks to you and Faith for the additional back-stories about Aisha and Brady. My knowledge about some of these things is limited….

  7. Listened to the Brady/Tyler exchange on Youtube yesterday.

    Your analysis is very interesting. I was troubled by all the “Black ho” talk too. Not sure how Bill Maher’s choice of Black women, i.e., whores is related to Bill Maher using Wayne Brady as a short-hand for weak Black men.

    Good catch. If Bill Maher only dated White women, what would Brady’s retort have been to Maher’s comment?

    GoldenAh: Naw, you know a white woman could be an ex-porn star and still be a legitimate “human being” – good enough for marriage and respect. Look at women like Heidi Fleiss and all these other professional Madames who ran prostitution rings. Somebody still wanted to marry her.

    That’s why I was looking at what Brady was saying and thinking, something about his supposed diss of Maher didn’t smell right.

    I’m really tired of these people (in the media) using the word black and whore together. It’s getting to the point where we could go someplace decently dressed and people will still look at us with suspicion and disrespect. Time to kill that kind of mess.

  8. Imma just say, I was confused just *reading* the comments!


    GoldenAh: I didn’t get it the first time I read it. I was like, Oh, he’s dissing BM. Then I read it again, and got pissed.

  9. “Poor” Wayne Brady. He’s just so darn oppressed…by another comedian. Married and divorced his Asian wife. Meaning he got to choose his requisite non-black woman to make him feel as if he’s overcome his blackness…Oops I guess not! Still bitter. Being the “everyday good black man”. And Aisha gets the middle findger for continually co-signing these black boys on her podcast trashing black women. Which also proves just because a BW is in an IRR does NOT MEAN SHE’S AN ALLY TO BLACK WOMEN’S INTERESTS.

    GoldenAh: Dang! Great point. I hadn’t even considered the fact that Bill is a comedian too. Brady should “lighten” up. It’s just a joke.

    And he chose that schtick in order to become famous; he can’t drop it now. At least Jaleel White was smart enough not to be mistaken for Urkel. LOL.

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