So, President Obama Cannot Call A Black Woman “Best Looking”?

Spot Check: Controlling That Narrative About Beauty

I’m not the biggest fan of the man, based on his performance in office, but the shrieking and howling by the media is hilarious.

All I notice is that the biggest complainers of the President calling Kamala Harris, “The best-looking Attorney General in the country,” were white women in the media.

Folks, some people hate it when others are the center of attention. These white women, who claim to be feminists, but are really white women supremacists – in other words, everyone must worship them – just hate it when they are not the queen bees, beauty queens or objects of (sexual) attention for every man on the planet.

They complain too much about it for anyone to find them believable.

And it ain’t about sexism. That’s a phony cover. What actually made the comment objectionable for those white women complainers is that the President (who in their eyes is a black man) wasn’t doling out that delicious “Hotness Factor” to them. I can bet that if he said that about a white woman in the same position, none of these chicks would be whining about “sexism”.

He has, in fact, called Debbie Wasserman Schultz, “Cute“, and that was a while (months, maybe years) ago. Still haven’t heard a negative peep about it.

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris

Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Debbie Wasserman Schultz
The pictures speak for themselves.

Cause I’ve yet to see one of them get as bent out of shape and indignant when other men, celebrity or otherwise, talk about how they are the absolute finest women around. And that’s regardless of whether it is true or not about a particular white woman – as long as her hair is bleached blonde.

Jealousy doesn’t look good on these people.

Poor President Obama. He told the truth (from his perspective) about a black woman (yes, I know she’s mixed) and the liberals, progressives and feminists who are supposed to be his best buds turned on him.

Don’t forget now, the biggest group of voters who didn’t support Obama the second time around were white women, but you’ll never see that in the mainstream media. They have a narrative to push. I’m surprised they didn’t try to turn his complimentary remarks into hate speech – against them.

Well, I suppose it is, once the man uttered the word, “Best-looking”, they heard nothing else.

Ever see that kind of nonsense run amuck for any other group of people?

Yeah, yeah, I know all the parties in question are mixed, but I’m going with a bit of social grouping here. This is for when you ask yourself, Why does a very famous, incredibly powerful and wealthy black man have to apologize for calling a black woman good-looking?



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  1. I’m glad Mikey mentioned the show ‘Girls’ because of something I noticed about that show. I do not watch it (we don’t even get those premium channels), but I’ve heard all the hoopla about it.

    I remember reading on several BW sites about the lack of diversity on the show, namely BW because the show is about girls in NYC. So when the creator finally decides breakdown and round-out the cast, they add Donald Glover, a BM. That is the feminist’s answer to our complaints of being ignored as Black women.

    The same thing happened with Sex and the City when BW complained about the lack of BW on the show, Blair Underwood’s character was their answer to that complaint, another BM.

    GoldenAh: From my perspective as a NYC girl, I believe the white (TV show) girls are just being real. If the women are as unattractive as Lena Dunham; they will not, and do not, want black women as friends. It cannot happen, because on average the black girls of the city are good looking. One would be hard pressed to find one as homely as those on the “Girls.” In this case, I’m mostly talking about the black actresses who’d show up for the casting call.

    I don’t see most of these BW / WW kinds of friendships as possible. Black women have to surrender too much, and we do enough of that with everything else. No matter the situation, a fat and homely white woman will be miffed if any guy looks our way. It’s okay when they believe black guys want ’em, ’cause that’s “natural”. I remember one heifer telling me a white guy we knew would “never cross the line”, even though I knew he would, but that’s what they like to tell themselves. They like to think it’s impossible for men to be attracted to any black woman over them, no matter how unattractive they are.

    I mean, you can hang with a group that’s mixed black, white, Latino and Asian, but it is almost rare to see one black girl with a group of white chicks. So, I wouldn’t expect that in a TV show.

    If I made a show about NYC girls, there would be white women, but they’d be very pretty – it’s odd, but they are way way friendlier than the homely ones and the group would be mixed. Those are the girls who could be sincere friends.

    Not everyone may agree, but that’s been my experience.

  2. I do not pay attention to the mainstream media, its a manufactured outrage. Willing to bet you this group made money off of it

    GoldenAh: It certainly gets the complainers their fifty seconds on some news talk show. I don’t mention their names or link to them, because I’m not gonna provide these folks with the attention (and web hits $$$) they crave.

  3. They realize things are almost over for them and their fake made up beauty hierarchy, you can thank that god awful looking Lena Dunham for that. She is one dreadful looking thing.

    Hey Betty Boo, been lurking I have been super busy, so I have not been commenting.
    Its like this the walls of Jericho are coming down on them and how they are perceived. They see Black women or mixed identifying as Black women, succeeding and doing well and living well without their blessings or support.

    Time was they used to lord over BW that they “stolez owah menz”, now they see many BW don’t care who black males date/marry and in fact wont even be bothered with these same black males.

