Black Women and Asian Men: K-Pop Video with Jay Park Makes History

Sorta continuing the BW / AM theme

The following link is an article from Mauika Hicks makes K-Pop history by being the love interest and lead dancer for Jay Park (he’s American of Korean descent).

Some excerpts – the rest you’ll have to read at their site. It’s quite an informative interview.

Paulette: How does it feel to be the first African-American female lead dancer and love interest in a Kpop (Korean pop) music video (MV)?

Mauika Hicks: It’s such an honor and blessing. I’ve received so many positive messages from young African-American girls and people from all races telling me how much I have inspired them. To inspire people is all I could ever ask for. I feel so proud to be a part of history in a sense.

Paulette: When you got the part, were you aware that you broke the glass ceiling for a black woman to be in a Kpop MV?

MH: Not really. It came as quite a shock.

And this …

Paulette: Jay Park is a pretty big star. He was the lead singer in 2PM, opened for Ne-Yo, performed with MusiqSoulChild, just finished his first sold-out U.S. tour, appeared in a couple of films and the list goes on. Were you familiar with his work before being cast in the MV?

MH: I didn’t know Jay before the video. Once I booked the job, I did a little research online and realized just how big of a star he is!

Paulette: You and Jay have this amazing, off the chain chemistry in the MV. How was it working with Jay?

MH: Thank you! It was very easy working with Jay. He was very down to earth and hands-on in every aspect of the video. Sometimes it can be a challenge working with artists, but not with Jay. He was very professional and just amazing to work with!

Mauika Hicks appears at the 2:07 mark.


He’s Famous And Fearlessly Included a BW

You know how it goes in the US, when someone wants to eventually become famous – they put a couple of black faces in their videos or music. When that success has been achieved, we’re the first faces gone. Everything fades to white.

I wanted to highlight something about Jay Park: he’s already a big star. Yet, he didn’t shy away from bringing a BW into his music video – even in Korea (a country not known for embracing or being a multicultural society, obviously). He didn’t use any “scare away the fans” excuse for excluding a BW, unlike some of the hypocrites and phonies over here would.

Good on him.

Remember, Hollywood and the American Media loves to claim that our black faces will make people – around the entire world! – avoid their crappola media content if we’re front and center.

Call bull dung on it. It is their bigotry at work, not the international folks. And people will always criticize the content – that’s a given.

Last Note: How White Women Roll

We have a famous actor – from Europe – being stalked by crazy white supremacist women (along with those horseface online and print magazine editors). He dares to publicly be in a relationship with a black woman, while he is incredibly hot and rich. It is not happening before he’s famous, and he’s not hiding her like a dirty secret either.

And I bet it will not affect his career one whit.

He’s being criticized by these same Neo-Nazi bitches who will chime in “love is colorblind” on every IR forum, but only if the chick is a white woman. Otherwise, they will wonder what’s wrong with the guy, denigrate the black woman’s looks and basically go bonkers. Because every man must find them attractive, or the world is off-kilter.

Always remember these are the same people who run the media. That’s why you rarely see uplifting images of black women in a positive, attractive and alluring manner, because these people want it that way.


Links relating to this topic are welcome.


One Asian World Interview – First Black Woman as Love Interest



30 thoughts on “Black Women and Asian Men: K-Pop Video with Jay Park Makes History”

  1. belleafrique: The images seen in the media are very powerful. I always wonder why the best hollywood roles are usually given to average looking white women. Not the drop-dead-gorgeous white women. Just the average, typical looking ww.

    So true! The writer will then explain to us over and over again why the character is so “perfect” lol This is has backfired though because a LARGE number of white fans are sick and tired of Mary Sue characters. Look into any huge fandom (Twilight, Doctor Who, average romantic comedies etc.) the female character that is worshipped by fans is ALWAYS white, average and never has to prove to the audience why we should like her (the writer fullfills that role lol) Woe to anyone who tries to point out any character flaws ! Be prepared to be accused of sexism or racism lol I always wondered why the video Sh*t White Girls Say garnered such fury from WW. I mean BW are unoriginally mocked on YT constantly that we have no choice but to ignore (or flag lol) the bs but that video warranted an entire segment on Anderson Cooper because it hurt their feelings and it cast the silly ones in a bad light. Really now!

