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The Blizzard That Wasn’t

I was expecting more snow, but I’m thankful my area wasn’t hit with much. A good lot of it has melted away already. Unfortunately, the New England area is another story.

Amazing Analysis of Scandal

I want to give props to Faith ( for her insightful examination of Scandal. It came about due to Star Jones trying to dictate to Shonda Rhimes about the direction of the show’s characters.

I loved reading her thoughts on this topic. Enjoy.




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  1. Also, I know that some high schools have programs that allow students to graduate with an Associate’s degree.

    My old high school which offered gifted/AP classes is now offering a Bachelors program. Internationally recognized. I heard it on the radio. How they are doing this I don’t know. I don’t know all the details….

    But I am thinking BGs need to be steered into competitive programs like this. The cost savings I am sure have to be huge and this would give them a huge leg up…

  2. @ Goldie…

    I missed this:

    “Wherever there is an industry that seems to pay American workers “too much money” – politicians and big business titans (like Bill Gates) get together and find ways to undercut them. Oh my goodness, the HB1, and there’s another called an L-1, visa is a prime example of this abuse.

    It’s also ridiculous to hear any employer state he cannot find people when the USA has the 3rd highest population on the planet. We’s got errybody. If they were willing to pay a bit for relocation and allowed for some training, there wouldn’t be any problems. I mean they are willing to take people from half-way around the world, why not from the other side of the country?”

    These are the stories that I am hearing from those in STEM. I am told from engineers etc that there are enough of them, but they aren’t being hired. Particularly, the ones who do have extensive experience.

    Which is frightening because all we hear is that there are not enough people in STEM. To me, this can only mean they are trying to produce a glut to bust the wages.

    “I’ve seen it up close and personal: the people they bring from overseas lie about every skill they have so much it’s funny, but the firms cover it up with a few that do know something. It’s all about the billing hours they can get for their people.”

    Why go through that much trouble? Why be so Anti American?

  3. Hi Goldie

    I answered my own question about being anti American. A new report just came out about the guestworker program and how many of the employees are exploited.

    The McDonald’s story in NY was just the tip of the iceberg. Some of the violations were:

    1. Workers must pay their own way here often taking out personal/family loans or loans against their future wages from employers. Sometimes they are asked to provide deeds or titles to property they own back home to be held as collateral.

    2. They are placed in camps (sometimes apartments, truck trailers, etc) that are stuffed over capacity without proper heat, air, running water, adequate toilets and showers. These living quarters are staffed with armed guards and they are not allowed to go anywhere or talk to anyone unassisted.

    3. Many times they are charged living expenses for living in these conditions. This is withheld from pay. When they arrive they are told that there is currently no work available and so they rack up huge debts to the employer for housing and food. So when they do begin work they are already in the hole.

    4. They are denied medical care. Their pay is docked as punishment for sustaining on the job injuries.

    5. Their passports, visas, and other important documents are withheld. If they threaten to leave/report abuse – their documents are shredded and the are placed in jail/detention centers/ or deported.

    6. Women are often raped and sexually abused- repeatedly.

    7. When they do work their wages are often less than what was earned, no overtime, and sometimes the are not paid at all.

    8. They may be forced to work 12-16 hours or more a day with no breaks/meals.

    I could go on and on. Most of these companies are mid to large size business that wish to skirt union wages/living wages to Americans. I am just boggled that this kind of abuse is going on.

    GoldenAh: There was a farmer’s market near me that had these kind of slave-condition violations. The thing is, it was one immigrant group exploiting another. I think we sometimes have to consider why stuff is so cheap at some stores, because the labor is being exploited so badly.

    That’s why I get mad hearing about the need for high carbon, energy and income taxes. All this government needs to do is ensure that citizens don’t have sub-wage competition, and that takes care of these other issues. If more citizens were paid a fair salary the income taxes would take care of themselves. And without having immigrants working at sub-wages, they wouldn’t need so many social benefits and that applies to citizens as well.

  4. Also here are some tips I wanted to provide to BW who are seeking work the traditional way bc you don’t have a side hustle (which you should) or its not working out.. and need to skirt a few things.

    1. If your name is not mainstream (and you haven’t changed it yet, consider using your initials on your resume. I have heard some who say this works. For example, if your name is LaTasha Smith, use L. Smith instead. If you get the chance for an interview use the mainstream name (that you would probably legally change your name to) during your introductions etc. Only use you birth name when necessary for legal purposes.