    These WWS (thank you, that’s awesome) are so film thin. First they were cool with Quvenzhané Wallis being called a c*nt, stating that it wasn’t that bad and now balking at the audacity of someone finding a woman who can pass as Black good looking. They need to get over themselves.

    Any BW who still believes these feminist WW types (and BW mammies to their causes) have their well being and best interests at heart are free to align themselves if they like. The rest of us will carry on while they rally against being called good looking slut shaming don’t sell me pink tools/appliances actual benefactors of patriarchy, while complaining about it blockheads.
    Their conversations are a complete and utter nonsense loop.

    And I’ll add two things, where were they when Sarah Palin was being called hot and as for Barry calling that lady “cute”, I guess he was just trying to be nice or talking about her knees, maybe she has cute knees.

    GoldenAh: Glad to hear you are busy, Mikey. I expect everyone is. I appreciate whatever you have to say when you have the time.

    I cannot like these people. I never have. I mean, they can absolutely invite us to a “slut walk”, but goodness knows they cannot find a black woman when it comes to sitting on a panel for one of their (power) political junkets or whatever. Heh.

  4. I meant to add, so the c-word isn’t such a bad word when used to describe a Black girl/woman, but beautiful, oh that is sexist and wrong.

  5. What I find so interesting (read revealing) is the notion to step up and defend/protect a Black woman when she’s referred to with a term that pretty much carries a positive connotation, but when we’re referred to as b-words, ho’s, sluts or a 9 yr. old little Black girl is called the c-word, it’s “nothing to see here/” radio silence from the feminist collective. Very interesting indeed.

    GoldenAh: You are so on point in saying this… And these people are supposed to be our allies? They can and should stay silent all the time – through good and bad. Nothing they say – supposedly on our behalf as WOMEN – means anything anyway. They need to speak solely for themselves and leave us out of it.

  6. Some of these jealous women need to sit down and shut up. The woman is beautiful, end of story and what does it matter if she’s mixed? She’s pretty and if Obama wants to say she’s pretty, then he’d got every right to say it. Those folks in the media need to turn off the reality TV shows and write about something people really care about.

    GoldenAh: I mention that she’s mixed, not to negate her, but I suspect it’s because he identifies with her in that regard. He’s not Asian, but he has a sister that is half-Asian and he spent his early years in an Asian country. And when he complimented her – my understanding is that it was at a private quiet fundraiser.

    The critics are acting like he made his comments during the “State of the Union.” And they are still whining – I think it’s nearly a week now… Too funny.

  7. I also noticed when they compliment a white woman, she beautiful, fine, talented. When it comes to a Black woman, she is okay then they start in with her faults,she’s wearing too much make up and all the nickpicking starts in. Society is seeing a shift in how we are presenting ourselves and how we are placing ourselves in a positive light and since they have used Black women resources and time for so long and we have been duped into giving our power away ,the bullies, no the abusers are losing their minds and upping the ante on their attacks because everyone know that when Black women create a good momentum, there is not stopping us.

  8. Even though I am not fan of him, when a person is beautiful, there is not denying it. He has made compliments about both sexes and not a peep out of no one. But now a Black woman gets the center of the attention, outrage. Yeah, we know she is mixed, but I always say if she were to get pulled over by the police and they had to mark down what her race was, she will no doubt have Black checked on that line.

    GoldenAh: Kamala is an attractive woman. The haters gotta hate.

    Obama spoiled a couple of fantasies. It was a cold dash of water. The white women reporters and bloggers complaining about this problem thought the man was like these black male athletes who grew up in the hood or has Tiger Wood’s disease. I bet they had convinced themselves that he was secretly hankering after them. And his marriage to Michelle was a fluke or for the sake of convenience.

    I mean, they see this time after time, where a black guy goes “white girl / woman” crazy on college campuses, or later on they dump their first black wife and eventually go with a 2nd wife who’s white: like Bryant Gumbel and Michael Jordan. Obama basically told these women that he is sincerely attracted to black women. ‘Cause they forget he was raised by white women. And if you notice, look at the kind of white women he appoints – like J. Napolitano, Hillary Clinton and those on the Supreme Court. Ugh. I suspect that is how he sees all of them: dumpy, dowdy and unattractive, but “capable”.

    They should be happy with that. That’s what they ascribe to in their brand of feminism.

  9. You are so on point with this article. It’s quite unfortunate that these so-called ‘women of justice’ are wailing about the POTUS’ correct comment about a Black woman. I’ve far from being in Kamala’s position; but I can tell you I’ve been stung many times by these same types. What a sad bunch of hypocrites. Don’t you LOVE mainstream media? Ha!

    GoldenAh: These folks are so twisted. I look at a news feed page and I cannot believe some of these women are still worked up about the subject. Of course, the goal is to make the topic about themselves. They cannot have someone else be the center of attention.

    I had a drink tossed on me once, and you know that chick had to hide after doing something like that. Yet, we are always accused of being the jealous ones.

    Kamala won statewide office, so if she wants she could step up to governor.

    Great to hear from you, Clarissa! 😀

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