Are Black Children Too Stupid To Learn?

Florida School System Gives Up on Black Children

Are black children really that hard to educate? Or are people who are supposed to be professionals, you know – experts at teaching, declaring that there’s an actual limit to black intelligence?

Are black children really too stupid to learn?

A nephew of mine believed he wasn’t as bright as Asians, and he was only in 2nd grade at the time. Who’s at fault for demotivating him from learning? If all black children hear is how stupid they are – why would they feel inclined to pay attention in school?

My mother pulled my brother out of a school system that declared him not-too-bright. She recognized B.S. and sent him somewhere else.

In high school, I was questioned as to who was writing my essays. Meanwhile, I was writing essays for my brother while he attended college. And he was studying to complete a degree in Mechanical Engineering, which is almost entirely nothing but complex mathematics.

Here’s the article source link: Florida Passes Plan For Racially-Based Academic Goals

A few excerpts from the news article:

The Florida state Board of Education passed a controversial plan to set reading and math goals based upon race.

On Tuesday, the board passed a revised strategic plan that says that by 2018, it wants 90 percent of Asian students, 88 percent of white students, 81 percent of Hispanics and 74 percent of black students to be reading at or above grade level. For math, the goals are 92 percent of Asian kids to be proficient, whites at 86 percent, Hispanics at 80 percent and blacks at 74 percent. It also measures by other groupings, such as poverty and disabilities, reported the Palm Beach Post.

JFK Middle has a black student population of about 88 percent.

… Florida Department of Education said the goals recognize that not every group is starting from the same point and are meant to be ambitious but realistic.

Robinson called the state board’s actions essentially “proclaiming racism” and said she wants Palm Beach County to continue to educate every child with the same expectations, regardless of race.

We all – especially mothers and fathers – should have the right to any and all learning alternatives. And these children should not be hostages to any group. The only pertinent issue is that they get an education which allows them to be self-sufficient and productive citizens.

This reminds me of the voter registration issue, where we are singled out as the only people too stupid to follow directions.

Frustrating, to say the least.


Update: NY Times Article – Florida Defends Learning Goals


November 4, 2012

Update: NY Times Article – How Do You Raise a Prodigy?

Money quotes:

There is no federal mandate for gifted education. But if we recognize the importance of special programs for students whose atypical brains encode less-accepted differences, we should extrapolate to create programs for those whose atypical brains encode remarkable abilities.

Once again, it falls to parents to advocate for their children’s needs, often in the face of a hostile or indifferent educational system.

Leon Botstein, president of Bard College, himself a conductor and a former wunderkind, remarked dryly, “If Beethoven were sent to nursery school today, they would medicate him, and he would be a postal clerk.


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  1. Yes indeed Khadija called this one as well!!!

    Hi Betty, great post. I sat straight up from my chair when I read this post. I would just like to add this bit of info;

    This in a nutshell defines and describes that certain something that WE ALL know exists in the overwhelming numbers of the all black enclaves across America. And it finally has a name that we can actually wrap our minds around.

    I think without a shadow of a doubt that if we EACH make individual choices to UPLIFT our own individual selves – those that do engage in this form of empowerment will not be counted in those numbers of the Oppositional Culture “community”.

    Because I believe that those from that culture will surely be extinct in the very very near future. As the world steadily marches forward – technology, advances etc have made away with low unskilled labor, the kinds of jobs that USED to feed an entire household, and put the kids through school etc. No those days are slowly but STEADILY winding away.

    Please people, let those of us who have decided to separate away from the Oppositional Culture people –continue to do so. Don’t look back, that noise you hear is just the falling of the buildings, the falling of the old guard, just keep moving and don’t look back.

    You have been warned. And yes it is real!!!!

    GoldenAh: I attended schools (K thru 12) with kids who had no interest in learning, didn’t want to learn, were quite proud of being ignorant (the ones who liked to say “black people can’t and don’t fill-in-the-blank”), and did everything they could to interfere with those who wanted an education. I couldn’t understand that mindset. Never did then. Honestly, I cannot now.