    GoldenAh: Excellent observation about Twilight and some of those other programs!

    I think that’s why I get turned off when a show that starts off interesting will suddenly have ALL kinds of men become attracted to the below-average-looking-uninteresting white female lead.

    I cannot watch anything with Kristen Stewart. I was going to see Snow White and the Huntsman, until I realize her blank-non-acting-self was starring in it. And I don’t believe for a moment, that’s she’s ever been in a real relationship with Robert Patterson – it’s all a PR stunt. That she’s sleeping with the director(s)? Yes, that I can truly believe. ‘Cause I can see that’s how she gets work.

    I’ve seen links on Facebook relating to SWGS, but I thought it was just for snorts and giggles. And WW had their feelings hurt? Really? They better toughen up, and expect more of it in the future. Everyone gets their butt busted on the Internets at some time or the other.

  2. The images seen in the media are very powerful. I always wonder why the best hollywood roles are usually given to average looking white women. Not the drop-dead-gorgeous white women. Just the average, typical looking ww.

    I realized that whether it is intended to or not, such a strategy ensures their collective survival and prosperity by ensuring that the average, typical ww is seen as desirable and marriageable. See if the average, typical ww is seen as desirable and marriageable then she and her offspring are likely to be protected and provided for.

    Meanwhile, positive portrayals of black women in the media are few, and when they do appear they just don’t look like the average,typical black woman. The hair, skin tone or even eye color usually does not look anything like that of the average, typical bw.

    On a different (but not totally unrelated) note, black people watch Gabby Douglas perform so beautifully at the olympics and then obsess about her HAIR? Seriously???
    I don’t know what ‘do’ she has on but I wonder what difference does it make?

    GoldenAh: It’s because WW demand it too, as we should too. Even though Star Trek (the reboot with Zoe Saldana and crew) was a monster success, the League of Insecure Jealous Racist White Women complained that there weren’t enough “women” in the movie. What was Zoe then? Star Trek was always a bunch of guys with one black woman in space… Hello?

    The film even had a green woman (who was obviously white) given a lot of screen time. I can think of tons of movies where there’s like one – maybe two if they’re lucky – leading white woman and you don’t hear a peep out of these wenches. They complained, because they do NOT want Zoe to be the main female attraction.

    Belleafrique, what you added ties in directly to this topic – media images of black women. Gabby is what (on average) a lot of us look like, and not even black people could handle seeing her on TV. It has to be years since we saw a young black woman take center stage like that…. I bet her haters wished she looked like Beyonce – lighter with a ten-pound weave on, then they would be satisfied. ‘Cause black people’s color struck madness has become the norm.

  3. They running scared. This “we is da hottest wimmins ever” routine is getting old and tired. Like most of their faces after 25.

    These media outlets only exist to affirm and support their questionable beauty so that even the ones at lower end of the pretty and talented scale can still get married. If it wasnt for the media pumping everyone full of this crap that white womens are sooo beautiful, those trainwrecks wouldnt stand a chance.

    And this my peoples is why the whole thing with Fassbender scares them. Since he publicly jumped ship as it were, they are nervous as to who might be next.

    Its a case of “the lady doth protest too much, methinks”. Just because they say we are not beautiful and they are, completely does not make it so. This is, as all as others said, their insecurity showing.

    They cant come for me. I know I’m the business.

    GoldenAh: “Jump ship”. LOL. Love that.

    White men who run the media are very fair to black men and a scattering of other groups of men. I mean we could see a movie where Samuel L. Jackson wears a kilt or Morgan Freeman is allowed to play a Moor in a historical flick. A black guy is almost always the stick-by-his-side best buddy of the white cop in nearly every police drama. And I’m fascinated (horrified actually) at the lengths these shows will go to ignore his wife and kids – as if he’s a black pod person with no parents, siblings or other relatives.

    Yeah, they can stop telling us Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston and some other bleached blond man-face chicks are beautiful. It diminishes the word.

