Good News Travel Comrades: We’re (Almost) Free to Fly Unmolested

My first post of 2013, and it is on the perfect subject.

As Nysee mentioned a few posts back: this is the time to get back on track, or continue with our goals. Travel is a big part of that! I feel deprived not being able to leave for domestic and international destinations because of all the idiocy at the airports.

Although I still want the TSA a.k.a. “Those Stupid A$$h@!#s” and HS a.k.a. “Homeland (In)security” to be disbanded and eliminated sometime in the immediate future, this bit of *Rape-i-scan news will have to do. For now. The fight to bring society back to an unbowed and non-sheep-like existence, along with the eradication of this police state atmosphere, or totalitarian regime, is a lifetime affair.

And, no, I don’t believe I’m exaggerating. There’s a real limit as to how many stupefying hassles, inconveniences and degradations I’m required to endure just to get on a damn airplane. None of that security theater nonsense ever had, or ever will, make me feel “safe” and “secure”. We got the message years ago: if someone acts up on a plane, everybody will beat him into submission and duct tape his ass to a seat.

Finally, The Good News

According to the BBC:

“The US aviation security agency will stop screening travellers with scanners that show travellers’ naked images, amid widespread privacy complaints.”

“Separately to the privacy concerns, some health officials feared the *Rape-i-scan 1000SP scanner, which uses low-level X-rays to generate the image viewed by screeners, might expose passengers to unsafe levels of radiation.”

“The *Rape-i-scan machines will be replaced by scanners that use radio waves to detect suspicious objects hidden underneath clothes. Those display warnings on an avatar rather than show a naked image of the passenger.”

Our Congress made them stop.

Let us not forget that those people in government, every single one of them, work for us: we are not their subjects, servants, slaves or sheep.

And they could give two s#!&s about health risks. These people were worried about liability: the increasing possibility of someone, or a group of people in a class action, winning a massively huge! huge! lawsuit. Regardless of the BS you hear when you buy an airline ticket, that does not entitle this government to try and (slowly) kill you in order to get from point A to point B in the name of “We No Longer Call It The War on Terror”.

You get enough exposure to radiation from flying alone.

On the other hand, this might lead to an increase in the number of TSA stealing from, fondling and sexually abusing vulnerable passengers, since so many criminal-minded authoritarian control freaks and sexual perverts are attracted to the job (especially those at the top of these agencies).

Money always talks.

While I believe complaints from consumers reached the ears of our dimwitted representatives, and lent some weight to the removal of the *Rape-i-scan, I don’t think that’s the whole story. We need to remember that some of the most powerful lobbyists down in Washington, D.C. belong to the airlines.

So, I bet they ran the numbers and realized that a lot of people, like myself, were not FLYING because of those machines and government employee nut jobs. If you multiply that by a few hundred thousand Americans, especially business people who usually pay the full “weight” or fare, and other international flyers, the TSA was – and is – strangling the travel industry.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if they are also single-handedly responsible for the sluggish condition of the global economy. It’s a domino affect. If we aren’t travelling domestically or overseas spending our money – that’s a big loss. That well oiled machine is seizing up.

The government would like to think that the removal of the *Rape-i-scan is a lasting sole solution, or a sufficient move to appease folks, but to me – it’s just the beginning….

Note: *Yes, I deliberately misspelled the name of that despicable product. I apologize for the profanity, but this topic leaves me heated.


Update: This may be the only recourse. Everyday a passenger should sue the TSA. Man With 4th Amendment Written on Chest Wins Trial Over Airport Arrest




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  1. The future!!

    Fiber Optics and the internet…like peanut butter and jelly!!! Also like Google internet services that we will be signing up for in THE FUTURE!!!

    GoldenAh: There is speculation that Google will offer their own cellular network in the future, or maybe the goal would be for them to offer it over their own internet service network. I do see them coming up with something in the future. They have some interesting items to “play” with in their labs and such (like a prize winning science contest)….

  2. You’re welcome MsMellody!

    Hi Faith!

    Great minds think alike! 🙂 I looked at a number of the options you mentioned including Sony and I think Western Digital. Honestly, I wanted the cheapest option so I went for the Roku. But I am open to considering something else as tech advances/changes. So I watch the others to see how they are evolving.

    “I also use a DNS blocker and pay for a private VPN so I can stream shows in Europe, UK and Canada for tv shows I want to watch and avoid the country restrictions with a local IP address. Plus, it’s good for cloaking your location and privacy purposes.”

    If you care to share, I am curious about how this works. I have a web host and I think they offer VPS, but I am not sure in my head how this works out with streaming TV.

  3. Test several of the streaming boxes: Boxee, Roku, Apple TV even XBox and many Blu-Ray players along with a tv tuner for PC or MAC can help get you off the cable subscription prison for good.

    I also use a DNS blocker and pay for a private VPN so I can stream shows in Europe, UK and Canada for tv shows I want to watch and avoid the country restrictions with a local IP address. Plus, it’s good for cloaking your location and privacy purposes.

    I was really happy about the seeming scale-back of the TSA gestapo but don’t be surprised if they come back with something even more draconian. I definitely tried to fly out of certain airports and use specific carriers if I had to fly to avoid all of that physical violation and radiation that would certainly be found to cause major damage years from now.

    GoldenAh: I have some technology researching to do. I’ve got old PCs and laptops piling up and I need to start tossing. I definitely feel like I am falling behind.

    Thanks for the info., Faith.

    Okay, now I know why you end up in my WP queue half the time…. 🙂

  4. Hi Oshun!!

    Yes I am a new Roku convert and I am really amazed at what technology has to offer.

    When I came across that list of new free and private channels I just had to share it with you guys!!

    And that VBRO link was awesome. Thank you for that great exchange of info!!!!

    GoldenAh: There’s always something new with technology to link, learn and share. Don’t hesitate. Your contribution is appreciated!

  5. Hi MsMellody! Happy 2013!

    Happy 2013 GoldenAh!

    @ MsMellody – I have a Roku device! Using it for about 4 years. Roku has been awesome for me. A bit of a learning curve, but I will never go back to anything else.

    Thanks for that link for lodging. I want to share one that I have used :

    GoldenAh: Thank you for the lodging link!!! 😀

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