    Oh, thank you for that link, MsMellody: Oppositional Culture is the perfect description. I think I wouldn’t mind these folks if they were a small portion of the population, like less than 5-to-10%, but thanks to our political system, every generation is metastasizing. They may be on the cliff of a majority. As you say, menial jobs involving working with hands is dwindling away. This kind of labor goes to low wage illegals. Since no one wants to make distinctions among black people, we all get slapped with the same – and least positively descriptive – broad brush.

    Heck, look at how some of us cannot Tweet or write our opinions on Facebook that goes against the faux “black community”. Everybody has to step in line and follow the latest ignorant “black think police” dictates. That’s the first sign of a dead culture. A suicidal cult. It doesn’t allow analytical or critical thinking, because ignorance has been embraced from the get-go. Ever notice how the media goes to our least educated to ask them, “What black people think?” That’s no accident. In the eyes of our so-called “allies” and “supporters”, we are one mass of stupidity that moves like a school of fish on every issue they dictate.

    It shouldn’t be that black people, in order to be themselves, have to exert so much effort just to get by or be seen as an intelligent, doing-their-own-thing, individuals. It shouldn’t be such a struggle – just to be normal. Every black kid should feel free to be as non-conformist as s/he pleases. We need sincere admiration of black nerds, geeks, scientists, out-of-the-box thinkers, and eccentrics. 😀

  2. This is sad and sick. Muslim Bushido talked about this- how other folks love to experiment with black folks- and black folks let them.

    I am disgusted with education from PreK all the way to post secondary. The way things are run – are we deliberately trying to make sure that we are no longer globally competitive?

    I am cosigning on many of the comments above. First follow the money trail. Nothing happens on this scale without someone getting a payoff.

    Second I am upset at anti education black folks. This attitude has caused us to lose so much of what out ancestors fought and died for.

    Third single parent households. When its only momma and she has to work 2 jobs – nevermind that her education is probably sketchy – she is not going to have the time to sit and check homework, go to parent teacher meetings etc. She is too busy focusing on survival issues.

    I wish I had a spaceship. Emigrating to another country is not enough. I need to be beamed to another planet. One of the new ones with water.

    Aside- 36 first generation immigrants (mostly Asian and Hispanic) are now running for Congress in both parties. Only two I think are black, more specifically Carribean. Muslim Bushido called it.

    GoldenAh: Our colleges seek and favor international students, because they can pay full fare, as opposed to American students who are suffering under a truck load of debt. Unfortunately for them, in this economic environment, it is becoming nearly impossible to pay those loans off. My understanding of debt relief is that people cannot declare bankruptcy to escape student loans. Some are even being repaid from Soc. Sec. payments. So that debt will last forever, unless the student can prove extreme hardship. And who goes to college to become broke and destitute?

    I wholeheartedly agree with you, Oshun. Are the brilliant educators / leaders who are shaping our school system(s) doing everything they can to shortchange the children? In the past, we can find so many stories of great men and women who went to rural / urban schools, came from broken households, and still succeeded because everything was in place to help them along.

    I’m at the point where I don’t care if black boys and girls are taught separately from one another (going against the feminists). Whatever works they need to try. There’s enough money. Schools need to be flexible and be based on how kids learn. Because the cost of failure is a generation of boys carted off to jail. Or we’ll continue to have this vicious cycle of man-childs running around having all these kids they cannot pay for, and young black women trying to do it all herself with a sub-minimum-wage job.

    Speaking of another planet – I bet that if a company could successfully build a colony – they’d have enough investors, even among the non-adventurists, they could pay off the national debt in a week. I would love to visit! 😀

    NY Times: Average Debt for College Students

  3. Shouldn’t this be illegal? This is not equal at all. This allows black children to pass without having the required work to. Everything is getting worse and people are allowing it to.

    GoldenAh: I cannot believe it is legal. Although I bet that all black children are labeled as “special needs” and “disadvantaged” just to avoid bias lawsuits.