    2. If you haven’t fled yet, this is one of the peace wall issues. Employers are googling addresses and this can keep you our of a job despite your experience, qualifications, education etc.. So you have two options. Get a mail drop at the UPS store or other similar store. Get the smallest cheapest one you can find located in a better neighborhood and use that as your resume address. You can always call to see if you have mail available to avoid costly gas trips. Or leave your addy off your resume entirely and only list only your cell phone or electronic means to contact you.

    3. Speaking of cell phone. Cell phone data can pull up addy data so if you can, try to get a different cell phone not connected to your address. Go prepaid specifically for this purpose or if you have good internet access look into VOIP options that may be nearly free. It will require some work to find and configure the best option, but as long as it gets you to where you need to be…

    4. Online presence. Obviously you have to watch what you say and do online. I am appalled at what some negros comment, post, and follow online while providing their real names, schools, places of employment, and photos of themselves in the process. Don’t do this and don’t friend/follow people who do. If you have to engage in chicanery then at least have the common sense to do so under a dummy name and account. Do not post half naked/questionable photos, don’t associate with others who do so, don’t engage in verbal battles, curse or anything that could post you in a negative light. I would even say stay away from political hotbed discussions online.

    Its also not enough to stay away from negatives online, but depending on your field employers are looking for positives in the form of Klout scores. Meaning your level of influence on others. So you have to pretty much brand yourself and figure out ways to gain influence and get a good Klout ranking.

    5. Finally, I have heard that filling out EEOC information honestly can harm you. Remember most HR Depts are made up of WW. Who may or may not have ridden the short bus to school. So I was told by several BW in my family in HR – please don’t shoot the messenger, to consider checking White if you want more callbacks and interviews.

    GoldenAh: Excellent advice, Oshun. There are companies looking at everything about their potential and current employees online, esp. in social media. It is even being used in criminal cases like the T. Martin case down in Florida. They are using his social media profile to find out the kid’s mindset, and the defense will use it.

    Whether we like it or not, and even if it’s not an aspect of our personality, a BW has to be shiny, bright, articulate and scintillating at every job interview. That’s the game we must play. Yeah, I never fill out the race / gender questions either.

    And I think if someone wants to “play” online with their “real identity” they should be in Linkdin or build a website that shows off whatever talents they have.

  5. I just made an awesome Paleo Easter meal! I am still getting compliments. And I made ice cream for the first time without – milk or sugar or using any nasty ingredients and it tasted exactly the same!

    GoldenAh: That sounds delicious. I like the idea of avoiding milk, sugar or any processed foods. I consider those the deadliest ingredients in a meal.

    Although I’m saying it late, hope you had a great Easter.

  6. well since this is a open topic,

    my best friend Mark is bringing his GF ( who is Black) on her very first camping trip with us. She has stated on several occassions, Black People do – Camp, Hunt, Fish, Crab, drink home made wine.

    So I am curious do any of you ladies get into the outdoor life

    GoldenAh: Oh yeah, she’s kinda correct. It’s more likely with people living in rural areas or the deep south. Urban areas just cuts people off from these kinds of experiences, unless one deliberately goes out to seek it.

    Can’t speak for anyone else, but the times I went “camping” included a cabin with modern facilities. That’s about as far as I’ll go. 😀 Although it can be located deep into the woods as roads will allow. Never hunted or did any fishing, but did get to enjoy freshly caught fish: absolutely delish!

  7. the experince was unique to say the least….I had fun, I do not think she did, but she tried

    GoldenAh: You guys totally roughed it? Like tents and stuff? Or was it semi-modern with a cabin?

  8. tents, we canoed a hour upstream to a spot we camp at alot. Its beautiful, not really remote but it feels like it, there is a vulture perserve near by, good fishing, lots of wildlife.

    A great place to remind yourself of the beauty of the world. next weekend…we go crabbing and claming and musseling.

    GoldenAh: Nice. And the weather is still decent too. I’m frightened of that kind of wilderness, but I suppose people get used to it.

  9. haha GoldeAh, thats how I feel about the city, despite growing up in it, I hate it so much

    GoldenAh: I grew up in Brooklyn. When the neighborhood lost that everybody took care of everybody feeling, I was happy to leave. Never really encountered it again, maybe it was just the times.

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