Open Forum: Music, Getting Off the Planet, This Election and What’s Up?

Top 40 Radio

There are three singers that I find hard to listen to: Taylor Swift (she whines, really cannot sing), Kelly Clarkson (she sings about the same thing over and over again – being unable to get along with any man) and Katy Perry (I wanna take a hammer to her – Madonna did the kinky schtick years ago –  it’s tired coming from this chick).

Outside of that, I like the station(s) I listen to.

I prefer music without singing mostly and a techno / pop / hip hop / rock / reggae beat. Something creative and fresh. Anybody ever heard of Gotango? or the Electric Samurai? I’m always listening to that kind of music.

Anyone with suggestions, please do tell. I feel music starved these days.

Gangnam Style

You’ve heard the song? You’ve seen the video? Of course you have. I cannot master the dance. Then again, I have two left feet.

The parodies kill me.

Thought of You, Oshun: Getting Off the Planet

Apparently, you and I are not alone in wishing for a voyage to another planet. Our very own, super awesome, black woman scientist, former NASA astronaut, Mae Jamison is in charge of finding a way of sending a probe to our nearest universe.

The following is from the NY Times (Oct 22, 2012):

The news last week that there is a planet circling Alpha Centauri B, only a little more than four light-years away … a triple-star system that is the Sun’s nearest known neighbor.

This year Mae Jamison, in conjunction with the nonprofit foundation Icarus Interstellar, won a $500,000 government grant to set up 100 Year Starship, an organization that is to come up with a business plan for interstellar travel.

Darpa, the government agency that helped invent the Internet and now wants to help invent interstellar travel, estimated that just planning for such a trip could take 100 years. Dr. Jemison, 56, hopes it can happen sooner.

I asked Dr. Jemison if she would go, knowing it was forever.

“Yeah”, she answered. “I would go.”

What could be cooler than that? Who says WE don’t like science!!!??!! Just don’t show me any Alien flicks, let me have a pick of a couple of men to bring along, and I’m all aboard.

The Undecided Voter

Believe it or not, I was undecided until the beginning of October. I voted via absentee ballot. NJ is very flexible in voting in this manner. You can have the ballot appear for every election, or only vote in the general.

Due to Hurricane Sandy, the big guy, our Governor Chris Christie says folks can vote via email and fax. That’s great. Why isn’t that a regular practice? I mean we do almost everything online in this state: I file and pay state and local taxes, car registration and other things that way too.

Who Do I Think Will Win The Presidential Election?

You all know I’m not about telling anyone who to vote for or what to think. You do what works for you. I love that all of us have many different perspectives on what we believe. I’m constantly impressed by the viewpoints, facts and information you ladies (and gentlemen) bring to this blog.

The following image is just speculation on my part. And I voted for the losing candidate once, back when I was a kid and doing it for the first time.

I’m totally guessing when it comes to Nevada (NV), Michigan (MI) and Minnesota (MN). Those are the only states I really don’t have any guesstimates as to how they will turn out.

As for the others? Who knows. {{Shrug}}

I wont be following the election tally on November 6th either. If I wanted to I’d probably get alerts to see how New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Florida voted. Those 3 states will tell you who is President for the next 4 years. Going to bed early anyway.

Facebook and the Online / Email Campaigners

I have a friend who’s suddenly sending me election propaganda. It feels like they’ve tapped into the Facebook madness. Look, I’ve been avoiding Facebook lately. It’s been too much. If you worship like your candidate. Good for you.

How about leaving the rest of us alone already?

And the world isn’t going to be any different on Wednesday, November 7th.

What’s Next?

The year is closing out soon. And I’m thinking, next year, 2013 has to be different. The problem with being a LEO is that we are rather FIXED people. We can do the whole 180 degree turnaround thing, but there’s always a core part of us that never changes.

So, it’s all about changing small habits that can make a big difference. I’ve got stuff in my closets I haven’t touched in years, and I must do something about it.  You can take that to be literal or rhetorical. In both cases, it would be true.

Hope everyone is feeling well. Doing well. Staying safe and healthy.