    I bet this has been going on for years. This is probably the first time they were blatant about it.

  4. GoldenAh, back in my day, kids in my neighborhood were held accountable for their grades. Not only did our parents see our report cards, the elders in the neighborhood wanted to see them as well. They didn’t let mediocrity and trifling-ness go.

    GoldenAh Today, not only has the black family dwindled down to single mothers and men with various children from many different women – the solid neighborhood folks could depend on for support has dissolved. We’re watching a 30-40 year social experiment – on par with the syphilitic epidemic – that no one wants to solve, because it’s about watching where this disaster leads to.

    And Mikey makes a great point. There’s money involved.

    Maybe when I’m feeling brave and a bit more hale, I’ll write about patriarchy being a fact of life. And that matriarch society in the “black community” doesn’t exist and cannot.

  5. As much as I want to be angry at the Florida Department of Education, I can’t. I only have to look tothe value system that the modern black community has chosen to embrace as a reflection of how those numbers came to be. Depending on the government and the schools to provide is and always was a failing strategy; yet, the black community keeps pushing hard for interventions that it could implement itself.

    GoldenAh: I agree with your points about dependency, but that’s now a cultural aspect that I don’t see some elements of the “black community” ever moving away from. Even if the kids come from ignorance loving dysfunctional homes – the schools are their only chance of survival. And the system just told them point-blank: we can’t help you. If that’s the case these schools need fresh blood. Everybody deserves to be fired. Can we imagine any other publicly funded org. getting away with this?

    Black people raised holy hell over much more trivial issues. Well educated kids aren’t about just benefiting the children – we’re supposed to benefit from it as well. These “educators” writing them off hurts society at large. They’re just unwilling to care.

    Great to hear from you, Tiffany.

  6. What we should ask is:Why are asians doing so much better than blacks, etc. Welll asians are doing better than whites BECAUSE THEY USUALLY COME FROM 2 PARENT HOMES, AND ‘MAMASAN’ MAKES SURE THEY STUDY FIRST!! I’m not surprized on how black kids are doing–70% illegitimacy? will hurt any kids especially boys of all colors.–Many girls are outperforming them because of no strong male influence, and most women want guys who are at educated like engineering or business to marry—OH, BTW, sometimes it does depend on the style of teachers. My daughter was struggling in school until she was 10 years old, her sisters didnt do good in school either and went towards ‘boys’ etc. My daughter is only half black–I moved somewhere where the public schools were good, and they TEACH THE KIDS HOW TO STUDY–now she is a senior in High School and has a 3.7 GPA in a good highschool–she will be going to college

    GoldenAh: Yes, everything you say is true. It is right there in front of us. Year after year, we see what works and what does not. And yet, nothing changes.

    It does start with the home, the traditional structure and culture of the family, the interests of the parents, and whether the children are prodded to do better. My Dad always wanted to see my report card, and both my folks came to the parent / teacher meetings.

    And as you say, on the flip side, is whether the school themselves are doing their part. Lots of people come from broken homes that went on to do well, because the schools were superb. I feel that even if the home life sucks, since a child is in school nearly 6 plus hours of the day – the quality of education should be exemplary. We have no excuses in this country. Even 3rd world countries with a budget that is only a tiny slice of our poorest schools, outrank American schools in math, reading and science.

    This kind of insanity cannot continue indefinitely.

  7. Oh my goodness. I cannot believe this. This frustrated me and this allows black children to be dumb and have as low standards as possible, because its ‘realistic’. What happen to striving for the best? Florida needs a slap in the face. NOW I am so tired of this.

    GoldenAh: That word they use is so insulting, “realistic”. I mean, in the 21st century, these people are saying they cannot figure out how to “teach” children? Children are hungry to learn until something happens to turn them off. Telling them they are stupid and incapable will only make this situation worse.

  8. I think the problem is that many children, no matter what race, believe what they have been taught. I was never brought up to believe that I was stupid; I went to a school where everybody was smart and it was assumed that not only were you smart, but you were definitely going to college.