  4. Hello Ladies, I see that you have mentioned Michael Fassbender and his female preference. Here is a quote from Michael that I think you’ll enjoy:

    “Physically, I am attracted to darker women. I’m not gonna lie. To me I personally find them beautiful”. – Michael Fassbender

    GoldenAh: Awesome. Good on him! That’s as valid as if he said, “I love blue-eyed blonds”, ’cause we know no one would see anything wrong with him saying that.

    He’s got great taste. 😉

    Thanks for the input, Simone.

  5. “And people got a frigging nerve to continually accuse us of being jealous of black men with white women. It’s a bizarre fantasy.”

    Hi GoldenAh!

    A bizarre fantasy indeed but I guess if I too suffered from a massive superiority complex I’d constantly feel need to tell everyone how special I was. I was thinking since prehistoric times, humans have feared anything dark, especially anything feminine and dark. When you look back at old religions, they obsessively focused on keeping deities , especially females, light skinned. Whiter skin, of course, symbolized purity and evidence of the divine *eyeroll* It’s embarrassing that after 3000 years people are still upholding the beliefs of primitive people who thought the sun died every time it set.
    Ok, I know we’re supposed to emulate whiter skinned women but when you apply cold hard facts to the notion, whiter skinned women didn’t advance civilization, their men did. The women didn’t have real power or even think about becoming innovators within any field for the most part. They were perfectly content (and still are) in being decoration. Think about it: Darker women are told to emulate lighter women whose only function is/was decoration. I really do the obsession with having a lighter complexion has slowed the progress of women as a whole. I don’t know,maybe its cause I’m a 90’s kid: it’s been drilled into my head that “if you dream it, you can do it!” and the “think big!” message has drilled into my head. I can’t imagine maintaining an ultimately USELESS status quo. BW are in the best position (maybe we’ve always been) since we’ve never directly benefitted from the status quo, we can create our own standards that involve THINKING and EVOLVING . Since white female privilege goes unchallenged, I’ve always thought feminism and “the love is color blind” for BM/non-BW only message has always been bs. Both are against thinking, evolving and are all about maintaining the status quo. I used to be weary of IRR in general since it was always focused on the suffering of WW/non-BW at the hands of the “de evil BW”. The whole thing was always about keeping WW on a pedestal and giving other WOC a chance to feel like WW, in relation BW that is *eyeroll*.
    Good for Mauicka Hicks and Jay! With the manilla folder test well in place here the US, its nice to see her talents were appreciated elsewhere. Its been awhile since I’ve seen an obviously BW in any hip hop video.

    GoldenAh: You’ve used the perfect word, “challenging”, because people who think they are slick would try to shut down the discussion with accusations of jealousy. When the reality is – if black men are celebrated for just being dark-skinned, why are black women left out of that equation? If white women are celebrated for just being pale skinned, how is it that it doesn’t negatively affect white men? We have to celebrate ourselves, embrace ourselves, and uplift ourselves. And that means not being afraid of saying once in a while, “How dark and lovely she is / I am” without people demanding we look at lighter complexions and say something just as complimentary. We live with hearing “beautiful blond” endlessly, and don’t create a ruckus over that shopworn expression.

    I think that we get labeled as “strong black women”, because that is all – what too many of us celebrate – being just that. Well, it’s time to grab womanhood, femininity, and being the ultimate woman and claim it as ours. I’m not interested in being “diverse” or sharing that platform with other women, ’cause they certainly don’t worry about us. Right? Folks only like you if you like yourself.

    And yes, Ms Hicks is very pretty.

    Great comments, Samadhi101.

  6. Thanks for sharing the video. I’m glad to see she is a good shade of brown and not selected to “blend in”.

    Tthanks for the article reference, Faith. It’s nice to see an AA woman being publicly valued. If only more people had the courage to take a stand. This bigotry would have no choice but to fail.

    GoldenAh: Yes! She’s the two-black parents black woman we need to see more of. And I’m not apologizing for saying that. I hate trying to guess what someone is, knowing they’re playing this bi-racial and mixed folks game with us. I’m not calling for the exclusion of mixed people, but I want the two-black parents black women to stay upfront and center. No replacements.