And if you have something to celebrate: don’t hesitate to come here and brag. I’ll be thrilled for you. 😀


26 thoughts on “Open Forum: Music, Getting Off the Planet, This Election and What’s Up?”

  1. When we occassionally mention or talk about the future and possible space travel…keep this article in mind;

    There are indeed systems and mechanisms already functioning to examine the very real possibility of space travel and once again that concept of “The Future”…it’s about being/getting prepared people!!!!

    GoldenAh: One thing that surprised me about the discussions regarding the trip to Mars is not the time, but the exposure to radiation. I suppose that’s a hurdle we don’t see written about much, because they probably feel that’s easier to overcome than time travel.

    I bet 5000 years ago people never imagined that humans could fly around the planet in a few short hours, or even get to the moon in a week – if they had a concept of what the moon was.

    I believe there’s a way of getting to other planets faster than the limits in place now. Hopefully, we wont have to wait 10 generations or 5,000 years for that to occur.

    Oh, heck. I want to leave now. LOL. 😀

  2. Many of us have lost focus.

    Before I begin, I will say that I am happy that you are well Betty C. Glad youre hanging in there.

    Focusing on who EM is dating is a waste of time. He bears no relevance and he has already been classified as DBR, so lets drop the feigned indignation and move on.

    Time to focus on the Black woman image they attempt to assail. People try to box us in these negative categories. We have to be dedicated in rebuffing that. We also have to learn these young Black girls. On an individual basis and collectively.

    Thats where I put my time and energy. No offense, but we have bigger fish to fry than who EM dates.

    GoldenAh: Thank you, Mikey. I’m beginning to wonder if I can take the cold or the weather out here anymore. I like 4 seasons, but it’s getting to be too much. I know there’s nowhere perfect, but maybe I can try for somewhere a bit better.

    As for EM, he treated Melanie B. so bad. And when she explained what was going on between them, she must have assumed (wrongly) in the beginning she was dealing with a sane, well adjusted, and normal guy. Unfortunately, she learned the hard way just how DBR he is. Noticed how fast she bounced back and married an English bloke? She’s a beautiful woman and wasted no time lamenting a what-if with EM. She knew to cut her losses and move on.

  3. I am listening to Little Dragon’s Sunshine

    GoldenAh: Just watched them on YouTube: Little Dragon’s Sunshine

    Why does the lead singer remind me of Tisha Campbell? Maybe it’s just me who saw a fleeting resemblance. I may listen to more. It took me a long time to like Incubus. Now I listen to them constantly.

    Yeah, and props to the Absolut. Love the stuff. Tis the season to be drinking. 😀

  4. Hi GoldenAh!

    Dr. Jemison rocks! It sucks that it takes 100 years though. I hope she can make it less than 100.

    This election got on my nerves. I was so tired it an all the coverage. It started to make me anxious as I couldn’t get away from it.

    GoldenAh: Why do we even bother with having a President? Maybe we should just have a panel of 13 regular people – taken from different regions of the country on a rotating basis – to decide issues and be done with it. ‘Cause I cannot see the sense in having folks spend 2 plus BILLION dollars just to run for an office that does what exactly? I mean, is the US Congress really necessary anymore? I believe in our Constitution, but our form of govt is dysfunctional, and maybe the structure should change.

    Every politician runs for office promising to enact laws to fix problems they created and spending more money on it. I’d like for once someone to come along and suggest we scrap a lot of the stupid laws / gov’t departments we have in place now. Then again, I’m a “less is more” kind of person.

    I have faith that one day they’ll find a way to travel in space faster. In the meantime, they can come up with a travel package to Mars. I’ll take it. 😀

  5. In line with this discussion of “leaving the planet”…the rich are now making their own “islands”. I’ll leave this here for you all;

    I have been very interested in having a discussion on this issue for some time now. It has interested me because of discovering that there are indeed two sets of rules..for those that have and those that don’t.