    If you teach a child that they are stupid, that they can’t learn they will believe it. Someone once told me, it’s not what you do, it’s what you think.

    GoldenAh: That’s what makes this so heartbreaking, Eva. I think of my nephew (and I used to tutor him to help him along). And no matter how young, this stuff sticks with them. Children don’t miss much. This is so ridiculous. How in good conscience, can an “educational system” blatantly come out saying that black children can only reach so high and learn just so much? They should all be fired. If they cannot teach, educate, or help these children, they need to find some other work to do.

    And to think we have a black President. Shows how much it makes no difference.

    The one thing that must occur is that black parents have the right to send their children anywhere to receive a decent education. They cannot be held hostages to certain groups of people who only use them for political cannon fodder.


    @Mikey Tadino:

    You said, “. . . They pull this crap on Black people because they know that they are handicapped in so many ways. One of which is exercising options and choices and using them wisely. Most Black folks could not pay for a private education if they wanted to.”

    Therein lies the problem–Black folk are too stupid to know what’s good for them and their children. I do not subscribe to that nonsense.

    I came from a family who criticized me for being smart and intellectual. I came from a family who encouraged me to drop out of high school just because I got pregnant in my senior year. I came from a family who did not believe me when I said I graduated high school and demanded I prove it.

    The reason Florida has gotten away with this academic brutality is that those Black folk do not value education. I can guarantee you that if those same Black folk where told they couldn’t buy an iPod, iPhone, or iPad because they were too stupid to operate it, Jesse “Jip” Jackson and Al “Big Perm” Sharpton would be on the fastest jet to protest and hollering RACISM!

    GoldenAh: Why don’t black people value education? Why aren’t we militant about the one thing that could absolutely, positively improve our standard of living? Is it because of that social safety net that encourages dropouts? Are people satisfied with the bare minimum with which to live? This cannot last for long if half the population isn’t contributing to society. Everybody needs to do their part.

    You are right, QP, they wouldn’t be so blatant in dissing black people if they did not know they could get away with it. Sad.

  10. I think its pretty clear that Florida hates the Blacks and pines for the days when we picked cotton and shined shoes. Simple solution for all you Floridians, pull your kids outta those schools and send them elsewhere.

    They pull this crap on Black people because they know that they are handicapped in so many ways. One of which is exercising options and choices and using them wisely. Most Black folks could not pay for a private education if they wanted to.

    Its more abuse and racism to say, you are not enough and quite frankly we dont expect much outta ya.

    Its Black peoples collective faults though, being perpetual wards of the state unable to elevate and achieve on your own gives people the impression that you are incapable of doing so. Always whining and begging and looking for handouts leaves you as the eternal charity case. Le sigh.

    And there is a new economy based on this. In Milwaukee or some other Midwest state they are developing text books based upon “ability”. Meaning, the same subject is taught to everyone in the class, but based upon your reading level you are given a textbook that explains it in the vernacular you can grasp. Aint shit done in this country without some dollars and cents behind it.

    GoldenAh: It is the worse kind of racism to label black children stupid and then declare that they aren’t even going to make a half-assed effort to educate them. How is this an improvement on Brown vs. Board of Ed?

    Those teachers retiring in the future are going to need productive workers in the future. Taxes pay their salaries now and taxes will pay for their retirement. Without a healthy sized group of working young people, retirees will see little or no money in their future. It’s about what the future may bring. An education is a tool set people need for life. It is a form of theft, if not handicapping, against children in not letting them learn at least basic math and reading. Dear Lord, these “educators” aren’t even pretending they want to get that right.

    I am so through with people who label themselves “black leaders” or advocates on behalf of black folks, whose first argument is always about how we’re too stupid to function like other people. And we have a massive Amen chorus of black people who have no problem with this. School work is hard. For most people, learning is time consuming and difficult. That’s just how it is. People lack discipline and patience today. They want everything easy.

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