  7. Didn’t know that Fassbender was being harangued by White women for his decision to date Beharie. Didn’t know they could be jealous of us lowly Black women. Why would they care? Aren’t they the most beautiful, desirable, deserving of love women God ever created? (Yes, I’m being sarcastic!).

    I guess they’ll dance for joy if he moves on to a White woman. Or they’ll do like most Black women and not worry about “their men” dating out.

    GoldenAh: Nearly everything the media puts out is devoted to white women, and one guy dating the woman he loves sends them off the deep end. It’s beyond greedy and gross. That kind of ugliness is a bone deep sin. And people got a frigging nerve to continually accuse us of being jealous of black men with white women. It’s a bizarre fantasy. So many “famous” black male entertainers have white and other women that it’s hard to recognize the “black media” that is supposed to be just about us.

    If we have to accept IRR with BM / WW and every other BM / other woman combo, then these white women are gonna have to sit down somewhere and smell the coffee. White men have been the biggest devotees of IRR – above all other men – since forever.

    Thank you for your comments, Patricia. 😉

  8. Those blogs and media sites that claim to love Fassbender went silent when the first pictures of him with Nicole came out. LOL! I would love to see Fassbender marry Nicole or continue to date more black women and have those women lose their minds.

    “He’s being criticized by these same Neo-Nazi bitches who will chime in “love is colorblind” on every IR forum, but only if the chick is a white woman. Otherwise, they will wonder what’s wrong with the guy, denigrate the black woman’s looks and basically go bonkers. Because every man must find them attractive, or the world is off-kilter.”

    ^^^This completely! I use to think that white women like that ate up too much of the worship the “pro-IR only for black men” brigade fed to them and actually believed that they are the best women around. But if they were they truly believed then they wouldn’t have to block positive images of black women in the media because it wouldn’t matter either way. But of course, their insecurity shows itself fully when men like Fassbender come along.

    What I also love about Jay Park is that if he wanted to return to Korea for his solo career or just rebuild himself in general after having a scandal, he could have played it safe and hired a Korean or Asian girl for the video. Picking her made me a bigger fan of him than when he was in 2PM.

    GoldenAh: Props to Jay Park indeed. I first heard of Jay Park a few years back. Someone may have mentioned him here when there was a post about K-Pop. I thought this was cute. He’s dancing Beyonce’s “single ladies” with a BW, and doing better than her at it. Amusing.

    With the Fassbender situation, I feel like this happened with Gerald Butler… Maybe he was misunderstood, but the minute he said “black women” in one sentence – I feel like the guy got browbeat by the League of Insecure Jealous Racist White Women. Never forgot that.

    …And Matthew McConaughey got caught hanging outside Janet Jackson’s hotel room – the media showed them talking – and they wouldn’t leave that man alone. He was another one that liked black women, but I mean it’s like he ran out of the country (to Brazil) just to get away from the media and the assorted nutjobs.

    That’s why when black women ask why black men with white women continue to insult them, they need to look at his mate. He’s doing it for the white woman’s benefit, ’cause a secure and happy couple would go about their business and stop sh*t stirring up black women.

    Thanks for stopping by, Shia. 🙂

  9. This is great. Something beyond mere symbolism. Thanks for sharing. And I know you’re referencing Fassbender, so here’s a link to a German interview where’s he’s asked about Nicole (unlike the US media)and he replies he’s “lovesick” haha!

    GoldenAh: Seriously though – thank you – because if you hadn’t mentioned the Fassbender situation(s), I wouldn’t have known, since I don’t follow that stuff. And it made me so angry. I wish more men like him – would come out to a red carpet event all at once with their black women – just so we could watch those hater’s heads explode.

    They need to be told over and over again that they are racist / sexist / jealous bigots. They need to be called out over and over again. And then the advertisers of these online / print magazines need to be asked what kind of sickness and hatred they are supporting, ’cause I’m done with this kind of garbage.

    I don’t know how I found the Jay Park story. Google and chrome works wonders sometimes. 😀

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