    When the news broke that billionaire Virgin Airlines owner Richard Branson was either footing the bill for the first flight into space for a civilian…and then the following explorations by other billionaires, I filed this incident away under the heading of “the rich are always going to venture out and discover ways for their rich relatives/friends to survive”. Whether that be through – finding the most innovative vacation/relaxation locales before they become mecca’s of the “masses”, and then finding ways to “monetize” these secret/exotic locales. Or whether it be the next youth/wrinkle remover reduction before it becomes a help to the masses, one thing is guarunteed the wealthy are always going to be insuring the future for THEIR families and friends.

    GoldenAh: I admire him. He has the Midas touch. I admire people who can look at something and say, “Hey, if we build this or did this, we could make money.” It’s an ability in knowing who to trust and how to delegate. I can think of something, but I get bogged down in minutiae. I can put together a plan, but the issue is in figuring out how to EXECUTE it with the right people. I don’t have that knack.

    And you are right, the wealthy can take a locale that was teeming with poor folks and make it trendy in an instant. I always found that to be weird.

    I read somewhere that one of the best ways to make money – if one doesn’t have the knack or touch – is to find wealthy people to associate with. You know, get them to take you under their wing. That makes sense….

  6. Hi bay-bee!! Can’t stand Gangham whatever – cuz I too cannot do it and if you’re under say 15, it looks stupid. Having a hard enough time mastering Salsa, my legs REFUSE to take any more abuse! LOL

    Was planning an early bedtime Tuesday nite to wake up to whatever on Wednesday morn, but alas, got an invite to the Local Dem’s party at a really good steakhouse. So, its free hors doeruv – appetizers – drinks and if I can get a bunch of us to take over the music, maybe some Victory/consulation Salsa dancing in the bar…

    Right now, I have an online Latin music channel on and I play my MP3 player in the car – so do NOT miss pop music. And Miss Swift makes me want to hurt someone, anyone when her caterwalling is being played..

    GoldenAh: Hey there Tracy!

    His dance steps remind me of the days with MC Hammer, Bobby Brown and Teddy Riley, etc. When R&B got swallowed up by hip hop.

    I’ll only do that dance in the comfort of my home. 🙂

    You are so right to get out of the house and party. I need to be like that again. And I love salsa music.

    I just discovered playing iHeart radio or those radio apps on the cell phone. Too bad it kills the battery.

    Great hearing from you!

  7. I couldn’t believe it BUT Taylor Swift is 5’11”..i had no idea she was that tall!! Most modern music is rather boring to me..its just muzak wil foul language….besides the good ol stuff is music to me…LOL stuff from mostly the Eisenhower/Kennedy era…even though I’m only in my early 50s…LOL

    GoldenAh: I think she’s very beautiful, which maybe the main reason she gets so much radio play. I first saw her on CSI right around the time Laurence Fishbourne joined the show. Had no idea who she was. Thought her acting was pretty good. So she has a future in acting. Not sure who told her she can sing.

    A lot of the music from that era gets sampled. I would love it if DJs or radio stations played the original first.

  8. I’m glad you’re ok. And yes, I’m obsessed with Psy. Gangham Style is the new I’m Sexy And I Know It.

    Yes, Leos retain certain core aspects which tends to piss other people off when we refuse to be manipulated/goaded, pretend to not notice foul &*^%$ or call out BS.

    As for this (s)election farce on Tuesday…whatever will be will be. People better get off their butts either way!!!

    GoldenAh: Thank you, Faith. There seems to be quite a number of near misses lately. I will keep my fingers crossed.

    I could kidnap the guy in the yellow suit and matching sneakers. Too cute. I love the way he dances. The guy in the elevator kills me every time I see him.

    Yeah, an election between Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. I still gotta work. Would be nice to have more than two parties (which are so alike) to vote for.

    Hopefully, I’ll be doing better next year. I need to seriously travel again.

    Yeah, I think if people seek to persuade us being polite and matter-of-fact helps. I was bombarded by people who seem unable to speak to me with some civility. Yet, I am supposedly mean for just saying, “No,” in response to all that nastiness. And I really wanna tell them something else. But I work to stay cool headed.

    By the way, I was inspired by your method of losing weight. I realized I can still eat, but to continue to make the portions smaller and healthier. 🙂

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