Some Nights by Fun and Too Close by Alex Clare

I’ve been hearing “Some Nights” on the radio, not knowing who made it. You know how DJs cannot be bothered to announce who created something. So, I thought it was a classic song by Ladysmith Black Mambazo  (a group from way back when).

Well, this video changed my perception of the song, because it initially made me think of the Lion King.

Beautifully done…



Too Close

Is it me, or does Alex Clare have an Adele vibe to his singing? She sits in a chair in one video too. I first heard this song for an online ad for Internet Explorer, but it was more of a techno remix version.


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    Hey, Golden I found this article that I thought was shockingly candid and funny. Usually, I expect sites that aren’t BWE specific (and by BW) to cater to BM’s egos and take whatever bs they throw our way. Not this lady! lol The best part are the comments: I don’t know if any BW who commented are BWE supporters, but almost all them had MOVED ON from BM worship. Out of like 296 comments I only spotted like 6 BM ego coddlers but BW weren’t feeling them. It reminded me of your post titled Why White Men are a Better Choice 😉

    GoldenAh: Oh, I saw that a while ago. She is tough. I was cracking up. Black women are not playing anymore. 😀

    Thanks for the link, Samadhi101.

  2. Love Alex Clare. If you hadnt mentioned Adele I wouldn’t have connected them.

    GoldenAh: He’s a cute guy. I like ’em a bit hefty. Something about the way he was seated and singing that reminded me of Adele. Very soulful too.

  3. Love both of these songs. On ‘Some nights’, I do a classic Irish folk dance ala Riverdance (keep your arms down!) and ‘Too Close’ is a perfect Bachata song….or Tango!

    GoldenAh: I could see a full Broadway show with “Some Nights.” Both make me pause to listen and not change the station like I do with most songs I hear today.

    Doing the Riverdance? Hmmm. I couldn’t do it, I really can’t dance. Two left feet. 😀

  4. I like Fun, their music sounds very 80’s to me. The lead singer’s lips remind me of Mick Jagger. I wonder why theirs always a major fight going on in their videos lol

    GoldenAh: I had no idea it was the same group. Wow, they sound different! And thanks for the FYI on their name.

    I saw some comments that he looks a bit like Mary Mark (Wahlberg), but that mouth certainly belongs to Mick Jagger. 😀

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